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This is the first part of several. This is a story of letting the genie out of the box then not being able to ever put it back in. Some people would simply quote, "Be careful what you wish for!"
What else could a man want? My young wife was beautiful. At 5’6’, she had long beautiful legs, complimented with a perfectly proportioned ass and the most incredible DD tits. Those tits were so naturally firm that they could have passed for implants. When I would press my naked body against her I could actually feel those tits poking me, and when she would start getting aroused, I could actually feel those nipples harden up. She was half Mexican and half Lithuanian, which made for a very exotic look. With full lips, European eyes, a generous wide smile, and a nice olive completion she could pass for any one of several nationalities; Hispanic, Polynesian, Persian, Spanish, and more. With only a slight change in her makeup and clothing a complete transition was possible. But that is not the “transition” I intend to tell. For the purpose of this story I will refer to her as Chastity – a juxtaposed aka if there ever was one – AND the only part of this story that is not true.

She was only 20 when we got married. I was her first husband, but she was my third wife, and I was ten years her senior. We met at work where I was an engineering type and she worked on the production floor. One look at her and I knew there was something special about her. She was an excellent worker with an incredibly positive outlook. Very smart, she would pick up on new procedures very quickly. That had always been a natural turn-on for me. Later on, I was to learn that she actually graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA. She wore little if any makeup at work but her face had a natural glow that was hard to miss, although I did miss it when I was looking at those amazing tits being held back by a tight sweater. I will admit, her presence was a huge distraction for me. I made way too many trips to the production floor that were not necessary just so I could take in that natural beauty. We started secretly dating and after nine months decided to make our relationship officially known through marriage.

She was also a very good catholic girl. Very traditional catholic values, although she was not actively participating in religious activities. It also turned out that she was a great home maker, keeping an immaculately clean house and cooking meals that were restaurant quality. What more could a man want? What more could a man desire? Well, like a festering splinter I had a long-standing secret desire that sooner or later was going to come to the surface. I wanted to see her have sex with another man. Now, you might ask yourself why any man with such an incredibly beautiful and talented wife would want to see her have sex with another man. Good question! I have heard many people try to describe it but their explanations always felt lacking to me. However, through a lot of soul searching I think I have finally figured it out – but I have to tell this story first.

My obsession with this fantasy began with my first wife. Cute and with big tits, I would have liked to have seen her have sex with another man (or woman), but the subject only came up a couple of times and the opportunity only came up once. We almost went for it but she backed out at the last minute. With my second wife I wanted to see her have sex with another man. Again, that never materialized.

Just two years after our marriage, Chastity was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the uterus and had to have a hysterectomy to totally eliminate it. Subsequently, she was never going to become pregnant. I viewed it as taking out the nursery and putting in a play pen. So, with her unable to get pregnant my long-standing fantasy came roaring back into my mind. With Chastity I was determined to see her have sex with another man. But little did I know that if I pressed too hard, I might let the genie out of the bottle and never be able to get it back in. How do you turn a beautiful, decent, lovely, docile little catholic girl into a slut? How do you turn a beautiful and loving wife into a cocksucking whore? That is what this (true) story is all about.

Chastity got a job with the airlines as a flight attendant. This meant that she was gone for a couple of days at a time, which gave me a perfect opportunity to set the stage for a first attempt. We had never even broached the subject of her having sex with another man so I wanted to make the first attempt appear to be completely spontaneous and unplanned.

Chastity liked to have a couple of drinks after coming home from work, which was usually at night, so I would use this as an advantage in first attempt. She also liked to dress up for me in, what I call, that ‘fuck me’ look, wearing a short black tank-top dress (with no bra or panties) that just barely covered her crotch and tits, coupled with high heels, loop earrings, and high fashion makeup, she was a sight to behold. No normal man could look at her like this and not get a huge hard-on.

The day before she was supposed to come home from a trip, I had an acquaintance named Jim come to the house. Jim was tall, very good looking, and very sexual. He was hung and assured me that he was a heavy shooter. I had met Jim in a bar some months back and he confided in me that he just loved to fuck beautiful women and “turn them out” to be nasty little whores. We discussed my fantasy as well and he gave me his number and said he would be glad to help out. So, this day we planned and choreographed how we would have him seduce my wife and fuck her brains out. I must say, it was a brilliant plan that we went through several times and when it came time to execute it the next evening, it went down exactly as planned.

Chastity came home from her trip the next night and, as usual, she dressed up for me while I made some drinks. She came down the stairs and looked stunning as ever. We had a couple more drinks (that were a little stronger than usual) and she was starting to really loosen up. At 8:45 pm I made her a strong Long Island Iced Tea that would really lessen her inhibitions, just short of putting her asleep.

At exactly 9:00 pm the doorbell rang. Chastity looked at me and asked, “Who could that be?” I told her to stay put in the family room and I would go check. I opened the door to find Jim there, as planned and exactly on time. He came into the house without a sound and I closed the door somewhat loudly. We walked into the family room to find Chastity with her drink about halfway to her beautiful lips. She froze when she saw a stranger in front of her that was obviously taking in her beauty and sexy attire. She was so frozen that she did not say anything while I made the introductions. Jim and I were (supposedly) friends from a previous job and just happened to run into each other the other day. Jim and I both just pretended like it was no big deal to see her standing there in shock and dressed like a whore.

After the introductions, Jim immediately went into the dialogue we had planned. He was commenting on what a beautiful house we had and how he loved the colors and so forth. I assured him that it was all Chastity’s ideas and plans and suggested that she would love to show him the rest of the house. Jim immediately said that he would like that. Before she could protest Jim asked to use the powder room downstairs. I pointed it out and he went in and closed the door.

I gently pressed Chastity against the wall, gave her a gentle kiss and said, “Do you think Jim is cute?”

After a brief pause, she said, “Yes.”

“I could tell by the way he looked at you that he wants to fuck you.”

She did not respond to that. I gently kissed her again then launched into the speech I had planned out to make this long-standing fantasy come true.

“I will bet that before Jim leaves here tonight he will try to kiss you. When he does – I want you to let him.” I gently kissed her again to let her know that it was alright. I went on,

“I will bet that if you let him kiss you that he will probably try to feel those magnificent tits, and when he does, I want you to let him do that too.” Another gentle kiss to let her know that I approved. Then I went for the home run,

“He will get so excited that he will probably try to finger your pussy, and I want you to let him do it. Then he will probably ask you to suck his cock. I want you to do that too. And when he asks you to fuck - just let him take charge. I’ll bet he has a nice cock.”

I then gave her a little more passionate and lingering kiss to reaffirm that everything I just suggested was OK by me. Then it was time for the closing argument.

“Honey," I said, "I have had this fantasy for a long time to see you with another man, and I want to fuck you while his cum is still dripping out of your pussy. This is the perfect opportunity. Jim is cute and he thinks you are beautiful. Just remember, let him do whatever he wants to do with you. Just go with the flow. I am getting so excited just thinking about him passionately seducing you that I might cum in my pants. So, remember, just let him do whatever he wants to do.”

Before she could respond I gave her another good long passionate kiss to seal the deal, and right on time, Jim opened the door and stepped out of the powder room. I pulled away from Chastity and quickly said, “OK Jim, Chastity will show you the rest of the house while I go get that thing I promised you from the upstairs office.”

Before Chastity could say anything, Jim started again with his discourse about how beautiful the house was. I turned and went upstairs to supposedly go into the office. But I didn’t. Instead, I went into the master bedroom and climbed into one of the two closets that face each other with mirrored doors on both of them. By slightly opening the door I could get a good view of almost the entire bedroom without being seen.

Jim dominated the conversation downstairs and by doing so gave me sufficient time to get situated. Then Jim took the lead and headed upstairs. Upon arriving at the top of the stairs Jim said, “Wow, double doors on the master bedroom – I like that”, and immediately stepped into the master bedroom with Chastity following on his heels. He turned and went all the to the end of the master bathroom. When Chastity came up behind him he asked her if she ever showered with the window coverings pulled back so the neighbors could see her. She blushed and said, “No.” Jim then turned and started walking out of the master bathroom which would take him right past where he knew I was hiding. On the other side of that hallway, up against the other mirrored closet door, and directly in front of where I was hiding, he stopped. When Chastity came up to him he put his arm gently around her waist and pressed her back against the mirrored closet door, with his other arm over her head. Then he launched into his planned routine.

“Do you know why I am here tonight?” he asked.

“No”, she responded.

“Your husband wants me to fuck you.” Then he leaned over and started kissing her – and she let him, but with little emotion. My cock just about jumped out of my pants, this looked like it was going to work.

After about 20 seconds Jim’s hand moved off of her waist and onto her tits. After about another 20 seconds he pulled away from the kiss and said, “Beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful,” then began to kiss her and fondle her tits again. About a minute later he took his hand off of her tits and reached down to her crotch. He slipped his hand under that short dress and rubbed her pussy gently for a little bit then slipped a finger inside of her. She let out a little moan then reached up for the first time and took hold of his upper arms. After about 30 seconds of finger-banging her Jim took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was clearly bulging out of his pants. She did not resist but she did not respond either so Jim put his hand on hers and started rubbing it back and forth on his cock.

That had its desired effect and she started doing it on her own while starting to moan a little more. Jim pulled away from the kiss, and her, then undid his pants and pulled out his massive cock. He took her hand again and placed it on his cock. This time she did not hesitate and started stroking it. After about 20 seconds Jim said, “I want you to suck it. I want to see those beautiful lips around my cock.”

To my surprise, she did not hesitate. She dropped to her knees and started the routine I had taught her well – kiss, lick, then suck. Just the head at first then take it all the way in, as far as it will go, then just a little deeper. Within seconds she was at it and sucking his cock like a pro. All of this was happening no more than three feet in front of me and my cock was ready to explode.

She went at it for a good couple of minutes before Jim said, “I don’t want to cum yet. Follow me.”

He led her into the bedroom and stopped beside the bed. I could still see the action through the double opposing mirrors and the reflection they provided. Jim kissed her again then pulled her dress off. She started to step out of her high heels but Jim stopped her and said, “No, leave them on. You look so sexy in them.”

Jim took his clothes off then laid her on the bed and started massaging her body. This loosened her up even more, but when he stopped at those tits that still stood up, nice and firm, he started sucking her nipples. She started moaning again. He slipped a finger back inside her pussy and she started moaning even louder. After a minute or so Jim moved his way down to eat her pussy. When he did, she started talking.

“Oh my God. That feels so good.”

“Like that?” he asked.

“Oh my God yes!” she responded.

The next part was the tricky one. Part of my fantasy was to hear her talk like a whore while getting fucked by a stranger. But being a good catholic girl she hardly every cussed, so this might be a little difficult. Jim moved up and mounted her, being very gentle while putting his huge cock inside of her.

“How does that feel?” he asked her.

“Fantastic! You’re so big!” she responded.

“Tell me what it feels like to be fucked by a stranger,” he said.

She hesitated. This would be new territory for her and she wasn’t sure how to handle it. “It feels different. It is exciting - but I feel guilty.”

He started to thrust into her. Slow and easy at first but gaining momentum with every stroke. In a short time, he was fucking her hard and those magnificent tits were bouncing up and down.

“There is nothing to feel guilty about," he said, "Your husband wanted me to fuck you and he wanted you to act like a whore in the process. I think we should give him what he wants. He is in the other room (ostensibly in the office), he wants to hear you beg me to fuck you.”

“I can’t,” she said.

“Of course you can,” he said, "do you like my cock?”


“Do you like my cock inside of you?”

“Yes”, after a slight hesitation.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“NO!” with absolutely no hesitation.

“Then you need to beg me to fuck you, loud enough so your husband can hear it.” After another slight hesitation she did it.

“Fuck me,” she said, in a soft voice.

“Louder,” Jim demanded.

“Fuck me!” she repeated, this time a little louder.

“He still can’t hear you. You need to be loud enough for him to hear you. Shout it like you mean it” Jim stated.

“FUCK ME!“ she shouted.

Jim rewarded her with a passionate kiss and started ramming his cock in as far as it would go. Then he upped the ante.

“He wants to hear you beg me to fuck you and he wants you to act like a whore. Give him what he wants. Beg me to fuck you like a whore.”

This time there was no hesitation, “FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE,” she shouted.

The absence of any delay in her 1) even saying it, and 2) shouting it so loudly without further prompting, gave me pause. It dawned on me that this was a defining moment, that her secret fantasy button may have just been pushed.

Jim fucked her for a good 30 minutes in about 4 different positions, then he shouted, “I’m cumming. Oh my God I’m cumming. Take it all. Take all my cum!”

He shot his huge load inside of her. Then he did something that we had not discussed, primarily because I was pretty sure she would not do it; clean his cock up by sucking and licking all the cum off of it. She had never sucked a cock before mine (or so I was told) and only tried to let me cum in her mouth once. She had immediately spit it out and said that it was ‘gross’ and she could not do it, so we never tried again.

“Suck my cock again. Clean it up. Don’t let that cum get away – lick it up,” Jim demanded.

He was still stroking it so a little more cum came out and starting dripping down the head. She did not hesitate. She took his big cock in her mouth and starting sucking it again. Some of the cum on his shaft bunched up at her lips and started dripping down her chin. She sucked – she licked – and in a few moments his cock was clean while her face was a cum-covered mess.

When she was done Jim got up and started getting dressed. He turned to her and said, “I know you probably normally clean up a little after sex but don’t do it this time. Trust me, your husband wants to fuck you while you still have cum dripping out of your pussy from the last guy you fucked.”

She raised her hand to wipe the cum off that was still dripping off of her chin and down onto her tits when Jim stopped her.

“Cum dripping off of your face is an unexpected bonus. Leave that for him too.”

She got up and put her dress back on, then stood up. Jim took her hand and led her downstairs. Jim said goodbye then went out the front door.

I had slipped out of the closet when they left the bedroom and when I heard the front door close, I started down the stairs. I met Chastity at the bottom of the staircase. At first, I feigned surprise that Jim had left. Then I gently pressed her against the wall and asked, “So, was I right? Did he kiss you?”

“Yes,” she replied, rather sheepishly.

I gave her a chaste little kiss to let it know it was OK, then I asked, “Did he feel those fantastic tits?”

“Yes,” with a hesitation. Another gentle kiss to reaffirm that it was OK.

“Did he feel your pussy?” I asked. By now she was being overtly shy about it, almost refusing to make eye contact with.

After another brief hesitation she replied, “Yes.”

This time I gave her a soft passionate kiss and, for the first time in my life, tasted another man’s cum in her mouth. It was unexpected and a bit of a shock at first, but I quickly adapted and found it very exciting; I could actually feel my cock growing even larger than it already was.

With each elevated revelation of her experience I needed to reward her. She was looking down at the floor when I asked the next question, “Did you suck his cock?” I asked

Another hesitation, this one a little longer, then she replied, “Yes, I did.”

That one deserved a deeply passionate kiss, but as soon as I pulled away, she looked down at the floor again.

“I can taste his cum on your lips! Look at me,” I said.

When her head and eyes came up to meet mine, I asked,” Did he fuck you?”

Instead of answering me she looked down at the floor again. I put my fingers under her chin and gently raised her head back up, then said, “It’s OK. Did he fuck you?”

She gave a limp “yes” but this time I gave her a serious passionate kiss, lingering on for a good 30 seconds. Then I started in a series of salesman’s questions intended to make her more comfortable with the dialogue and to get her in the habit of saying YES.

“Did he have a big cock?” “Did it feel good?” “Did you enjoy it?” “Did he make you cum?”

She answered yes to each one, with less hesitation on each subsequent question.

Then I asked the big question. “Would you fuck him again?”

Another slight hesitation before she answered, “Yes.”

Another passionate kiss to seal the deal then I upped the ante. She had already gone so much further than I thought she would that I decided to go beyond my plan.

“What if he brings a friend, will you fuck him too?”

To my surprise she said “Yes” without much hesitation this time. And with that answer I knew that I had just turned my beautiful wife into my personal whore. But I wasn’t through yet.

“Did he cum in your pussy?” I asked as I leaned back to look at her legs. Boy, did he ever cum inside her. There was a trail of white creamy cum dripping down from her crotch all the way down to her feet.

“Yes. I think he came a lot,” she responded.

I came back with, “Baby, you are the best. Like I said before, I have always had this fantasy of fucking you while you still had cum dripping out of your pussy from the last guy you fucked – and now I am going to fulfill that fantasy.” With that I pulled out my cock, lifted her dress up, my swollen cock in her pussy and fucked her – standing up – right at the base of the stairway.

As I started to fuck her, I said, “I am going to bring guys home once in a while and I want you to do the same thing, just let them do whatever they want. Just be a good little whore for them.” Unfortunately, I was so turned on by that time I didn’t last very long and shot my load into her in about a minute. Afterwards, I just stood there with my cock still inside her and felt a new post-sex sensation – my whole body was tingling as if I was receiving a mild electric shock.

I invited Jim back a couple of more times. Chastity dressed up like a little whore in her ‘fuck me’ outfit and I did not have to make the drinks so strong, but she did insist on being a little tipsy in order to let another man have his way with her. The second time Jim came over I just watched, sitting in a chair next to the bed as I interacted on a verbal basis, coaching her what to say and what to do. She seemed to get genuine enjoyment out of begging him to fuck her like a whore and I suspected that I had accidentally uncovered some deep-rooted fantasy of her own that I just facilitated coming out. What I did not expect was that the day after one of these encounters she would act like nothing happened. But if I suggested some sexy playtime, with Jim or someone else, she was always willing, and with each new encounter she needed less alcohol to get her to loosen up.


2020-01-20 18:10:49
Loved this, but beware of how things sometime work out. Was married to my ex for about 20 years and we often discussed swapping . Eventually she found a young guy that wanted to fuck but he was single. That wasn’t what we discussed so I was not very happy but anxious to watch her fuck someone else, I went along with it. Well, I never got to watch. After the second fuck, she said she was moving out.

Tried to convince her not to but I guess that younger cock was really good. So, we divorced and went our separate ways. I’m married again and still want to watch my wife taking another mans cock and cum. I would for sure eat her cunt after he filled it with his jiz. I wouldn’t care if there was another woman for me to fuck or not. As I get older I like cock just as much as pussy and maybe more. Happy Sucking and Fucking,


2020-01-20 18:08:55
Loved this, but beware of how things sometime work out. Was married to my ex for about 20 years and we often discussed swapping . Eventually she found a young guy that wanted to fuck but he was single. That wasn’t what we discussed so I was not very happy but anxious to watch her fuck someone else, I went along with it. Well, I never got to watch. After the second fuck, she said she was moving out.

Tried to convince her not to but I guess that younger cock was really good. So, we divorced and went our separate ways. I’m married again and still want to watch my wife taking another mans cock and cum. I would for sure eat her cunt after he filled it with his jiz. I wouldn’t care if there was another woman for me to fuck or not. As I get older I like cock just as much as pussy and maybe more. Happy Sucking and Fucking,


2020-01-15 15:18:26
Loved it. Looking forward to further installments.

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