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What happens when J.J. and Aaron crash the party?
7:45 PM: Even as a sweating, groaning Bob ejaculates his genetic sludge deep into Christine’s pussy, two more of his teammates are getting ready to score. “Mmmm…I’ve got two rock hard dicks here…” Tracey purrs as she stands facing Dan and Eric behind the closed door of the guest room. Naked again except for her heels, she has a firm grip on the stiffened tools of each of her studs, who are themselves now completely bare assed naked. Both 16 year old studs are a slut’s dream. Dan is 5’10, 150 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes. Eric, at 6’1, is 155 pounds, tanned, with curly blond hair and blue eyes. Each boy has a hand on one of Tracey’s tits; she exchanges another deep, passionate kiss with Dan. “Which one of you am I going to do first?” she asks, as the two male hands caress her hardened nipples, driving her even more wild with lust. “Do both of us!” Eric suggests. “You mean at the same time?” she asks, sounding almost shocked at the suggestion of a threesome. “You mean, like one of you guys in my ass…?” She crinkles her face into a “ick” sort of look. “No, it can be one in your pussy and one in your mouth,” Dan suggests. “No, two guys at once…I’m just not into that,” Tracey demurs, trying to preserve one last shred of morality. “Which one of you is older? When’s your birthday?” she now asks Eric. “September,” the stud replies. “July! I’m two months older!” Dan counters triumphantly.

“Okay then, I’m doing Dan first!” Tracey announces. “And you’re going to watch! Sit your ass down over there!” she orders Eric, indicating a chair facing the bed. “I can’t believe you’re going to make me watch!” Eric exclaims in exasperated amazement, planting his naked ass on a small chair in the corner of the room. “First, you’re going to watch me suck him!” Tracey taunts him, dropping to her knees, now completely turned on by the idea of tormenting the younger stud. She begins rhythmically bobbing her head up and down on Dan’s rigid 6.5 inch tool. “Mmmm…tastes so good!” she purrs, glancing over her shoulder at Eric before continuing her oral assault on Dan. Her sole mission now, aside from pleasuring Dan’s love worm, is to torment Eric as much as possible. “Dude, she is so fucking good!” Dan taunts his friend, joining in on the fun, as Tracey continues bobbing her head up and down on his throbbing fuck stick. “Can’t you suck me, too?’ Eric asks plaintively, as he slowly strokes his own petrified 7 inch love snake. “Wait your turn,” Tracey responds in a dismissive tone, not even bothering to look over her shoulder at Eric. She gives the tip of Dan’s tool another little lick with her tongue and looks up at him. Making eye contact with Dan, she winks at him and then giggles, delighted at the torment being inflicted on Eric. “Yeah dude, respect your elders,” Dan admonishes him, joining Tracey again in baiting the younger stud. “You are definitely ready! I want this inside me!” Tracey now purrs, looking at Dan’s throbbing, pulsing tool, now steadily oozing precum.

They get into bed and Tracey positions herself on all fours, facing Eric. Dan, kneeling behind her, slips his rigid shaft into her wet, eager, welcoming pussy and begins to thrust. “You can play with it, but you better not cum! I want that load all to myself!” Tracey warns Eric, looking him directly in the eye as she begins to absorb a steady series of thrusts from Dan. Eric makes no reply as he locks eyes with Tracey and continues to slowly stoke his throbbing meat pole. Watching the sexual spectacle unfolding in front of him has the desired effect. His horniness increases exponentially, and his dick is now hard as steel. Precum begins to ooze from the slit, while deep inside his balls, sperm cells divide and subdivide, adding to the thick, slimy white mass yearning for release. With Dan’s dick buried in her pussy, Tracey draws Eric deep into her eyes with her steady gaze. “Come on, baby! Harder!” she encourages Dan, letting out a little gasp in response to every thrust. Dan grabs her hips tightly and hammers her with a renewed vengeance, which propels her headlong into orgasm. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she wails in ecstasy. “Yeah, dude! Fuck her! Fuck her good!” Eric now cheers on his teammate, while trying to hold himself back from orgasm. “Dude, this pussy is so fucking good!” Dan replies, almost breathless from his carnal exertions, as he continues to slam home thrust after thrust. Holy shit! Eric thinks to himself. This is so fucking hot! I’m trying so hard not to cum! “Fuck her, dude! Fuck her!” he exhorts Dan, taking out his pent up sexual fury vicariously through the rhythmic hip thrusts of his teammate. “He’s…so…fucking…good!” Tracey gasps, still looking Eric straight in the eye. “Oh, dude, I’m gonna cum!” Dan now announces after delivering a protracted pounding to the moaning MILF. He can feel the first twinges of his impending ejaculation deep in his balls. “Shoot your load in her, dude!” Eric encourages his teammate as Tracey moans loudly, achieving climax again. Grunting and now sweating profusely, Dan hammers home several more powerful thrusts and then, with his stiffened cock buried balls deep in Tracey’s pussy, he lets out a visceral groan as his balls explode, hurtling his thick, slimy man goo deep into the MILF. “Fuck!” he groans, as he feels his balls spasm again and again. “Oh yeah, baby!” Tracey cries out gleefully, as her pussy is flooded with the surging white tide. Eric, breathless from being a first hand witness to the frenzied fucking, can now feel himself on the razor’s edge of ejaculation, his swollen balls aching, yearning for the ultimate release…

7:47 PM: Christine is now back in her crumpled red dress and ready to return to the party. After some brief post-coital cuddling, Bob has left the bedroom and she is still experiencing the afterglow of their torrid lovemaking. Wow! I’m really in love! she thinks to herself. He was so fucking good! She now quickly checks her phone. A text from Coach is waiting for her asking how the party’s going. Going great! Tracey’s here to help! she taps back. Tell everybody I said hello and thanks for a great season! Coach replies. After texting back an acknowledgement, she cautiously opens the bedroom door and pokes her head outside into the hall to see if the coast is clear. She almost bumps into a young stud walking down the hall to the bathroom. “Hi!” she grins at him sheepishly and then quickly ducks back into the bedroom and shuts the door again. I wonder if he has any idea what I was just doing in here, she giggles to herself. Suddenly, she gets an inspiration. She opens the door again, just a crack, just in time to hear the muffled sound of the toilet being flushed. I shouldn’t be doing this, she thinks, but I’m going to anyway!

Peering out into the hallway, she watches the bathroom door open and the young stud step out into the hall again. “Psst! Psst!” she calls out. Catching his attention, she opens the bedroom door wide and motions for him to come in. The stud enters and Christine shuts the door behind them. Caleb is a tall, good looking, 16 year old offensive guard with brown hair and brown eyes. “Enjoying the party, babe?” she asks, hustling him over to a point near the bed. “Yeah!” the stud replies, barely having the time to process what’s happening as Christine helps him out of his sweatshirt and then drops to her knees in front of him. “You’re really going to enjoy this!” she assures him, pulling down his jeans and briefs. His 6.5 inch love wand, already rapidly hardening into an erection, comes springing out. “Nice dick, babe!’ Christine compliments the stud, slowly stroking his tool with a firm grip as she starts working his ball sack with her tongue. In no time, his tool is petrified into a full erection and Christine turns her mouth loose on it. The young stud can hardly believe his good luck. I’m getting head from Coach’s wife! he exults to himself. With one hand massaging the stud’s nuts, Christine thrusts her head down again and again on his throbbing tool, fully engulfing it in her mouth with ease. The stud throws his head back, letting out little grunts of pleasure as the MILF’s combined assault on his package propels him towards climax. Finally, he feels the surge of the white flood deep within his balls. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” he groans. Obediently, Christine drops back into a sitting position and opens her mouth wide. She feels the warm splash of the stud’s man sludge hitting her outstretched tongue. The stud lets out a deep groan as his tool continues to spurt, again and again. Christine marvels as she sees each glob of white genetic slime being flung into her face by the belching love worm. She delights in the feel of the warm ball snot accumulating in her mouth. The spurts gradually diminish in volume until finally, the stud’s orgasm spends it’s fury. Christine closes her mouth, swishes the massive load around and then contracts her throat, sending the thick white muck down to her belly. “You had such a big load for me, babe!” she exclaims happily. The young stud lets out an appreciative little groan in response.

7:54 P.M. “Oh baby, I tortured you so bad! I shouldn’t have forced you to watch us like that!” Tracey exclaims in an apologetic tone to Eric as he climbs into bed with her. Dan has already gotten dressed and left the room and the MILF has rolled over onto her back, positioning herself to receive her next lover of the evening. She is almost beginning to regret compelling Eric to watch her copulation with Dan. Yeah, he’s super, super horny, she thinks, but he’s probably ready to cum right now! “It’s all good! I’m going to fuck you so fucking hard!” Eric replies as he begins to lower himself onto her, his tormented love wand throbbing, his bloated man pouch heavy with load.

Suddenly, Tracey reaches up with her hands to stop him. “Baby, you won’t even last 30 seconds inside me!” she exclaims. Firmly but lovingly, with both hands on his shoulders, she spins him around and pushes him down onto his back on the bed. “Let me handle this!” she declares, straddling him. Slowly, she lowers herself onto his swollen tool. “I’ll make you last!” she assures him, as she inserts his love pivot into her saturated slot and begins to slowly rock herself back and forth, impaling herself on the rigid tool. The stud reaches up and grasps her tits firmly as she steadily begins to accelerate her ride. “Do you like cowgirl?” she asks, breathlessly. “Hell, yeah!” the stud replies. She lets out a loud moan as an orgasm slams into her. She bounces herself up and down on the teenage stallion, edging him back from the brink, skillfully keeping him just out of reach of his own orgasm, until finally she decides that the time is right. “Do you want to fuck me doggy now? Are you ready?” she asks. “Fuck, yeah!’ the stud readily agrees.

Tracey dismounts and quickly gets onto all fours, just as she did earlier for Dan. Eric gets into position behind her and slides his eager tool, already slathered with his partner’s love honey, back into her welcoming pussy. “Grab my hips tight!” she calls out over her shoulder, and the stud obliges, holding her in place with an iron grip on her hips as he slams one powerful thrust after another into her. “Oh, baby! Yeah!” Tracey cries out, screaming in ecstasy. The stud hammers her with a vengeance, making her pussy pay the price for his earlier tantalization and torment. “Fuck…you…so…fucking…hard!” the stud grunts between thrusts. “Yeah, baby! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it!” Tracey cries out. She now lets out a loud, piercing, sustained wail as two more orgasms slam into her, one right after another. “Oh, baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! You’re so fucking good!” she moans. Eric, now sweating profusely, suddenly feels the first convulsive spasm deep within his balls. “Fuck! Fuck!” he calls out loudly, as his tool blasts his massive load of ball snot deep into Tracey’s love temple, his wriggling, thrashing sperm cells mingling with those of his teammates, Dan and Dom. “Oh yeah, baby! Give me that load!” Tracey happily cries out as the stud’s tool continues to spurt deep inside her. The stud has achieved his carnal revenge, and no one is happier for him than Tracey is. As they cuddle briefly in bed after sex, Tracey plants a kiss on her sweaty young stud’s cheek. “Thank you, Eric!” she says. “Dan gave me 2 orgasms, but you gave me 3!”

7:55 PM “Thanks, babe!” Christine says appreciatively to Caleb as she opens the door for him and he exits the bedroom. “And stick around! The party’s only getting started!” she calls out after him. To her surprise, standing just outside the door, are two more adolescent studs. “You guys been waiting there long?” she asks them, with a knowing smirk. “No, not too long,” replies 16 year old Colby. “We heard that there might be a party going on up here,” Cody, 17, now boldly declares, locking eyes with Christine. “Yeah, there might be!” Christine agrees, her eyes wandering down to the noticeable bulges in the teenagers’ jeans. “Come on in!”

Unlike Caleb, who wasn’t expecting his surprise blow job, the two new studs know exactly why they’re there. Once inside the bedroom, they immediately begin undoing their jeans. Christine for her part wastes no time dropping to her knees and confronts their 2 stiff dicks at eye level. Cody’s pecker is 7 inches; Colby’s love wand is 6.5 inches. “Wow!” she exclaims, impressed with the rigidity of both tools. She places her hands on each of the young stud’s ball sacks and begins a steady massage of both pairs of nuts. Cody is already starting to seep precum; Christine catches the man oil on the tip of her tongue and then swirls it all over the head of his dick as he lets out a little shudder of pleasure. She then turns to Colby’s pulsating tool and slowly lowers her mouth onto it, steadily engulfing it. The stud lets out a groan. “Fuck!” he murmurs. Christine holds her head in position for a long moment, her lips kissing the base of the stud’s tool. She then quickly lifts her head, takes a quick breath and then takes Cody’s cock into her mouth. Just like his fellow stud, Cody watches the back of Christine’s head slowly lowering itself, making more and more of his love snake disappear. Just like Colby, she engulfs all of him with ease and uses her lips to seal him into her mouth for a long, loving moment as the stud groans with pleasure. Christine pulls her head back and then pushes her mouth forward again, engulfing the stiffened shaft once more. Soon, she is bobbing her head up and down on the stud’s love pole, using her hands to massage the balls of both studs all the while. After a sustained oral assault on Cody, she turns her attention back to Colby. Soon, the younger stud’s crank disappears into the hungry mouth, only to reappear briefly, before being engulfed again. Now throwing herself completely into her task, Christine begins rapidly switching cocks, sucking first one stud and then the other in a systematic double blow job.

Colby is the first to surrender his load. He lets out a deep groan as a powerful ejaculation flings his ball snot through the air. Globs of the genetic slime land on Christine’s waiting tongue, while other portions of the load splatter her dress, face and hair and go flying past her to land on the carpet. Almost immediately, Cody’s tool also begins to spurt. His load also goes spewing everywhere, with Christine trying to catch as much of the flying goo in her mouth as she can. When both love snakes stop belching their white venom, Christine closes her mouth and swishes the slimy contents around, blending the DNA of both studs together, before sending the gooey cocktail down to her belly. “Here’s some more for you,” Colby now says, using his finger to scoop up a big glob of his sperm on Christine’s cheek. He holds his cum slathered finger in front of her and she licks it clean. “Mmmm…can’t waste it!” she declares cheerfully. “And on my chin, too!” she exclaims, using her own hand to gather up a stray splattering of Cody’s load. Licking her own fingers clean in turn, she savors the salty sliminess of the teenage ball sludge.

8:01 PM: “Dude, they’re not even going to notice that we’re gone. Let’s just check out what’s going on over here,” J.J. reassures Aaron as they approach the front door of Christine’s house. Spotting the sign in the window, a still hesitant Aaron tries to put the brakes on their adventure. “It looks like it’s only for the football team, dude,” he advises his cousin, pointing to the sign. “Dude, come on. I know these guys,” J.J. replies. He is now becoming exasperated with Aaron’s uncharacteristic timidity, and he pushes open the door. They step into a house packed with dozens of rowdy boys their own age. A few of the team members eye them quizzically, but no one tries to stop them as J.J. advances further into the house, Aaron trailing him somewhat uncertainly.

“Yo, dude!” J.J. suddenly exclaims, finally catching sight of a familiar face. “Yo, what’s up, dude?” responds Jack, a 16 year old, blond, blue eyed tight end, as the two exchange a fist bump. “Checking out the action over here,” J.J. replies. “This is my cousin, Aaron.” “All the action is upstairs, dude,” Jack replies with a smirk, not even bothering to acknowledge Aaron. “What kind of action?” J.J. asks, his curiosity peaked. “Just go upstairs and you’ll find out!” Jack replies slyly, smirking even more broadly as several of his teammates who have overheard the conversation start snickering. “Okay, we’re going upstairs,” J.J. announces decisively, shushing Aaron’s objections before he can even get them out of his mouth. As they start to climb the stairs, they see a group of 10 or 12 studs gathered in the upstairs hallway. The cousins are somewhat startled by the orgasmic female screams that greet their ears; Tracey is being pounded to climax by Eric. “Dude, I don’t know…” Aaron begins, but J.J. quickly silences him again.

Reaching the top of the 2nd floor landing, they advance towards one of the closed doors. One of the studs standing in the hall, Cory, a tall 16 year old tight end, remarks “I don’t recognize these guys.” “They must be new on the roster,” replies 17 year old Jude, with a sarcastic smirk on his face. Arrogantly handsome, with jet black hair and blue eyes, Jude eyes the new arrivals disdainfully and is just about to make another caustic comment when the door opens and Cody and Colby emerge. “Thanks, guys!” Christine calls out from behind them as Cody zips up his jeans. “Don’t leave yet! The party’s not over!” Stepping into the hallway, she grins happily at the sight of the assembled studs outside the door. “Hi, guys!” she calls out cheerfully, and then she catches sight of Aaron. “Aaron! What are you doing here!” she exclaims with a startled look on her face. “Umm…umm,” Aaron begins to stammer, looking around helplessly. Once again, J.J. steps forward to save the day. “We heard there’s a party going on here!” he announces. “Well, you heard right!” Christine affirms, motioning them into the bedroom, and provoking loud grumbling from the assembled football players. “Guys, chill! Aaron’s my next door neighbor and…I have to…pay him for…clearing my driveway…yeah, that’s it!” Christine reassures them. The grumbling gives way to snickering from the assembled studs as the two cousins enter the bedroom with Christine and she closes the door behind them.

“Hey, Aaron! Your parents told me you were grounded!” she says. “Yeah, we both are. This is my cousin,” Aaron replies, still somewhat uneasy about the unfolding events. “Oh, yeah, A. J. I remember you!” Christine greets the two studs with a smile. “J.J.” the stud corrects her gently. “Oh, right! Well, anyway, I won’t tell on you!” the MILF assures them. “So, what are you guys doing here?” she asks, their stares suddenly alerting her to the noticeable sperm stains splattered all over the front of her red dress. Once again, J.J. boldly speaks up, verbally bypassing his tongue tied cousin. “We heard that there’s a REAL party going on here!” he announces. “You did? Well, I’d get in trouble if anybody found out about that…” Christine says, licking her lips and eying the two young studs provocatively. “What can I do so that you guys won’t tell on me?” J.J. is now fully erect and Aaron, just beginning to realize what is about to happen, can feel his own penis beginning to swell in his jeans. Just then, the trio are startled by a loud commotion in the hallway outside the bedroom, followed by a soft knocking at the door. “Who is it?” Christine calls out. “It’s me, Tracey!” is the response. “Come in!” Christine replies and Tracey, back in her crumpled blue dress, quickly steps into the room, shutting the door behind her.

“Is this where all the excitement is?” she asks cheerfully. “Right here!” Christine affirms. “This is my neighbor, Aaron.” “Hi, Aaron!” Tracey says with a smile. “And this is his cousin, J.J. You’re going to blow him,” Christine continues. “Oh, that is exciting!” Tracey responds without hesitation, giving J.J. a broad smile. Copious amounts of wine as well as sex with 3 teenage studs have completely destroyed all of her earlier inhibitions. “And you guys promise not to tell, right?” Christine queries them. “We won’t tell anybody!” J.J. affirms. “Yeah, nobody!” Aaron agrees readily, now nursing a full erection of his own and eager to be on the receiving end of a blow job from his experienced, slutty MILF neighbor. The studs stand side by side and Christine and Tracey drop down to their knees in front of them. The studs start undoing their jeans, with the MILFs eagerly helping to pull them down. Soon, the young studs are pulling down their briefs, revealing their stiffened fuck sticks. “Holy shit!” Tracey exclaims. “They grow them big in your family!” “Yeah, wow! You guys are big!” Christine agrees. Although only 5’4, the 15 year old Aaron has a 7 inch penis. J.J., 16, stands 5’5, and is blessed with an 8 inch tool. Christine and Tracey begin the task of taming both teenage love snakes.

With one hand on Aaron’s balls, Christine starts off by teasing the tip of his dick with her tongue, eliciting little grunts and groans of pleasure from the stud. She then begins running her tongue up and down the length of his rock hard shaft. Aaron throws his head back and lets out a deep groan as the MILF takes his balls into her mouth and begins working them with her tongue, before turning her attention back to the head of his dick. She teases the young stud’s penile slit with her tongue, delighting in in the taste of the oily precum leaking from it.

Tracey, meanwhile, is demonstrating her oral skills on J.J. with a no hands blow job. Keeping her hands down at her side, she slowly lowers her mouth onto the stud’s stiffened tool, intent on deepthroating him. If I could deepthroat Dom, I can deepthroat J.J.! she assures herself. She makes more and more of the rigid shaft disappear from sight. “Holy shit!” the young stud exclaims, impressed by the skilled servicing being bestowed on his throbbing pecker. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit!” he groans as Tracey’s mouth relentlessly inches ever lower. The stud is rendered almost speechless with amazement as he looks down and watches Tracey engulf the full length of his stiffened penis, moving her lips all the way down to kiss its base, her nose pressing itself against his pelvic bone. “Holy fuck!” he gasps. “Look at this, dude! All the way down to the balls!” he says proudly to Aaron.

“Way to go, Tray!” Christine congratulates her friend, briefly taking Aaron’s dick out of her mouth. She now begins bobbing her head up and down the shaft steadily, occasionally running her tongue up one side and down the other. “You got a big load for me, babe?” she asks, and Aaron can only groan in response. Again and again, ever more rapidly, she thrusts her head forward and back, never taking her hand off the stud’s swollen balls. At her side, Tracey, still keeping her hands to herself, pulls her head all the way back, takes a deep breath and then thrusts her head down once more, completely engulfing J.J.’s manhood in one gulp. “Holy shit!” J.J. gasps yet again. Faster and faster, Tracey now repeatedly thrusts her mouth up and down the full length of the pulsing shaft, deepthroating the stud all the way down to the balls with each bob of her head. Both teenage studs are now groaning, almost in unison. Inside both pairs of balls, the white tide is building. Both studs realize that ejaculation will be violent; the only question is, who will shoot his load first?

As Christine’s sustained attack reaches it’s peak, Aaron starts to feel the first twinges deep in his nut pouch. “I’m gonna cum!” he gasps. “I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!” He throws his head back and lets out a loud groan as his balls explode with seismic force. His genetic slime comes spewing out of his penile slit in spurt after spurt and very little of it ends up in Christine’s eager, open mouth. The first spurt propels a massive glob of cum right past her head that lands with a plop on the carpeting behind her. The second spurt ends up in her hair. “Dude, get it in her mouth!” J.J. admonishes his cousin, even as feels himself approaching his own climax. Aaron’s third spurt, better aimed, splashes warm DNA onto Christine’s outstretched tongue. “Holy shit!” Aaron moans, as more spurts empty his balls of their massive, slimy load. “Big load, dude! Big load!” J.J. congratulates him, as Christine is splattered with more and more sperm. The last few spurts take the form of watery droplets that spray everywhere. Christine swallows all of the slime in her mouth and then exclaims “Holy shit, babe! It went everywhere!” She starts scooping up globs of ball snot from her face and licking them off her fingers.

Just as Aaron’s orgasm spends itself, and with Tracey’s lips once again kissing the base of his tool, J.J. lets out a visceral groan. Tracey rapidly pulls her head back, opens her mouth wide and extends her tongue. J.J. grabs his dick with his hand, even as he feels the convulsive spasms deep within his balls, and points his pecker at Tracey’s mouth. With better aim than his cousin, and with a deep groan, he directs spurt after spurt of his genetic slime onto the eager, outstretched tongue, while a sperm splattered Christine lets out a little whoop of approval. As Tracey eagerly swallows J.J.’s load, Christine good naturedly berates Aaron. “Aaron, you made such a mess!” she exclaims in mock exasperation. “If I didn’t have my glasses on, I would have got cum in my eyes!” She takes off her glasses and uses the hem of her already ruined dress to wipe a huge glob of sperm off the lenses. “Hey! Don’t waste cum like that!” Tracey exclaims, shocked at her friend’s careless, prodigal treatment of Aaron’s DNA. Both boys quickly cram their sperm oozing tools back into their underwear and pull their jeans back up. “We better get back before anybody notices we’re gone,” Aaron nervously reminds his cousin. “Happy New Year, guys!” Christine says with a smile. “Yeah, guys! Nice meeting both of you!” Tracey agrees. “Thanks, J.J.!” she adds, blowing a kiss to the young stud whose load is now in her belly. As the cousins exit the room, four football studs push past them; it is their turn to be serviced. Soon, J.J. and Aaron are back in the cold night air, walking the few steps back to Aaron’s house. Aaron glances down, realizes that his fly is still open and quickly zips it up. Soon, they are back at their parents’ party, no one having been aware of their absence.

8:10 PM: No words are spoken as the four football studs line up in Christine’s bedroom. None are needed. Christine drops to her knees in front of Jude, 17 and Cory, 16. Tracey kneels in front of Josh and Justin, both 16. Soon, four stiff penises are being worked relentlessly by two eager, skilled and hungry female mouths. Four teenage studs grunt their approval as the ultimate kiss is bestowed on their inflamed, throbbing love wands. Four nutsacks, bloated with load are massaged by two pairs of female hands. Both MILFs develop a steady rhythm, each of their heads bobbing up and down on first one dick before switching to the other and then back again. As he feels the pressure building deep in his balls, Jude becomes vocal. “Suck it! Suck it, bitch!” he encourages Christine, who redoubles her efforts on both of her studs. The studs hold back their loads for as long as they can, forcing the women to work for their rewards.

“I’m gonna cum!” Cory suddenly exclaims, the first of the studs to crack. Holding Jude’s dick firmly with one hand, Christine grabs Cory’s love snake and jacks him off into her open mouth, taking spurt after spurt of his man slime on her tongue. Determined to get a full load in her mouth and belly this time, Christine gives Cory’s tool one final, vigorous yank, propelling yet another glob of ball snot onto her tongue. The stud shudders and groans, his orgasm finally having spent itself and Christine greedily swallows his load.

Cory’s orgasm sends Josh and Justin over the edge and loads now begin spewing uncontrollably. Josh throws his head back and lets out a groan and a split second later, Justin exclaims “Oh, shit!” as he feels his balls explode in turn. Caught off guard by the simultaneous ejaculations of her studs, Tracey lets out a little yelp as two high velocity loads of ball snot splatter her directly in the face. Josh’s and Justin’s semen flies everywhere as their tortured love pythons spew again and again, spraying human DNA in all directions. Tracey now shrieks as a glob of Josh’s sperm catches her in her open right eye. After the first couple of spurts, both boys grab their tools and direct their aim at Tracey’s now open mouth. With one eye burning and globs of man sludge all over her face and in her hair, she can now feel the warm ball nectar splashing onto her tongue. When the two love snakes finally stop belching, Tracey swallows the cum that’s in her mouth and then gasps, “Shit! My eye!” “My bad!,” Josh offers a lame non-apology. “Yeah, or it could have been me,” Justin echoes him, neither boy sure of which one could claim credit for dotting the MILF’s eye. Between the two of them, they have splattered the bedroom with their sperm, and their DNA now not only coats Tracey, but also the floor, the nearby bed and even part of the wall.

Cory, Josh and Justin pull up their jeans and then watch, together with Tracey, as Christine now brings Jude to climax. Jude can now feel himself rushing towards orgasm, but instead of warning Christine, he places his hand on the back of her head and pushes firmly, forcing her all the way down on his dick. Christine lets out a muffled little cry of shock and almost immediately can feel the scalding hot jet of man slime exploding into her mouth. She begins to gag and instinctively tries to pull her head back, but the strong hand holds her firmly in place. Holy shit! I’m going to choke! the thought races through her head as the massive load of ball sludge is blasted directly down her throat. Reflexively, she squeezes the stud’s nut sack as tightly as she can, but this only adds to the force of his ejaculation. As Jude groans and his tool continues to spurt, a new sensation overcomes Christine. This is so fucking hot! she thinks, even as she convulsively gags again on the spurting 7 inch tool. His orgasm finally spent, the stud releases his grip, and Christine recoils from his dick, gasping and choking, a flood of drool cascading from her mouth. “Holy fuck!” she gasps in a strangled voice as Jude zips up his jeans. He snickers contemptuously at the gasping MILF; no better than any of the teenage sluts who have given him head! He exits the room, followed by the other studs. Justin is the last to leave the room and shrugs apologetically. “That’s Jude. He’s an asshole,” he declares in a matter-of-fact tone. As the quartet of studs leaves the room, more boys come to the door, but Tracey jumps up and gently pushes it closed.

She gets down on her knees again next to Christine who is just beginning to recover her breath. “Wow! I can’t believe he did that! He shot it right down my throat!” Christine finally manages to gasp out. “Yeah, that wasn’t fair!” Tracey consoles her, still blinking her own irritated right eye. “No, but it was pretty hot!” Christine replies. “Bill is never rough with me like that!” “There’s more guys waiting outside,” Tracey now reminds her. “Well, you know what we gotta do, girl!” Christine replies. “Blow them?” Tracey responds hopefully, looking forward to more oral action, her inflamed eye already forgotten. Christine looks intently at her friend. Both women realize that they have reached a point of no return. “No. Fuck them! All of them!” Christine replies. “You mean a gangbang?” Tracey asks, breathlessly. “Yes! Are you with me?” Christine now asks. “Fuck yeah! Let’s do it!” Tracey replies without hesitation. The two MILFs help each other to their feet. “I can’t believe that I’m doing my first gangbang at 34!” Tracey muses aloud. “And I’m doing my first at 39!” Christine counters. “The important thing is that we’re in this together!” The two sluts in their sperm splattered evening dresses embrace each other and then open the door to the hallway outside, which is packed with expectant teenage studs.

(to be continued...)
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