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Mary Ann and Beth have multiple squirting orgasms making quite a mess.
At 6AM I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone alerting me that it was time to get ready for work. At first I had no idea where I was until I opened my eyes and saw four naked girls around my body.

I patted Mary Ann on her ass and said, “Good morning little girl, time for me to get up. Unfortunately duty calls.”

They all started to stir and opened their eyes in confusion until they realized where they were. Mary Ann said, “Do you really have to go? Wouldn’t you rather spend the day fucking us all again?”

They all eagerly waited and I said, “Unfortunately I can’t and remember we agreed to come up with a schedule for me to have one on one time with all of you the rest of the week. Plus I think we all need time to recover from what we put our bodies through. After I leave you all talk and agree to the schedule and I’ll be back here by 5PM.”

Mary Ann said, “Of course, you’re right as usual and I’m sure none of us can afford to skip out on our classes so we’ll talk and be ready when you get back.

“Now that sounds like a plan,” I said. Each girl kissed me goodbye and I gathered my things and headed home to get a quick shower and change.

It was pretty hard to concentrate at work but I somehow managed to get through the day. At lunch I realized I was ravenous and went out to a downtown restaurant for a big lunch. As I walked back through the halls and passed some of the hot little interns I wondered if what the girls said about me was really true and it seemed like a few of them were indeed checking out the bulge in my pants. Maybe once Mary Ann starts perhaps she could recruit a couple more girls for me to fuck.

That reminded me of my promise and I went down to HR and made sure they pulled her application. I know the recruiter well and he told me she would for sure get an internship on my recommendation. I couldn’t wait to get back and tell her.

The day finally came to an end and I headed back to Mary Ann’s apartment, being careful to set the cruise as I didn’t trust myself to stay anywhere near the speed limit. I parked, walked up to Mary Ann’s apartment and the door flew open before I could knock. Mary Ann jumped into my arms, encircled me and planted a long passionate kiss on my mouth.

“I just got a call from your company and they want me to start the internship next week. I can’t believe the offer they made either. What the hell did you tell them about me?”

I said, “Honey, I’ve worked there for 28 years and am on a first name basis with the CEO and CIO. You got the internship on my recommendation and that’s all they needed.”

“Well get your ass in here and get naked. I think you’ll be pleased with who’s waiting for us.”

I walked in to her apartment and made my way to the bedroom to find Beth on the bed naked and playing with her pussy. She said, “Well hi there Tony, I’ve been waiting for you. Get those clothes off and come to me.”

As she got undressed Mary Ann said, “I could tell that Beth’s ass was driving you crazy and she didn’t get to cum as much as the rest of us yesterday so she deserved to get the first solo session with you.” She undressed me and my cock was standing at full attention as I got into the bed with Beth. Mary Ann sat in a chair next to the bed so she had a good view and started to play with herself.

“You read my mind little girl. I am really going to enjoy this,” as I got on the bed and laid down next to Beth. She grabbed my raging cock and started to jack me off as we kissed passionately and I ran my hand up and down her body. Her tits are just perfect so I pinched each nipple as they became rock hard and she started to moan.

“Oh yes, I love to feel your hands on my body and it drives me crazy when you pinch my nipples like that.” I continued exploring her curvy young body and made my way down to her pussy. Instead of going for her clit right away I pressed my palm down hard on her little patch of black public hair and rubbed in a circle while I sucked a nipple into my mouth. Her breathing got heavier as she whispered quietly, “Oh God yes, that feels so fucking good,” and she began humping my hand.

I turned her over onto her stomach and positioned my cock on her ass as I started to rub her back. “Fuck yes, that feels so good, I can’t remember the last time I had a back rub. Mmmmm.” I continued rubbing her back and took the opportunity to rub my cock on her wonderful ass at the same time. Because we didn’t lube my cock I got to truly enjoy the softness of her ass as I slid between her cheeks. It felt so good I started to feel my orgasm build so I rolled her over again.

I got on top of her, gave her another long kiss and then started to lick and kiss my way down to her pussy. She starting moaning right away as I ran my tongue lightly across her clit and into her sweet pussy. I marveled at her fresh sweet taste and scent as I went down on her. “Oh my, that feels so good Tony. You really know your way around a pussy.” I didn’t comment but grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her ass off the bed so I could insert my tongue deep into her ass. “MMMMM, I am so glad you don’t mind eating my ass because it feels so fucking good.”

I continued to slowly lick her pussy being careful not to make her cum too soon. I wanted to bring her along slowly until she was begging for more and knew that the combination of my saliva and her tight young pussy was going to feel amazing on my cock. Her breathing continued to get heavier so I knew it was time to stop licking her pussy or she was going to cum so I sat up and jacked off my cock.

Mary Ann said, “Is Beth ready for my daddy’s cock yet? You sure look like you are.”

Beth whimpered, “I don’t know what I want at this point because everything he does to my body is incredible but I’d like to see what it feels like if he gets me off by licking my pussy.”

I said, “I can certainly do that but then you can’t jack me off and my cock needs some attention too.”

Mary Ann said, “I can help with that daddy. Go down on her and I’ll take care of it.”

I resumed licking Beth’s pussy as Mary Ann got underneath me and said, “Treat my mouth like a pussy daddy and fuck my face however you need to while you lick Beth’s pussy.” She took my cock into her mouth and I began moving in and out with long, slow strokes.

I said, “This is really fucking hot,” as I attended to Beth’s pussy.

I concentrated on her clit and started licking her harder and faster. “Oh fuck yes, that feels so fucking good on my little clit. Please don’t stop Tony.” I continued to lick her clit as her breathing got heavier and I could tell she was getting close so I again lifted her legs and moved from her clit to her ass to extend her pleasure. After doing this several times she pulled my head down hard as I made my way back to her clit and cried out, “I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore,” and she started to grind her clit on my tongue and face. I continued to fuck Mary Ann’s mouth as Beth started to cum. “Oh fuck yes. That’s it right there. Lick my pussy hard and fast Tony. MMMMMM!” I increased the pace and she cried out as she started to cum. “Oh my God it feels so fucking good! I’m going to cum all over you both right now. MMMMMM!”

I licked her pussy hard and fucked Mary Ann’s face as Beth’s pussy juice erupted over both of us. “Oh fuck, I’m fucking squirting. God it feels so fucking good I don’t think I can stop.” Wave after wave of cum sprayed from her pussy until her legs fell back onto the bed signaling she was finished but I continued to lick her clit knowing it would be too much to take.

“Please stop for a minute Tony. My clit is too sensitive after cumming like that.” I stopped, removed my cock from Mary Ann’s mouth, planted a kiss on her face and said, “Thanks for keeping my cock company little girl. That was amazing. Now I want you to grab Beth’s legs, hold them up and spread them as wide as you can.”

“OK daddy, whatever you say.”

I knelt beside Beth and stroked my cock with one hand and used the other to work her clit. It was too sensitive for my tongue but I knew by rubbing all fingers across it she was going to squirt a lot more.

After a few seconds she cried out, “Fuck I’m going to squirt again! MMMMMM,” as a massive torrent of pussy juice sprayed all over Mary Ann who was already soaking wet. She said, “Jesus Christ that felt good,” so I continued again and after a few more seconds she sprayed Mary Ann again. “Holy fuck! MMMMMM, yes do me, do me, do me!” I continued and she sprayed Mary Ann yet again. “Oh God! Fuck I can’t take this. It feels so fucking good!”

At this point I really needed to feel what her soaking pussy felt like on my cock so I mounted her and slid my raging cock into her. I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head as her wet pussy clenched my cock and I began to pound her. “Oh God your cock! Fuck it feels so fucking hard and full in my pussy I’m going to squirt again!” I pulled my cock out so she could spray me with her cum then pushed back in and continued pounding her. “Oh please Tony, don’t stop. I think I can continue cumming like this forever!” I pounded her pussy until she cried out and I pulled out to see her squirt another wave of pussy juice all over my cock. I continued to pound her pussy to many more orgasms until we were both soaked in her cum and she was finally finished.

Beth lay on the bed with her eyes closed and said, “God I am soaked and totally spent. Obviously I’ve never done anything like that before in my life. That was fucking incredible.”

I said, “I’m glad you liked it and it was pretty impressive,” as I lay next to her and stroked my still raging cock.”

Mary Ann watched in silence and she finally said, “Do you think you can do that to me now daddy? I never got the chance because you were so busy with the other girls and I want to experience what Beth just did.”

“Of course my dear. Lay down next to her.” I then proceeded to repeat everything I did to Beth and as I licked Mary Ann’s pussy Beth took her position as designated face fucker. I started her off slowly, licking all around her pussy and ass until she started to reach her first orgasm.

“Oh fuck daddy I didn’t think anything would ever feel better than your cock in my pussy but this is amazing. I’m going to fucking cum all over you right now,” and she sprayed Beth and I with a huge orgasm. Beth then spread Mary Ann’s legs and I went to work on her clit with my hand. “Oh fuck yes, it feels so fucking gooooooood,” and she unleashed another wave of cum all over Beth. “Oh please, keep doing it. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Wave after wave continued to stream from her pussy and I inserted my cock as I did with Beth. I’m not sure how this is possible but her little pussy felt even better as I began to pound it with my raging cock. I made sure to pull out every time I made her cum so we could enjoy watching her spray and then I pounded her again and again until we were all wet and she was satiated.

I lay back on the bed for a minute and surveyed the damage done by my cock. Both girls hair was soaked with sweat and cum and their bodies were drenched. There were eve cum stains on the walls and furniture. The girls did the same thing and shook their heads in amazement.

Mary Ann said, “Fuck Tony, we forgot all about you! Your poor cock is still rock hard and we’re sitting here. What can we do for you?”

I said, “You know what I want girls,” and without another word they both leaned over the side of the bed and presented their asses to me. I slid my cock between Beth’s soaked ass cheeks and began to pound them. I could have spent all night with my cock stuffed between her cheeks but I also slid it back into her still soaked pussy and pounded her hard. I moved over to Mary Ann and did the same with her. “Fuck girls, your asses and pussies feel absolutely amazing on my cock. I could do this all night long. The feeling was starting to get to me as I pounded each of their pussies hard. They matched my strokes and humped back on my cock as I pounded them.

Beth cried, “Come on Tony, fuck us harder. We want to see you cum all over us like we did to you.”

“She’s right daddy. Don’t hold back on our pussies, give us everything you’ve got,” Mary Ann chimed in.

“Fuck our young tight pussies!”

“Yeah daddy come on. Fuck us harder!”

Mary Ann’s bed was slamming into the wall and both girls feet were lifted off the floor with the force of the pounding I gave them and they still begged for me to pound them harder.

Beth was the first to cum again due to the pounding I was giving her. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum again Tony. Don’t stop! MMMMMM!”

When she was finished I moved to Mary Ann, pounded her with everything I had and she came again as well. I could feel her pussy quivering on my cock as she came. “Fuck daddy. You’re making me cum again too. Oh fuck me. MMMMMM!”

The sensation of that quivering little pussy finally got to me and I said, “Oh God I’m fucking ready to cum girls. Get up and suck my cock and jack me off right now!”

Both girls eagerly sat up and went to work on my cock and I asked, “Do you want to see me cum or take my load down your throat?”

Beth said, “I’d love to swallow your cum but I need to see this for myself,” and Mary Ann agreed.

“OK then, jack me off hard and suck my fucking cock!”

Each girl took turns sucking my cock down their throat until I could feel my orgasm build. “Oh yes, thats it, just like that. I’m going to fucking cum all over you right fucking now! MMMMMM!”

I pulled my cock out and jacked off as stream after stream of cum covered their faces and in their open mouths. It was so intense some of my cum flew over their heads and hit the wall behind the bed as well but most of it was not wasted.

When I was finally done I collapsed on the bed and they encircled me with their cum soaked bodies and took turns sticking their tongues down my throat.

Mary Ann said, “That felt so fucking amazing but we sure made a mess of my room. I might need to hire a cleaning lady.”

“Don’t you remember that Jessica and Char offered to take over your housecleaning duties to pay you back for my services? I don’t think you need to clean anything.”

She laughed and Beth said, “Fuck there’s cum all over the walls. Not sure what they’re gonna do about that. Fuck Tony I’ve never seen a guy cum like you do but I’ve also never seen a cock as big as yours either.”

As I looked at them and the mess we made I asked, “Would you girls mind if I get a selfie? I want to capture this moment as I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I swear that it will be just between us.”

Mary Ann said, “Of course Tony. I trust you and you have a lot of reasons to be discreet.” Beth agreed so I took several pics with the girls as well as the room.

I said, “I’m really not sure if we’ll be able to duplicate this again so I’m glad I got these pics”

Mary Ann said, “Me either but it’ll sure be fun trying!” Beth said, “Fuck yeah! I can’t wait until it’s my turn again!”

Right on cue we heard the sound of the front door opening. Char and Jessica were home and poked their heads in Mary Ann’s room.

Jessica said, “…What the hell happened in here? Did you guys have a water fight or something?”

Mary Ann said, “No Jess, you’re looking at cum.”

Char said, “No fucking way. That can’t all be cum.” She came into the room and licked a sample from each of our bodies. “Fucking hell, it’s cum alright!”

Jessica said, “What about the walls? There’s no fucking way you came on the wall like that.” She went over, took a swipe with her finger and stuck it in her mouth. “No fucking way, it’s like cumtopia in here. How did this happen?”

Mary Ann said, “I guess you’re going to have to wait until Friday to find out when it’s your turn.”

She looked at Char and said, “A hundred bucks if you switch days with me.” Char said, “No fucking way.” “Two hundred!” “Uh uh”.

I spoke up then and said, “OK, stop right there. If this is going to cause problems like this then I guess I’ll just have to put a stop to it. I’d be perfectly happy with Mary Ann and she’s nice enough to share me as long as you behave.”

Both girl’s faces reddened with that and Jessica said, “I’m sorry Tony. I’ll be a good girl and wait my turn like you asked but I think I need to be punished.

Char said, “Fuck yeah Tony spank her fucking ass so she remembers not to be suck a fucking bitch all the time.”

I said, “I suppose I could if that’s what it’s going to take. Jessica, drop your pants and bend over the chair.” I’m not sure what she expected but after she dropped her pants I spanked her ass as hard as I could. At first she was giggling but when I got to 10 and her ass was red she stopped. When I got to 15 she said, “That really fucking hurts! I learned my lesson!” I gave her five more smacks on her ass as tears came to her eyes.

I said, “Now what do you have to say to these girls Jessica?”

With tears in her eyes she looked at them and apologized.

“One more thing,” I said. “You promised Mary Ann to do the house cleaning in return for fucking me so I suggest the both of you get started on her room so she doesn’t need to sleep in cum tonight. I’m taking these two out to the bar for dinner and I expect everything to be neat and tidy when we get back, understood?”

Jessica said, “Of course daddy,” and Char nodded in agreement.

I made my way to the bathroom so I could get a shower with Beth and Mary Ann. After I closed the door Mary Ann whispered, “That was fucking amazing Tony. No one’s ever been able to control Jess like that. She usually just steamrolls everyone in her life.”

I said, “Well she’s obviously never had anyone in her life like me has she? It wasn’t my intent but you all just might learn a thing or two from me besides how to cum your brains out.”

Beth said, “I don’t know how we couldn’t. I’ve only known you for a day but there is something really special about the way you treat people. I love that.”

I kissed both girls and we hugged then I said, “That’s kind of both of you to say. I really appreciate it but lets get cleaned up and go grab a bite to eat. I’m fucking starving.”

Mary Ann said, “Fuck yeah” and we jumped in the shower.

I washed both girls hair and scrubbed them from head to toe and they did the same to me. As they carefully washed my cock I of course got hard again. By now they new what I wanted so the pushed their hot asses together and I inserted my cock between them. “MMMM your sweet asses feel so good on my cock. No matter how many times I do this it will always be the best place for my cock to be.”

Beth said, “Oh yes Tony fuck our asses. We want you to cum on us again.”

Again the feeling was so amazing that it didn’t take long for me to get off. “This is the one thing where I can’t control my cum so get ready. Here comes my load. MMMMMM yes hump my cock.” Mary Ann and Beth humped my cock with their sexy asses as I shot another load between them.

Mary Ann said, “I’m so glad we pleased you daddy. Are you ready to get out now?”

“I am,” I said. “Lead the way.”

We got out of the shower, dried off and got dressed then made our way to the bar arm in arm.
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