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Darren is teased by his mother until he has enough and decides take advantage of the open hole in front of him. Then Darren gets an unexpected request from his sister.
As my mom's right hand continually took handfuls of my sister's heavenly ass, the burgundy coated fingernail of her left index finger made a single, leisured loop around her breast. That slow, tantalizing loop came to a halt as that very same fingernail drifted up her chest before dipping into her collar bone and then dropping behind her shoulder. Her left hand rose once more behind Alexis, allowing my eyes to follow those lithe, womanly fingers as they caught the length of my sister's ponytail.

"Do you know what your trigger word was?" my mom nearly whispered, her lips gently planting themselves on her own daughter's young skin. "Your grandfather made that mistake once when he was pounding my ass like a piece of meat right next to your dad. You know how hard it was to convince him that it was just some kinky fantasy he imagined of him being cucked?"

"Probably not as hard as you were being fucked," I muttered under my breath, raising my eyes just quickly enough to find a small smile leaving her face. "I don't know. Honestly, I don't even remember anything before finding Alexis and Sarah like this."

That small smile that had left my mom's face just as quickly returned as she ripped Alexis's head back by her ponytail. "That's fine, for now. I don't think your sisters will be caring very much by the end of their break," she began to pull Alexis away, leaving me to witness the surprisingly erotic sight of my mom dragging Alexis's toned frame to the couch. "Especially Alexis. I lost count of how many times I walked in on this girl going to town on herself to incest porn with her headphones in. . .Christ, it took all of me to not jump on her and take that tight little pussy to cloud nine every time."

My eyes weren't the only thing that grew with every lust-driven word that left my mom's mouth. My cock violently throbbed in my suddenly too-tight jeans, forcing me to keep every single drop of my attention on my mom and Alexis. The attention poured into the sight before me almost immediately paid dividends as my mom slowly lowered Alexis's back onto the stormy gray couch they stood in front of. In what felt like just a fluid moment, Alexis was being pulled to the edge of couch until her moist pussy visible to the world, leaving just a perfectly round ass as the only shelter to what was likely an even tighter asshole.

A savage cracked echoed through the silent mansion, accompanied by only the smile on my mom's face and the equally violent wave of skin that was passing through my sister's quickly reddening breast. "You wanna try breaking in her ass, or do you just wanna pump her full of your cum first?"

As amazing as it was to have my mom offer both of Alexis's holes to me, I could only stare on in something between disbelief and wonder at who my mom had suddenly become. I mean, she was never a prude by any definition of the word. She was open about the topic of sex and had always been there for me every time those, admittedly awkward as hell, conversations needed to happen. That wasn't to say she was a super open nudist or something like that, either. She had always been a parent to me and nothing more, regardless of how attractive she was.

The woman who had just spanked Alexis's breast into oblivion could hardly be called my mother. It was like hero and villain, they felt like complete opposites, and yet this version of her had felt so much more natural. Those narrowed eyes, carrying the faintest of glints over those piercing, all-knowing aquamarine irises, that long grin hiding behind those soft pink lips, all the way down to those ragged breaths crammed with lust for her own flesh and blood. It felt so real. This was the real version of my mom, the version of herself she had buried for over twenty years.

That sadistic lust-filled beast had rested within complete darkness for twenty-odd years, waiting to be unleashed for this very moment. "Get over here and make your sister yours, Darren," my mom glanced at my sister once more before she guided those strong blue eyes to her bared, unblemished shoulder, where she guided her thumb to the crepe string of her black dress. Her gentle, fluid movements mirrored themselves with the one last string holding her dress from being brushed off and allowing the dress to drop to her ankles, leaving her nude frame exposed to me in all of its glory. That was where her eyes met my own. "Do I look good enough for you? Time hasn't exactly been nice to these ladies."

Good enough? She was fucking perfect. Beneath the shoulder-length black hair that fell down her collarbones lied a pair of round breasts that gave Sarah's a run for their money, the only difference between them was the faintest sag that just as faintly revealed her age. Underneath what I could have only assumed were all-natural handfuls of breasts was a stomach that was almost entirely flat until it reached the bottom, where the beginnings of a small pocket of body fat could be made out, but all that nitpicking became an afterthought as my eyes traced the hairless mound right underneath that lithe waist.

While she wasn't quite as skinny as Sarah or athletic as Alexis, how many women any age could say they looked like her after five children? Not very many. That small touch of extra weight, those round breasts that were ever so slowly becoming victims to the cruelty of gravity, they only added to the attraction I had towards her. If Urban Dictionary allowed the use of pictures, I had no doubt I would've found my mom's picture under 'MILF'. She was the picture definition of the acronym, and I hadn't even seen that juicy backside. Not that she would've let me.

Raising the backside of her index finger towards my chest, she dragged it towards herself, summoning me forward with each slow movement of her finger. "Get that cock over here."

Like some kind of brainless cyborg that lacked any will of its own, my feet dragged me toward my nude mother and sister, all while my hands made themselves useful by ripping off my shirt as quickly as they could. It was probably a bit longer, but it felt as if only a blink had passed before I found myself in front of my mom, and honestly? I didn't quite doubt that anymore. Not because the throbbing erection in my jeans was making it hard to think about anything else, which it very much was, but because I was literally standing frozen in time with our own mother ordering me to fuck my sister. The same sister I never thought I'd even get to see the pussy of.

Just as I reached my mom, my eyes were forced downwards as I watched her impatiently tug my jeans open and rip the zipper down. My erection wasted no time flying out of my jeans and locking it sights right at the bridge of her nose as she rested herself down onto her knees in right front of me. Her left hand wasted about as much time as my hard-on had popping out of my jeans while her right hand leisurely pulled my jeans down.

She gave the base of my cock a pair of strokes, eliciting a thick bead of precum from its head just as she let her tongue fall just underneath the very tip, gliding up my glans before allowing her tongue to absorb the clear fluid she had drawn out of me. "You taste great. I'm gonna have to give you a run later myself," her tongue gave my head a second stroke, letting her lips float only inches from allowing my cock to meet the insides of her mouth. "Are you a virgin?"

I could only stumble over my words at the sudden question as the heat of every word on my cock sent pleasure everywhere. "I. . .uh, no."

I said no to being a virgin, and that was true, but she was sure as hell doing her best at making me feel like one. I'd slept with several other girls, but five of those girls were just drunk one night stands where I was lucky they hadn't ended up pregnant and knocking on my door. The other two were fairly serious relationships that lasted nearly two years a piece before they were mutually broken off. My point? I had experience, but I wasn't some sex fiend and I sure as fuck didn't have the endurance of a pornstar. I mean, seriously? How could guys last forty minutes plowing girls that good looking?

"I'm not surprised, especially with a dick like this. Seven inches is more than enough when it's being used right, and a little girth never hurts. Not too big, not too small," she continued to speak over my cock with snappy, single strokes. It was clear at this point that she was teasing my cock as much as she could and she was making sure I felt every piece of it. "I bet Alexis will love this. If you don't mind me saying, I don't think you should brainwash her all that much, just make sure she doesn't go around telling anyone. I think a good, rough fuck from her brother is more than enough to convince her to be your little cocksleeve."

I wasn't entirely sure if it had been on purpose or not, but with each downright filthy word spoken onto my cock, I was that much closer to cumming. Hell, maybe she was even asking for it with her mouth that close, but I was no mood or state to even think that far ahead. All I saw was my cock sitting mere inches away from her open, unfilled mouth and an equally open handle in her bone straight hair. Without anything resembling a second thought, I took her into my palms and ripped her head down onto my cock, burying the very erection she had been teasing moments earlier down her throat.

As I looked down to see my mom's reactions, I, once again, wasn't exactly sure if I was shocked or turned on to see her smiling around my cock while my balls formed to the shape of her chin. Knowing she had every last piece of my attention on her next move, her smile faded with a single breath through her nose before she started to purposely gag on my cock, making sure she tightened her throat around my shaft with each forced 'cough'.

Pulling her head away from the base of my cock, my head lied just passed her teeth with only her lusty breathing surrounding it. With no regard for my mom, with no thought of her being a breathing human, I violently buried my length into her throat for a second time. As I pulled her head off of my cock for the second time, I pinched her nostrils shut with my index and middle fingers just before thrusting all of my cock into her throat for the third time, only this time holding her in place. Even as the seconds passed, even as her faced reddened just above my cock, I would've had to have been blind to not notice the smile resting her face. A smile she carried while choking on cock. It was almost too hard to believe, that this sexual deviant was the person our mother had been hiding from us all these years.

"You like that?" I gave her a light smack and tried to force whatever few free inches of my cock were left into her. "You like swallowing your own son's dick?"

She nodded as her face began to take on the shade of a cherry on my cock. Even as the white of her bulging eyes stood bright against the backdrop of her reddening skin, that smile hadn't left her face for even a moment. The sexual deviant I used to call my mom, the woman trying to wring every last drop of cum from my balls, was loving each and every second of choking on her own son's cock. Tearing her throat off of my cock, it took all of me not to cum all over her face. Emphasis on all.

I gave her only a few moments to gasp in whatever fresh air she could before I forced her lips back down my shaft. All it took was just a single swipe of her tongue against my glans to throw me over the edge and blow my load deep down her throat. "Fuck! Fucking swallow it!" I roared through gritted teeth, a new grunt elicited with each surge of my cum she swallowed.

That was when I heard it, right in between the feral groans my mom had been forcing out of me as I experienced one of the most primal orgasms I'd had up to that point in my life. The filter of the fish tank sputtering behind me. My head, swarmed within a haze of both worry and bliss, snapped to my left to find Alexis watching us with wide blue eyes and pink cheeks as I ruthlessly fucked our mother's throat like it was nothing more than a heated fleshlight.

In that quick glance I took at Alexis, it was hard to tell if she was shocked, turned on, or if she was sitting somewhere in between. Those defined, high cheekbones said one thing while her eyes said another. Luckily, and I suppose somewhat unluckily at the same time, Sarah's feelings on the sight in front of her were much, much clearer. Her narrowed eyes, furrowed brows, and raised red upper lip spoke every word for her. She wanted to throw up at the sight of me using our mother's throat as sex toy, and based on her attitude towards me? Seeing my cock probably hadn't helped things.

I could only utter two words as I pulled myself and my shrinking cock away from my mom. And to my own surprise, the noise around me had vanished once more with them. "Oh, fuck,"

"My god, Darren, it's been a long time since I've swallowed a load that big. Thank you," she glided the palm of her right hand along Alexis's thigh with a smile as she gazed at her daughter's bare pussy. "Did you see her? She was having a orgasm and touching herself while watching me swallow your cum, what a little freak. Her tight little cunt is begging for your cock right now. Why don't we go ahead and fuck the doubt out of her?"

Glancing at a refrozen Sarah with a sigh that lied somewhere in between relief and exhaustion, I leaned against the arm of the cough and turned my sights back to my mom. "I dunno if you're getting stupider with age or something, but I feel like I just forced a weeks worth of cum down your throat. It's gonna be a bit before I can get hard again."

"I enjoy being spoken to and treated like I'm a useless cumdump, but maybe you should think about giving the woman who can make your wildest dreams and fetishes come true with a little more respect," she gave me a teasing smile with an extended tongue as she brought herself to her knees and began to waddle right toward my cock on them. "Yet another gift of the Chronos Gene. You have more cum than the average man and it should only take you a few minutes to get hard again. Even then, your old mom's learned a few tricks over the years. Like this one."

Wrapping her thumb and index finger around the base of my limp cock, she lifted it upwards before she gave it a single smack, and then two more. My eyes began to grow slightly as I could faintly feel something rush to my cock only moments before it grew in response to her slapping it. Inch by inch, my cock grew once more inside of her fingers until I was rock hard for a second time in minutes. Giving my cock one last gentle kiss, shared with something of a longing gaze, my mom wrapped her hand around my wrist and dragged me towards Alexis.

Still on her knees, my mom set her hand just above Alexis's right breast and gave her a light shove backwards onto the couch. Her eyes traveled down Alexis's stomach and down a bare mound ever so faintly reddened with arousal she hadn't asked for. My eyes gladly followed her right hand as it glided up her daughter's thigh before allowing her thumb brushed over Alexis's hidden clit. Both her index and middle finger gave a counter clockwise turn and glided down her labia, expertly splitting the lips of her pussy apart to reveal Alexis's glistening insides.

"I swear, this girl was built to be fucked," my mom lowered her mouth to her spread pussy and gave a single flick of the tongue to Alexis's clit before letting her eyes return to me. "What are you looking at? Get that hard cock over here and pound your sister."

Knocked out of that beautiful trance of watching my mom steal a taste of Alexis, I took a pair of near robotic steps forward and stopped just as I found my erection pointing at Alexis. I hadn't been given a moment to even kneel as my mom took my wrist and tore me down onto my knees, where I found my penis lined up with the entrance to Alexis's damp sex. Even as the head of my cock lied inches away from her pussy, I could still feel the warmth emanating from the opening of her frozen form.

Both of my hands fell onto her hips and dragged her forward until her pussy lied at the end of the couch, a movement that all but forced her searing cunt to make contact with the head of my cock. That sticky warmth was the only starting pistol I needed as I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and guided the head of my penis into her. Her pussy had been warm on its own, but her insides were like a furnace. A dripping, intoxicating furnace that was Alexis's twenty-two year old pussy.

Alexis was tighter than I had expected, far tighter than any other girl I had been with, made obvious by the glistening lips trying their damnedest to tear the head of my penis off. Resting both of my palms on the cushion and giving my hips a light push towards Alexis, I let my eyes descend to find why I was having such a hard time going any further. As three or so inches of my cock lied firmly within her, the way her lips conformed to the girth of my penis made it clear that she'd never had anything even close to my size, a sized I'd always figured was always rather average.

She was tighter than hell, and my god, there weren't any words that could even come close to describing the pleasure her tightness brought. The fact that it was one of the sisters I thought I'd only ever sniff the panties of was just the icing on this completely fucked up, depraved situation I was dead center in the middle of. It was beyond fucked up, and this whole Chronos Gene thing was borderline laughable, but there I was in a room with two of my frozen sister and about to fuck one of them with our mom. As sick as it sounded, the thought of it made me harder than I had ever been. Though, I guess I have to use sick somewhat loosely here. I was already jerking off into their underwear before any of this shit happened.

Yet, none of that changed the fact that Alexis's body was clearly struggling to accommodate my penis. As much as I wanted to force all of my cock into her, I was afraid I would permanently injure Alexis by doing that. I would've thought about it if it were Sarah or Madison, but Alexis was always the more quiet one towards me. She never outright defended me, but she never actively fucked with me physically or mentally in the same way Sarah or Madison had. For that reason alone, I felt no guilt at all taking advantage of her, but I wasn't going to break her body.

That all changed when I lightly thrusted further inwards and met a blockage, a blockage that all but forced my eyes to widen. "Uh, I'm no doctor, but I think Alexis is a virgin," I gave another Alexis another light thrust to have what I could've only assumed was her hymen blocking my path. "Yep, definitely a virgin."

My mom's eyes widened just before another smile grew along her face. Leaving her knees, she climbed onto the couch behind Alexis and set her hands down on Alexis's wrists as her own breasts swayed above her own daughters frozen eyes like a pendulum. Her smile suddenly made sense. What she wanted to do made sense. Christ, where had this evil woman been hiding all of my life? I definitely could've used her a few years ago instead of sock and computer screen.

"This is a special moment for Alexis, I want to her to be awake for this. Repeat after me," she glanced up with another smile before letting her gaze return to Alexis's breasts. "Otium, Chronos."

I nodded and repeated what my mom said. "Otium, Chronos."

Alexis's back arched immediately as a primal, lust-laden groan escaped her body. It became clear within seconds, and my cock could attest to it, that she was having an orgasm or three crash through her all at once. Impossible as it sounded, shared with those lust-driven moans, her pussy clamped even tighter around my cock as new waves of pleasure absolutely destroyed her immediate rational thinking. As her orgasms seemed to slowly wane, she raised her head and locked eyes with me before sending her head upwards to find our mom pinning her down.

She traded stares between our mom and I several times, each trip allowing her eyes to grow that much wider and her cheeks that much redder. Finally, as her eyes returned to me, they fell down both her own nude body and then my own. The faintest gasp could be heard from Alexis in that silence as she eyed her still-virgin sex stretching around my cock. I almost couldn't believe what I saw when her she lifted her head once more, letting her eyes return to my own. She was smiling, perhaps even grinning some.

"Mom, what's going on?" Alexis calmly asked, letting her head fall back onto the cushion. She was calm, almost too calm. "I swear, my dreams have been getting weirder and weirder lately. . ."

Letting go of Alexis's arms, she ran her hands down her chest, letting them loop underneath her breasts before circling back to her nipples and letting her thumbs massage them. "This isn't a dream, Alexis. I read your diary when you were moving out with Sarah and found a few bits about Darren. How you experienced your first orgasm as you imagined losing your virginity together, and how you wish you were another girl so you could be with him. We wanted to make your fantasies come true. In return, you'll belong to him," our mom lowered herself to Alexis, where there lips met for the first time of many. "Do you want your brother to take your virginity and make you his little whore?"

Alexis looked at our mom with question clearly painted in her eyes, likely the same I had the moment I found out about this power I inherited. Even so, and perhaps she hadn't quite realized it herself, but her pussy was more than answering for her. As each depraved word left our mother's mouth, Alexis's pussy tightened ever so slightly around me. Her uncertainty was perhaps there, but another part of her wanted this. She wanted to be fucked like this, by me.

Her eyes left my own and found our mom's yet again, answering her with just a single nod. "I want it, always have," Alexis delivered a pair of glistening eyes back to me. "I don't know how this happened without me realizing it, but don't stop. Please, fuck m-"

Our mom violently swatted her breast before she could finish. "Beg your brother for his cock, Alexis. Beg him to fuck you hard, like the little whore you are."

Alexis's breast continued to redden while my dick pleasantly throbbed inside of her at the sight, only accompanied by her nod and increasingly desperate eyes. "Darren, please fuck me hard. Please fuck me like a piece of meat and fill me with your cum to show me how worthless I am to anyone else but you."

"Such a good little whore. This is going to hurt, but only because you asked for it." she nearly whispered, petting Alexis with her left hand while her right continued to tease her nipple. Then her eyes found my own, her evil grin quickly growing. "What are you waiting for, Darren? Your sister begged you to show her what a whore she is, so do it. Shove it in and let her feel all of you."

Perhaps it was for some sort of reassurance, or perhaps the truth was that I just simply wanted to see Alexis's cute face twisted in pain as her own brother barbarically destroyed her cherry. I guess, in some sense, that reflected my feelings towards Alexis. I didn't abhor her like I did Sarah, but I wasn't especially caring towards her either, regardless if she had treated me the most human of my sisters. With that final look I gave Alexis, I slightly pulled my hips away and took a lone deep breath. A deep breath that would store every ounce of my humanity as I forced my frame into her, giving my best attempt at burying every inch of my cock into her virgin pussy.

"Fuck that hurts," the pain hit Alexis immediately, more than made clear by her scrunched up face, and echoed by the glistening of narrowed, nearly shut eyes. Her sharp breaths, those faint gasps were parted only by the vice grip that was her pussy as her insides tried to wring me dry. "Please keep going. The faster you go, the sooner it'll stop hurting."

Her words nearly fell on deaf ears as I had already been pulling myself back while she was speaking, a beyond simple motion that her tight virgin canal had somehow made pleasurable for me. My eyes fell down to that flooded canyon that had brought so much pleasure, where I found my cock covered in a sheen of what I could have only assumed was a cocktail of her womanly juices and the blood of her cherry being broken. That was it right there. Just like it had done with my mom when she had been teasing me with her breath, seeing my cock soaked in my sister's virginal blood was some sort of trigger. My brain simply flipped a switch and turned off every caring part about me. Not that I held much for any of my sisters regardless.

Tearing my hips back until just the head of my cock was still inside of my sister, I threw myself into her cunt as hard as I could, making sure she felt every bit of my length in the process. I repeated this several more times, taking in each one of her increasingly louder gasps. As I slowed down with each thrust, I leaned over Alexis and held my face only inches over hers, leisurely inching my cock into her. With each inch of my cock gliding into her, my hands followed until they stopped right at her hips.

I stopped moving. "Who are you?"

"Alexis, your sister."

I sent the back of my hand across her face. "Wrong. Who are you?"

"I'm your whore," she answered, seeming almost proud of herself. Had it really been Alexis, or was it the Chrono Gene at work?

"Good girl. Now, what do you want me to do to you?" my thumbnail buried itself into the skin of her hip. "If you don't answer right, you're gonna be in some pain."

Her voice gave out as she began to speak, each tremble quickly paving their way into moans. "Fuck my holes and fill me up with your cum. Mark your territory and make sure every guy knows my whore cunt belongs to you."

Another savage smack met my sister's cheek, but it hadn't be me that time. It was our mom. "You almost had it, so I'll only give you that, but don't you think there's something else you're missing?" she paused, waiting to see if Alexis could respond on her own. Those silent seconds ticked by one by one before they were ended with yet another smack across the face. ". . .I suppose I'll tell you, then. I was thinking we could make you a mommy. Doesn't that sound nice, carrying the child of the brother you love so much?"

This time, however, Alexis remained quiet for a prolonged moment, and it hadn't taken much to know exactly what was on her mind. Did she want a new incestual life growing within her young body? Did she want to have a baby before she was even twenty-five, regardless if it was her brother's or not? If I knew Alexis at all, those were the types of questions she was asking herself. I wasn't at all familiar with the Chronos Gene yet, but I could only wonder if it would have some play in this decisions of hers.

As clears as they always were, Alexis's eyes rose to our mom's with a smile before she looked at me and set her hand on her stomach, her head rising just enough to meet my own left ear. "Make me a mother, Darren. Let me raise your baby, please?"

I was surprised, to say the least. Not because of what she asked of me, but because it was clearly Alexis asking it. The blue eyes that had taken so much after her mother were crystal clear, without so much as even a blemish. This wasn't the Chronos Gene, this was Alexis asking me to put a baby in her. My sister. That very surprise was heightened just as I began to pull her down onto my cock, where she looped her arms around my neck and pulled her to her mouth up to my own, allowing her tongue to act as a battering ram through my teeth.

Perhaps it wasn't quite what our mom had envisioned in the sense of me having to force her to enjoy this, but what was I supposed to expect in a situation that was as beautifully fucked up as this was? My sister was kissing me, moaning on my cock, and trying to extract all the cum I could provide from me with a pussy that was getting tighter by the second. She had already made it clear that I could rough her up and she would still love it. What more was there to expect?

Once again, I began to pick up speed with each thrust, barreling into her with every bit of my length as hard as I could. Even as I brutally broke her sex in, every thrust was received with a new moan shot into my mouth from her own. The pain still existed on her face as I hammered into the fresh pussy still trying to accommodate to my size, but it had long become a memory to her mind. Alexis herself was lost in being ravaged by my raw cock, even if her body hadn't quite caught up.

I tore my mouth away from Alexis, slowing my thrusts while I tried to curb the urge to cum. "I'm about to cum, Alexis. Tell me, what you want me to do with it?"

"Fill my whore hole with your cum. Fucking breed me, Darren," she quietly growled, her pussy violently clamping around me with each word.

Alexis had always been a rather quiet girl who typically chose her words, which was probably the reason she never came after me like Sarah did, now that I think about it. She rarely cursed or spoke openly about sex, or anything else that was equal to it on the embarrassment meter. Yet, there she was asking me to fill her with my seed and knock her up. It shocked me hearing it come from her mouth, enough to make me lose control of urge I was trying to hold back.

I barreled my full length into her cunt with no delicacy and let go of my control just as the sound of our skin colliding echoed through the room. A boorish grunt preceded the cum that rocketed out of me, soaking her insides in supernaturally potent seed. As rope after seemingly endless rope of cum sprung out of me, it was more than clear that I wasn't alone. Alexis pulled me downwards just as her chest slammed into my own with the arching of her back, a piece of visual art accompanied by the soft choir of moans she held inside of her quaking form. It took me a moment to realize it, that me spilling my cum inside of her had triggered an orgasm of her own.

As her orgasm faded, three words near breathlessly left her mouth before her eyes became an empty gray. "I love you, Darren."

"That's the main attraction of the Chronos Gene right there, she's waiting for your orders," she brushed Alexis's bangs out of her eyes before studying my cock as I pulled it out of Alexis. "Once you give her your orders and 'Otium', she'll be just fine. . .or you can leave her like this and turn her into a mindless cocksleeve. It's up to you."

I dropped my mouth to Alexis's ear, with the belief that she wasn't a need to do anything. All I needed was some kind of precautionary measure, just in case.

"Don't tell anyone anything about what happens in our family from now on."


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