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A lot more people liked my first chapter than I thought they would. Here's chapter two. Thanks for the votes.
I woke up when Sarah’s alarm started beeping. My head gave a sharp twinge as I opened my eyes. I wasn’t quite hung over, but I did feel the beginnings of a headache. Sunlight filtered through the blinds and the digital clock beside me showed that it was eight thirty. I hit the off button with a bit of fumbling, and shook Sarah’s shoulder. “Hey your alarm went off.”I said when she started moving.

“Ugh.” She groaned. Then she sat up. The blanket fell a bit exposing her breast. She saw me looking and immediately went red. “You don’t have to stare!” She said playfully.

“Uhh actually I think you’ll find that rule number one in the man code states that I have to.” I replied giving her a wink. I stood up and grabbed my pants slipping them back on. On the other side of the door I heard the unmistakable sound of cooking from the kitchen. “I think your parents are up.”

She nodded. “Yeah they usually get up at the crack of dawn. They are probably making breakfast for us.”

“Us?” I asked. “They were asleep when we got here.”

“We weren’t exactly too quiet last night.” She said. She saw the look of panic on my face, and began laughing. “Mark relax we aren’t sixteen.”

I relaxed a little. “Sorry I haven't done anything like this since I was sixteen. I’m also from the south so.. yeah.” If anything this only served to make her laugh more. She stood up and quickly dressed.

“Stay here for a sec.” She said Opening the door and stepping out. The smell of eggs and bacon wafted in as she shut the door reminding me that I hadn’t eaten in a day. She returned a short time later with a shirt in her hand. “I forgot to text Mark.” She said. “I hope you’re a large. You’ll have to wear your jeans again.” She tossed me the shirt. It was an old faded ACDC shirt, and it fit alright.

“Marks?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said. “His old room is still a pile of junk, so you get the privilege of returning that old thing.” She paused, and with a bit of apprehension asked. “Ready to meet the folks?”

“You nervous?” I asked. “I thought you were twenty-four?”

“Oh shut up.” She said. We left her room and made our way to the kitchen. Sarah’s mom was standing at the stove keeping a watch on the eggs frying in the pan. She was a middle aged woman with blonde hair. She had her daughters figure, but David definitely got his looks from her. Sarah’s father sat at a small table reading something on an I-Pad. He looked up as we entered the kitchen.

“Well there’s the source of last nights disturbance.” He said wryly. Sarah’s face assumed its usual secondary color of crimson, and I knew mine was only a few shades lighter. I had never found myself in this situation before, and I was at a loss for words. Sarah was just as lacking as me, but fortunately Sarah’s mom stepped in.

“Oh do be quiet.”She admonished. “She’s not a child anymore.”She turned to us. “Relax.” she said “I’m Marie, and that grouch is Jacob.”

I introduced myself, and at Marie’s insistence I sat at the table. Sarah sat between me and her dad, and Marie put plates in front of all of us. I dug in while listening to Sarah and her family. “So David mentioned you got a freelance client?” Jacob asked. “What’s the case?”

“A guy caught his wife cheating, and is filing for divorce.” Sarah responded.

“That’s horrible.”Marie replied.

Jacob nodded. “Does he have proof?”

“He got them on camera.” Sarah said.

“It wasn’t hidden was it? Depending on the judge or the attorney that can become a problem.”

“No. He recorded it on his phone as he caught them.”

“Should stand up.” Jacob responded. “Do you want some help?”

“No.” Sarah replied.

“So you’re a lawyer too?” I asked.

“Retired.” Jacob responded. “I handle the occasional pro bono case, but the firm went to shit and I took an early retirement.”

Curious I pried further. “How so?”

“The partners cared more for money than actual people.” He said. “Not really a problem if it was something like a corporation, but they took on some cartel clients. I didn’t want anything to do with it so I retired.”

“And so dad gave up a partner track in a prestigious law firm ensuring his perfect morality.” Sarah said sarcastically. “And-”

“That’s enough.” Marie cut in. “Sorry about them Mark. How long have you known Sarah?”

“Uh- two days.” I said my face becoming flush again.

“I suspect that's longer than most.” She said.

“MOM!”Sarah yelled. “You don’t have to make me sound like a slut.”

Marie laughed. “I’m sorry honey.” Sarah and her father began to talk about her search for a firm to take her on, and I chatted with Marie about her job as a courthouse clerk. An old grandfather clock chimed nine, and Marie retreated to her room to get ready. Sarah left to take a shower leaving me alone with Jacob.

Some time passed in awkward silence before Jacob spoke.“So what do you do Mark?” He asked.

“I work I.T. with David.” I said.

“Oh?” He replied. “You wouldn’t happen to be Sarah’s client then?”

“Yeah.” I said apprehensively.

“Don’t worry.” he replied hearing my tone. “Quite a few lawyers I know have bent that little rule.” We continued making small talk till Marie came back into the kitchen.

“We’re running late.” She announced. She tossed Jacob the keys. “Let’s get going.”

“You know we should really just buy you a new car.” Jacob said. “It’s not like we don’t have the money.”

“Ridiculous.” She replied with a slight frown. “Sarah will get her own car soon enough.” She gave me a smile and said. “There’s some more eggs and bacon on the stove if you’re still hungry Mark. Just put your plat in the sink when you’re done.” I thanked her as she walked out with Jacob behind her. I listened as the car pulled out and then went walking around the house. It seemed pretty normal not to dissimilar from my own place. A pit formed in my stomach as I remembered all the crap I was about to go through to get my home back. I let out a long audible sigh.

“Well I didn’t think I was that ugly as a kid.” Sarah said making me jump. She had walked into the living room with a large towel wrapped around her body. Her hair was wet and tangled, the water giving it a darker hue. The towel began right above her nipples with the faintest bit of pink areola peeking out above the towel, and it draped down hugging her body, ending just past her butt. She watched me stare for a second, and then pointed at my rapidly growing crotch. “I guess we’ll have to take care of that before we head out.” She said smiling. She pushed me unto the couch, and knelt between my legs. I quickly unbuttoned my pants and let my cock spring free. It hit Sarah in the face, and she laughed. I began an apology, but before more than a syllable came out of my mouth she grabbed my cock and began to rapidly go down on it. She let the towel fall free as she grabbed the base, just lightly twisting the shaft as she swirled her tongue over the tip. Completely sober it was amazing and I reached down and gently grabbed her hair. She paused only long enough to tell me to grab harder. I took a handful of her hair and began to thrust into her mouth. It felt amazing and I soon felt my balls tensing. That's when she stopped.

Quick as a lightning bolt my cock left the wet warm embrace of her mouth, and I groaned as she leaned back. She looked up at me and said smirking. “Whoa there cowboy! Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves.” She leaned back down, and ran her tongue lightly up my shaft stopping at the tip to slowly take the head of my cock and suck on it for a second.

She repeated this several times, and it drove me insane with need. I longed to grab her face and thrust my cock down her throat, but ever so slowly she drew it out. She began to suck my cock in earnest only to suddenly stop and smile coyly at me before again resuming her slow ministrations. After what felt like an eternity I couldn’t stand it any more. I stood up, and while she stared at me in surprise I grabbed a fistful of her hair and rammed my cock back into her mouth. She began to gag almost immediately, but I ignored her as I thrust my cock as far as I could down her throat. I began to rapidly face fuck her, and I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming. My balls began tensing up, and I spent half a second debating where to cum. I pulled my cock out to the tip and let loose, shooting hot sticky gobs of cum into her mouth as she began to swallow. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. I relaxed my grip when she started coughing and let the last bit of cum dribble out unto her tits.

She looked up at me with my cum trailing out of the corner of her mouth and falling next to the gobs on her breast. “Well.” She said after a moment. “I think you got the message.” She fell on her back on the floor in front of me with a sigh.

“I’m so sorry.” I said. I realized I could have fucked this up, and I really was sorry.

She looked at me with surprise. “I thought you understood.”She said. “I wanted you to fuck my face. That’s why I was teasing you.”

“You wanted that?” I asked. “Why didn’t you just say so?”

She shrugged. “It would have ruined the mood. I wanted you to abuse me” I shook my head. Abuse her? I figured I would never understand.

Sarah opened her legs showing me her pussy. It glistened with her juices, which had been dripping down her thighs while I abused her face. With a wink she reached down and began to rub her slit, and she gave a soft moan and arched her back as she hit her clit. She continued rubbing tight circles on her nub as she used her other hand to grab her tit, pinching her nipple. Even though I was drained, such a show didn’t fail to make my cock rock hard again. I knelt between her legs, and she used her hand to open her labia exposing her hole. I rubbed the tip of my cock around the hole and she arched her back raising her hips. It lined up perfectly with my cock and I pushed in fast sinking in to the base with one thrust. She moaned loudly and rubbed her clit vigorously as I rapidly thrust into her. Her tits bobbed up and down and I reached down and grabbed one. It was firm but gave way as I squeezed. I used my index finger to push in her nipple as I continued fucking her. Her breathing became heavy and her moans louder. Somehow I was already close again, and with a sudden burst of inspiration I stopped thrusting into her and pulled my cock out.

“What the fuck mark.” She moaned. She shook her hips waving her pussy. “Fuck me!” She demanded. All I did was return a coy smile of my own, and I quickly leaned down and started sucking on her tit. While I did this I put my fingers on her clit and began rubbing furiously in tight circles. She started bucking her hips and scooting lower moving her pussy closer to my cock. Her slit brushed my cock and I rewarded her with a few quick thrust. She moaned louder, and I felt her tensing. I once again pulled out. “Fuck!” She screamed. “Please Mark.” she moaned. “Ple-” As she started begging more I rammed my dick back in. I thrust hard, and fast, and she quickly tensed up again. Her hips started bucking wildly and her pussy started pulsating around my dick. She went completely still as she moaned loudly. As she relaxed I continued thrusting into her, quickly finishing I pulled out and shot a couple of ropes of cum unto her stomach.

I collapsed next to her panting. “That.” I said. “Was amazing.”

“Yeah.” She said out of breath. “I’m gonna have to take another shower.” She looked at my rapidly deflating cock still oozing cum. “You’re gonna need one too.”

“Definitely.” I said. “Do you think you’d want some company?”

“God I hope not!” David yelled from the kitchen. “Are you two not done yet?”

Sarah sat up already crimson. “David!” She yelled. “What are you doing?”

“I came to get Mark for work!” He yelled back. “He seems to be out of his funk and the boss is getting impatient!”

“Duty calls.” I said to her. She ran to her room and I put on my pants. I went in to the kitchen, and fund David sitting at the table munching on a piece of bacon. “Sorry about that.” I said.

David shrugged, and threw a clean shirt at me. “You can keep that one.” He said pointing at the shirt I was wearing. “But go shower we are gonna be late as it is.”I took a quick shower and got dressed. As I left the bathroom I passed Sarah who gave me a quick peck as she hopped in. Me and David hopped into his car and made our way to work.

“Your parents seem nice.” I said.

“Yeah.” David said. “Dad has a bark worse than his bite it’s my mom you should watch out for.”

I Laughed, and checked my phone. Strangely my wife hadn’t texted me, but I put it out of my mind as we pulled into work. Nothing much had cropped up while I was gone, and work passed slowly. I sent a text to Sarah asking how long it would take for the paperwork to go through, and I buried myself in upgrading our company website. The occasional passerby stopped to ask about my situation, but other than that I was left to my own devices. I scrolled through the messages my wife had sent me. She alternated between insulting me, and leading me to come home. It was easy to see that she was panicked, and I was happy to see so. Let her wonder what I was up to, her worst nightmares couldn’t even compare to the last couple of days that I had had.

“At about lunch time Sarah got back to me asking if I wanted to hang out at the library with her after work. I eagerly sent back a confirmation, and let her know that I would be there as quickly as possible. Work dragged by, and I took an early out telling my boss that I had to meet with my lawyer. He let me out with minimal fuss just saying that he had been there himself. David still had stuff to do, but he gave me a spare key for his place. I took an Uber, and I stopped by long enough to grab a spare change of clothes. I drove to the library and quickly found Sarah working at a desk set against the wall.

“Hey.” She said as I sat down next to her. “Took you long enough.”

“I could leave.” I retorted.

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? But you wouldn’t figure out what I had planned for today.”

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Well.” She said. “There are a few rooms in the library for studying, and they lock for some reason. I figured you could help me study for our arguments during our first preliminary hearing.”

I was immediately intrigued, and I asked. “What help could I be?”

“Oh I'm sure we could think of something.” She said as a small smile grew on her face. “Especially with that nimble tongue of yours.”

She led the way to the back of the library. There were four small rooms with a desk and a couple of chairs. There was a window to the outside, but the blinds were easy to work, and as I lowered them Sarah locked the door. She came up to me and pulled my head down to give me a passionate kiss. I reached down and hiked up her skirt rubbing her pussy through her panties. She leaned into my chest as I continued my ministrations, but after a few seconds she pulled back. “Allright.” She said pulling her skirt down. “Here’s how this is gonna work. I made flash cards, and you’re gonna quiz me. If I get more right then I get to make you my slave for the night. If I get more wrong then you get me as a slave for a night.”

“Define slave.” I said. “Like how far can we push this.”

“We will have a safe word obviously, but as long as you don’t use it then anything is on the table.” Thoughts rapidly ran through my head of the things I wanted to do to her, and I quickly agreed to her proposal. It was a pretty stupid decision on my part as I didn’t realize how smart Sarah was. She blew through the flash cards she had made, and by the time we were finished she had a sizable lead. She was smirking at the end, and with only a handful of cards left I gave up tossing the rest unto the pile of used ones.

“I guess that’s game over.” I sighed.

She smirked at me and asked. “What’s your safe word?”

I thought a moment and said. “Bacon.” It was the word me and my wife used, but it seemed appropriate.

“Bacon?” She asked with a giggle. I frowned, but she quickly moved on.

“All right my first order is for you to take a new name for tonight.” She pondered for a second. “For tonight your name will be Bitch.”

I leaned into my new role hoping to please. “Yes mistress.” I intoned.

“Ooh I like that.” She said. “For the rest of the night you shall address me similarly.” She sat down on the desk, and pulled up her skirt. Her green panties had already become dark around her slit. “Your first order Bitch is to fuck me, but you’re not allowed to cum, and you cannot stop till I say.” She instructed. She moved her panties to the side exposing her pussy, and it glistened with her cum. I eagerly positioned myself between her legs, and unzipped my pants pulling my cock out through the zipper. I rubbed it along her slit slowly, and finding her hole I pushed in. Slowly bit by bit my cock eased its way into her, and she let out a slight sigh. I fucked her slowly at first, pulling out to the tip of my cock, and slowly pushing back in till I hit the base of my shaft. She bucked her hips, and with a curt command told me to go faster. I picked up the pace, and soon she began to breath heavily. Her hips thrust against me with every thrust, and she pulled her shirt down letting her tits out through the top. “Suck.” She commanded, and I obliged by taking one of her nipples into my mouth. Meanwhile I subtly increased the speed of my thrust into her, and was rewarded with a soft moan. I quickly found myself wanting to finish, and I had to think of something else. Her pussy pulsated around my cock, and I nearly came. I barely managed to hold myself back, and she grabbed my ass pulling me into her as she began to cum.

I pulled out quickly to prevent myself from cumming. My cock stood fully erect in front of her, and I wanted to cry. I longed to thrust back into her and fill her with cum, but I obeyed and waited for further instructions. Sarah took a moment to recover, and then she stood up. Her juices had mixed with my pre cum and had left a small pool on the desk. She pointed at it and said. “Hey Bitch lick up that mess before someone sees.” I knelt down and stuck my tounge into the pool on the table. It had a sweet musky taste like Sarah but a hint of salt reminded me that my pre was mixed heavily into the pool. I quickly swallowed what was on the table, and still on my knees I turned to Sarah. “Such a good boy.” She crooned. “How should I reward you?” She pointedly looked down at my raging erection, but looked me in the eyes and said. “I know. Lets go get something to drink.” I moaned, but I obediently followed her as she left the library. We got into her car, and she drove to the bar from the night before. On our way there she had me rub her pussy through her panties. We soon arrived and she looked for a seat.

We sat in a booth at the back corner of the bar. Sarah had me sit next to her, and when the waitress asked what we wanted she ordered me an apple martini. Our drinks were delivered to the table, and as the waitress left Sarah asked. “Do you like your drink bitch?” I nodded my affirmation. It was actually pretty good, and I quickly downed the rest of it. My erection had subsided upon walking in, but she seemed disappointed as she grabbed at my crotch. “Are you bored Bitch?” She asked sharply.

“No Ma’am.” I replied, and sure enough my cock roared back to life after a few seconds of her ministrations. A quite noticeable spot of pre had formed on the front of my pants, and she smiled as she rubbed it.

“Now Bitch.” She said. “You’re gonna have to be quiet, but I want you to hide under the booth, and eat my pussy.” She hiked up her skirt, and after quickly looking around I ducked below the table. Sarah had opened her legs wide below the table and her panties were soaked. I pulled on them and she raised her hips to let them slide down. As a bit of revenge I put them on the seat opposite of us for some fortunate soul to find after we left. I turned to her pussy which flowed freely with her cum. I heard the table vibrate as she pulled it closer to her, and I stuck my face into her crotch. I began by licking her thighs clean of her cum, and worked my way closer to her pussy. I licked her clit, and was rewarded with her hips bucking. I slowly licked her clit with long strokes, and she soon became impatient. “Bitch.” She furiously whispered leaning down. “You have two minutes to make me cum, or I’m gonna punish you.”

I ignored her continuing my ministrations. She bucked her hips, and I knew I was getting to her, torturing her as I slowly kept her turned on, but denying her a quick release. I stuck my mouth on her hole and shoved my tongue in deep rolling it around. I barely heard her let out a moan above me, and I knew I was doing something right which made me stop. I wanted to tease her where she couldn’t complain, and I knew I was in the right spot when the waitress from earlier chimed in. “Are you okay ma’am?” She asked.

Sarah paused for a moment, and I took the opportunity to vigorously suck on her clit. She bucked her hips violently shaking the table. “You know what?” She asked the waitress with a fed up tone. “I won a bet today, and my friend is below the table licking my pussy. He’s my slave for the night. What do you think of that?” I was in shock wit h how open Sarah was, but it was nothing compared to what I heard next.

The waitress had went silent above me and I turned my head straining to listen. Several seconds seemed to pass before I heard the waitress respond. “Well that seems fun.” She said, and then she giggled. “I can’t say I have heard this one.” I was floored by her response surely she was going to kick us out?

“Well I was hoping you could help me.” Sarah told her. “He’s being a dick right now because he thinks that I can’t punish him because we’re in public.”

“What can I do to help?” Asked the waitress eagerly.

“When’s your next break?”

“I go to lunch in ten minutes.”

“Perfect.” Sarah responded. “How would you like to have him be your slave during your lunch?” There was a lull above me, and Sarah said. “I know its weird, but you can do whatever you want to to him during it.”

“I don’t know.” She said. “Like I just met you guys, and it sounds like fun, but I don’t want to get fired.”

“Would it help if I showed you a picture of him?” Sarah asked her. “I took this one when he was sleeping at my place.”

“Alright.” The waitress responded after a few seconds. “I’ll be over during my lunch break.” I watched her legs walk away, and I began to wonder what kind of person just agrees to this. I began to push myself out from underneath the table, but Sarah pushed me back down and told me to wait. I didn’t have to wait long before the waitress came back. She sat opposite of Sarah, and said. “I just clocked out.”

“Good.” Sarah responded. “He’s yours till you have to go back.” Sarah closed her legs, and said. “He goes by Bitch right now just tell him what to do.” The waitress wasted little time, and she pushed her pants down eagerly.

“I want him to eat my ass.” She said. “If that’s all right.”

“Of course.” Sarah said. She leaned down her face peeking below the table. “Bitch I want you to eat this woman’s ass.” I winked at her earning a slight frown, and I turned around to the waitress. Her pussy was clean shaven, and she had scooted lower in the seat arching her hips up. Her asshole was parallel to my face. I had never licked a girl in her ass before so I tentatively ran my tongue over it. It had a weird taste, but I ignored the reflex to gag, and I licked it again. I heard the waitress give a small sigh above me, and I rubbed her clit as I began to lick her asshole. It had an indescribable taste. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I kept my mind focused on her pussy. I rubbed her slit and mashed her clit while my tongue probed further into her tight ass. She reached down and shoved my face further into her ass. The taste grew stronger, but I ignored it, and I pushed my tongue in even further as I began to rub her clit.

The waitress gave a slight moan, and I increased my efforts. I Pushed two of my fingers into her as I thrust my tongue in and out of her ass. She moaned louder her thighs clamping around my head, and I fucked her pussy with my fingers while I fucked her ass with my tongue. She began thrusting against my face. I moved my fingers so I could lean further in between her thighs. My tongue became a drill going further and further. Her thrust became erratic, and after a bit I heard her ask. “Can we go somewhere for a second? I really need him to fuck me”

“Yeah.” Sarah responded. “But he’s not allowed to cum.”

“Deal.” The waitress responded. She waited just a second as I continued my efforts, but she reluctantly pushed my head away and pulled up her pants. I snaked my way up next to Sarah, and looked across from us at the waitress. She was a cute brunette, and her face was flushed. She gave me a small smile, and then winked. “I'm Rebbecca.” She said. She quickly stood up, and we followed her outside. Sarah took the lead, and led us to her car. It was parked at the far end of the parking lot, and this far away the parking lot was dimly lit. Rebbecca bent over the hood of Sarah’s car. Wasting no time she pulled her pants down. Her pussy was sopping wet, and I stared at her glistening slit admiring the view. Rebecca’s gave her hips a little shake.

“What are you wasting time for?” Sarah said. “Fuck her, but you better not cum.” I pulled out my cock, and by now it was aching. I needed to cum, and I slid my throbbing member along the waitress’s slit. I felt my cock leaking pre as I moved it along her slit. It throbbed in agony and I put the tip at her entrance. She moaned, and I quickly pushed into her. I began thrusting hard and fast. Her pussy was just as tight as Sarah’s and I could barely hold back. My needs had slowly been building and with my cock buried in a woman I wasn’t going to stop. I wouldn’t prevent myself from finishing, but I wanted to give her a good time so I eased up my movements. The waitress moaned below me, and I grabbed her hair pulling her head back. Sarah leaned over and kissed Rebbecca passionately. I noticed Sarah had her hand down the front of her skirt. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I pushed rapidly in and out of Rebbecca. She began to moan louder breaking Sarah’s kiss. Rebecca's hips thrust violently into mine. Sarah stood next to us with her hand under her skirt rubbing furiously. She pulled out one of her tits and stuck it into my mouth. I sucked furiously as I thrust into Rebecca, and found myself super close to cumming. I held back only long enough to feel the waitress’s pussy begin to clench around my cock, and I let myself lose.

I moaned loudly as I finished in the waitress, letting hot thick gobs flow into her eager pussy which began to milk my dick. Sarah knelt down licking at the waitress’s cunt wrapped around my cock. She licked up all the cum flowing out of her pussy, and I found myself unable to move as I came. Rebbecca moaned as she had her own orgasm. Her pussy pulsating, and pulling the last of my cum out into her. We stood there a moment cumming together, and even Sarah gave a soft moan as she finished herself off. Rebbecca pulled away letting my rapidly deflating cock fall out of her. She pulled up her pants, and fished out a pack of smokes. Sarah stood up, and shifted next to me. The waitress lit a smoke and asked if we wanted one. I declined, but Sarah took one also accepting a light.

“Well.” Rebbecca said. “That was fun.”

“Oh yeah.” Sarah replied. “But Bitch here fucked up. I’m going to have to punish him later.”

“Oh?” Rebbecca replied. “I thought he did alright.”

“Yeah, but I wanted him to let that out on me later.” Sarah responded with a pout.

“I’m glad you let him cum. It’s been awhile since I had a man fill me up.” She paused a moment. “I know he’s in trouble, but can I give him a reward?”

“Sure.” Sarah said. The Burnett knelt down below me, and unzipped my pants. My deflated dick fell out, and she stuck it in her mouth. She vigorously sucked on it from the base to the tip licking the cum off of it. I moaned and grew stiff again. Seeing me mostly hard again the waitress stopped.

“There you go.” She said standing up leaving my dick out. “That should put him on the edge again.” I nearly groaned, and I knew I was in for a long night.

Sarah ordered me to wait with the car as she paid our tab. She returned quickly, and took off down the highway. I began to wonder where she was heading when she skipped past her exit. Seeing my confusion she asked. “Can you afford a hotel room?”

“Yes mistress.” I responded. She pulled into a decent hotel and ran inside. I let her take my card with her as I found a place to park, and she soon came out.

“Are you ready for your punishment?” She asked. I smiled in response, and we quickly headed up to the room.


2020-02-23 18:29:59
Another well done chapter. My only critique would be your use of ministrations. It is a very good term to use, but be careful to not use it repeatedly. Change it up a few times top make the story flow better. Otherwise, keep up the good work. Looking forward to future chapters.

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