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Nicole signs up for an experimental research study, in which the doctor tries to ignite some spiritual and religious experience in her.
Worshipping the Doctor

‘So glad you could come by today.’ The doctor said while shaking her hand.

Nicole gave him a friendly nod. ‘Thanks for having me I guess.’ She was a bit nervous and overly self-conscious about her sweaty palms. The moment the doctor let go of her hand she wiped her palms on her jeans. This didn’t quite look like a doctors office. It looked like the hallway of a big cluttered townhouse, with piles of magazines and some medical canisters. The white coat he wore was stained and resembled the lab coat of a nutty professor more than the coat of a nice respectable doctor.

That’s what you get from responding to a Craig list ad, she thought. Although she wasn’t the one responding to the ad. Her friend Mandy did, and she had been gushing over this experiment ever since. Musing how easy it was to make a few bucks and how fun it was to be part of scientific research. If it wasn’t for Mandy, Nicole would’ve probably made up an excuse to turn around and call it quits.

She needed the money though, she was behind on rent and her car needed repairing.

‘Okay,’ she said. ‘So what happens now?’

‘Follow me.’ The doctor guided her towards a small home office. The walls were covered in bookcases and in the corner stood an antique dusty globe. ‘Sit down.’ He gestured towards a chair and after Nicole brushed some crumbs on the seat she did as she was told.

‘You said on the phone that you’re a friend of Mandy’s.’ He said. ‘What has Mandy told you so far?’

‘You do scientific research and you pay people to partake in this experiment. During the experiment you just sleep, so it’s an easy way to make money.’

The doctor started laughing. With a smile on his face he looked a whole lot more friendly already. If he got rid of the three day stubble, styled his hair and wore clothes that weren’t stained with chemicals he’d probably be attractive, but right now he was somewhat repulsive.

‘It’s not that easy.’ He said. ‘Although I can imagine that Mandy felt like she was sleeping. Let me tell you a bit about my research. I’ve discovered a gland in the brain that I call the Threadway cortex for now, since I’m doctor Threadway, get it? I believe – and so far my research is proving me right – that this cortex plays an important role in religious and spiritual experiences. So what I’m going to do, if you sign and agree to partake in this study of course is; I’m going to stimulate that cortex to see if I can trigger a spiritual experience with you, to do so I have to stimulate that cortex in three ways.’ He put three fingers up in the air. ‘There’s a chemical component, there’s an audio-visual component and there’s a neuro-electric component.’

Nicole stared at the three fingers he was wriggling around and nodded. It sounded valid. Although, did it really sound valid or did it just sound difficult and complex and was she easily intimidated by fancy words?

‘Are there any risks involved?’ She asked.

‘Definitely.’ He said. ‘That’s why you’re being paid that much, because of the risks. Since this is a new study we don’t know much about the long term effects. I mean theoretically we do, but legally our response group isn’t big enough to make any claims. But don’t worry. Mandy didn’t grow a third leg either, did she? So far there haven’t been any reports of negative side effects.’

‘Have there been reports on positive side effects?’ Mandy asked, wondering why he phrased it so particular.

The doctor smiled. ‘Some.’ He said evasive. ‘Nothing to worry about. Some say their ability to concentrate increased leading to higher productivity, some reported they’d found the meaning of life and their general happiness and satisfaction in life elevated. I’ll keep you under observation for quite some time, and we do check-ups regularly to track those developments.’

‘I wouldn’t mind finding the meaning of life.’ Nicole said. She fidgeted with the seem of her sleeve and looked at her own fingers. Since Ralph had left her life seemed pretty pointless, even when she was still with Ralph she had those moments in which it all felt so random. She let out a sigh and looked up at the doctor. ‘Sorry.’ She mumbled.

‘Don’t apologize.’ He said. ‘Life just...’ He didn’t finish his sentence, instead he made some sort of gesture with his hands. She wasn’t sure what it meant, maybe he was portraying the ever expanding universe, or maybe those flapping wrist were meant to symbolize the randomness of people being people.

Nicole chuckled. ‘Yeah.’ She said.

‘Now before we start I need to ask you a few questions. Are you religious?’ He grabbed a clipboard and wrote down that Nicole was an atheist, that she hadn’t eaten anything today,as per his request, that she had no history of psychosis, that she wasn’t allergic to anything. There were a lot of questions to go through and after that he gave her a stack of pictures of men.

‘Rate them.’ He said.

‘Rate them?’ Nicole asked confused.

‘Give them a mark between 1 and 10 based on their appearance.’

Nicole frowned. ‘I don’t...’

‘It’s necessary for the experiment.’ The doctor said.

So Nicole started to flip through the pictures assigning them numbers, she felt a bit bad for the people she didn’t find attractive, the ones she rated a two or a three. She hoped her picture would never end up in a stack like this. ‘Wait, is this you?’ She said. Holding up a portrait of the doctor.

‘Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, just be honest, it’s really important that you rate those as honestly as possible.’

Nicole hesitated for a while. Frankly she would probably assign him a four, at least the way he looked today she would give him a four, in the picture he looked better, since he had groomed himself there. ‘Five.’ She mumbled hesitantly. ‘Five, point five.’ She added.

‘Perfect.’ The doctor said. He seemed quite pleased with that, maybe he usually got even lower ratings. Nicole flicked through the rest of the pictures and was relieved when she didn’t come across any other familiar faces.

‘The last few questions.’ The doctor said. ‘Any chance you may have an STI?’

‘An STI?’ Nicole asked.

‘A sexual transmitted infection.’ The doctor said.

‘I know what an STI is, but why... how... is that relevant.’

‘I need to make sure you’re completely healthy, are you sexually active?’

‘Yes. Well, not at the moment, but yes.’

‘Not at the moment?’ The doctor asked.

‘I’m in between boyfriends right now.’

‘And you only have sex with boyfriends, no one night stands?’

‘One night stands aren’t really my thing.’

‘When you have sex do you use protection?’

‘Yeah,’ Nicole said somewhat uneasy.

‘And birth control?’

She nodded.

‘Have you ever done anal?’

‘How is that relevant?’ Nicole asked.

‘There’s a higher risk of STI’s when you do anal.’ The doctor said.

‘Well. No.’ Nicole said. ‘I don’t do anal.’

‘I see this is making you uncomfortable, but don’t worry, these are just a few questions I have to ask everybody. I’m only doing my job. Have you ever participated in BDSM?’

Nicole felt her cheeks blushing. ‘No.’ She mumbled.

‘Not even a little bondage? A little spanking? You’re completely vanilla?’

She nodded, and the doctor said that in that case it would be useless to continue with the other questions and that he would just fill out no everywhere. A sigh of relief as he put the clipboard down and told her to follow him into the other room.

She entered a chamber that looked as if it didn’t belong in this townhouse but in a hospital. There was white tiling, bright lights hovering over a big leather chair, that resembled a dentist chair. The doctor opened a cabinet. ‘You want small or medium?’ He asked. ‘I’ll think you fit in a small. Here.’

He handed her a plastic package with some white fabric inside. ‘You can get changed behind that screen.’ He said. ‘Now some people feel a bit uncomfortable with these clothes. Unfortunately they’re a bit more sheer than I intended them to be. It would be advisable to remove all your clothes, but some people choose to keep their underwear on, it’s up to you.’

Nicole walked behind the screen and got the fabric out of the plastic, as she held it out in front of her she saw a see-through robe, made out of white lace with a shiny silky waistband. She would definitely keep her underwear on.

A moment later she had undressed herself, she looked down and saw her polka dot bra and her cotton panties clearly shining through the lace. She sighed, there was no need to be a prude, her own doctor had seen her in her underwear too. She came from behind the screen and showed herself, but the doctor didn’t even look up, he was bent over a keyboard, programming one of the monitors.

‘I’m ready.’ She said.

‘Good. Come sit down.’ The doctor gestured towards the big leather chair. It was a bit higher than anticipated and Nicole had to climb in. She leaned her head back against the leather, her arms on the arm rests, she looked as the doctor was scurrying around.

‘Okay.’ He said. ‘Let’s start. Are you nervous?’

‘A little bit.’ Nicole said in all honesty.

‘Are you scared of needles?’

‘I’m not particularly fond of them.’ She said.

The doctor nodded and pulled a transparent anesthesia mask out, he attached it to a hose and then placed it over her nose and mouth. She felt the cool silicon pressing into the bridge of her nose.

‘This is not the chemical stimulant yet, this is just a bit of laughing gas to calm your nerves.’ He said. He opened a valve and a soft hissing sounded, the mask filled up with a sweet scent.

‘Take a deep breath.’ He said. ‘Take five deep breaths.’

Nicole focused on breathing into the mask calmly and regularly. She didn’t notice she was feeling any differently until the doctor asked her how she felt, his voice came from far away, and only now she registered being light headed and dizzy.

‘Good.’ She said.

‘Perfect, let’s strap you in.’

Her mind was a bit slow and although she vaguely registered the doctor was tying her down and securing her to the chair with big leather straps she didn’t really understand how or why. Her hands were tied down too. Wait who was holding the mask on her face if he was tying her down. She moved her head from side to side but the mask kept on following her, as if it was strapped too her face.

The gas kept on hissing and hissing, her her head started to feel heavier and heavier. She noticed she was nidnodding, her eyes rolling up and away.

‘That’s enough.’ The doctor said, while removing the mask. ‘We don’t want you to drift off completely.’ Her face was tingling where a moment ago the silicon had pressed into her skin, and while the gas wasn’t hissing into her face anymore, she was still incredibly groggy.

Quick and skillful the doctor put an IV in her arm, she looked down at the plastic tube that was now sticking out of her arm, her arm was tied down, everything was tied down. She was getting a bit more lucid and realized she was part of an experiment, yet being tied down in a strangers house was kind of scary. She pulled on her arm and the strap pressed into her wrist.

‘Is this necessary?’ She asked.

The doctor briefly cupped her face and rubbed his thumb over her cheek. ‘It is.’ He said. ‘It’s for your own safety as well as mine.’ He gave her a brief smile and filled a syringe with a clear liquid, ‘now we’ll start with the chemical stimulation,’ he said, ‘it shuts off some parts of your brain while it excites the Threadway Cortex. As a side effect it may cause some amnesia, I guess that’s why Mandy said she just slept through everything, are you ready?’

‘Yeah.’ Nicole said. ‘I guess so.’ She looked at her own arm as the doctor attached the syringe to her IV. She saw him press the drug into the tube and it disappeared into her arm.

‘I don’t feel anything y... ow wow.’ She mumbled she couldn’t even finished her sentence because all of a sudden she was feeling incredibly high and euphoric. There was a warmth spreading across her skin, filling up her tummy, filling up her mind. Everything made sense. She felt so smart, like she understood everything, from the big bang till the inevitable end of the universe, all just felt as logical and simple as one plus one equals two.

‘I get it.’ She said. ‘I understand now. It makes so much sense.’ It was as if she could see every single molecule and the path it took to be were it was today, there was just this haze, this very euphoric haze that made her feel incredible. ‘Wow.’ She said.

‘Nicole?’ A voice sounded from far away. ‘Nicole, can you open your eyes for me?’ When she opened her eyes she was suddenly back in the dentist chair, she blinked her eyes a few times. ‘I was outside.’ She said. ‘I was outside of space and time.’

‘I know feels good, doesn’t it?’ The doctor said. ‘I gave you that medicine, I granted you that experience.’

‘Thank you.’ Nicole said, she felt a gratitude that was bigger than herself, that was bigger than the universe. Her gratitude seemed to be of immense unending dept. ‘Thank you.’ She said, and the more she said thank you the more she placed the doctor on a pedestal in her mind.

‘Now it’s time for the audio-visual stimulant to be added into the mix.’ He said. ‘Look over here.’ He pulled one of the operation lights closer, so it would be directly in front of her face. It wasn’t one of those bright blinding lights though, it was a screen with a tiny dot bouncing from left to right, leaving a colorful trail of fading lights as it moved back and forth. It was quite pretty actually. No, it wasn’t just pretty it was beautiful. It was art. This belonged in a museum, there was such a poetic dept to it, it was a symbol of life, an allegory of existence.

‘Follow the light.’ A voice said. The doctors voice said. ‘You want to keep looking at the light.’

He was right. It was the most beautiful thing she’d seen in her entire life, off course she wanted to keep looking at it. The rhythm was mesmerizing. It took over her thinking. It was everything. Just that movement, the repetition of that movement.

‘Focus on your breathing, take a deep breath in and slowly breath out, and it’ll be even easier to follow the light, to surrender to the light.’

Nicole focused on her breathing and the more calmly she inhaled and exhaled the more she was able to concentrate on the light, to follow it with her eyes.

‘If feels so good to surrender to the light, and as you surrender to the light you surrender to my voice too. It’s a cycle, a never ending cycle, my voice helps you surrender to the light and the light helps you to surrender to my voice.’

Nicole noticed a trance-like tingling in the back of her head, it was as if she was descending down a curly slide, circling down and down and down. The voice, the light, the voice, the light. The light had changed, it wasn’t just just moving back and forth it was flickering now and again, bright flashes in rapid succession that entered her brain, that she welcomed into her brain and that made her tingling trance even more intense.

‘My voice controls you and you cannot help but obey, you surrender, you are completely submissive to my voice, to me. I control you. Feel the power I have over you, let that feeling of submission and obedience completely fill up your mind.’

Nicole was overwhelmed by sensations, her brain seemed to be turned off, the lights kept moving and flickering. It’s existence alone was holding her brain captive. His words floating into her brain, altering her brain, etching themselves into her unconscious.

‘Admire me. Worship me. I am your God, Nicole. I created you. I control you. You are my disciple. You are mine. I own you.’

There was some fidgeting around her hair, some stickers of electrodes were attached to her forehead. She was mainly focused on his fingers, so close to her skin, grazing her skin once in a while. A magical feeling, being touched by the divine. When the electrodes turned on there went a shockwave through her brain, it was confusing, but before she had a chance to tune in with the world around her, with the voice, with the lights, with her body, there was another shock and another. Until eventually she just stopped every attempt to register what was going on, she just surrendered, her mind being a tossed and turned like a ping pong ball on the ocean, it was better to just go with the flow, to just look at the lights, to just listen to his voice.

She didn’t know how much time had passed when he pulled the electrodes of her brain, when he pushed the screen with the moving lights up and away and when he hooked up another syringe to the IV and gave her another dose of the colorless liquid. It was so addictive. She felt so immensely overwhelmingly overjoyed. Her body started to move all on its own, there was this primal urge to move, to touch herself, to touch him. She growled and pulled on her bounds.

‘I know.’ A voice said. ‘That’s an intense experience, isn’t it?’

Just hearing his voice released another wave of euphoria and again she was growling and writhing around in the chair, with no lights to watch she wanted to watch him. He was so sexy, so gorgeous and hot, so impressive. She wanted to be with him, she pulled on her bounds trying to get out, she needed to get out of this chair, she needed to touch him, hold him, kiss him, lick him, bite him, fuck him, devour him. She was on the edge of insanity, she had no control over her own thoughts, no control over her body. There was just this simple one objective, to be with him. He was... he was... he was a God. It all made sense, everything made sense now. God was real and this was him.

There he stood, his arms crossed in front of his body, the empty syringe still dangling between his thumb and index finger, looking down on her with a demure smile on his face. It was a good thing she was tied down on this chair or else she would’ve ravished him and ripped him apart. She took a deep breath and tried to get a hold of herself.

‘So.’ He said. ‘Are you settling a bit?’

‘Yes sir.’ She said. Maybe it was disrespectful to call him sir. ‘Yes, your highness, I mean: Yes your holiness.’

He smiled. It was a sincere smile, a pretty smile, an endeared smile. God himself was endeared by her. It filled her up with an euphoric satisfaction.

‘Sir will do.’ He said. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Great!’ Nicole yelled out. ‘I feel amazing. I feel wonderful, Sir.’

‘Good very good, that’s good to hear. Do you remember why you are here?’

Nicole laid her head back into the leather chair, she kind of liked the straps keeping her in place, keeping her into the chair, she wouldn’t have known what to do otherwise. Kneel maybe. Pray. Kiss his feet. How did you treat a God when he presented himself to you in the flesh, she doubted she could contain herself for long. Somehow being in his presence made her aware that she was just a human, a mammal. She was driven by nature and instinct, while he was this all powerful spiritual mind driven by wisdom and control. He was way superior. Yeah, she was in luck those straps were there to keep her safe.

‘You are part of a scientific research.’ He said. ‘So I would like to ask you a few questions, are you okay with that?’

‘Yes, Sir. Everything you want.’ Nicole said enthused.

‘Are you religious?’ He asked.

Nicole scrunched her nose and thought about that question for a few moments. ‘Yes.’ She said. ‘Yes, I think so.’

‘What religion do you believe in?’

‘I don’t know.’ She said. ‘I don’t know what it’s called.’

‘Can you describe your believes for me? Do you believe in a God for example.’

‘Yes. Off course I do.’ Nicole said. ‘It’s... it’s...’ Euphoria was spinning through her mind and it was hard to organize her thoughts. God was here, asking her if she believed in God. She started laughing.

‘I see.’ He said. ‘It’s okay Nicole. I see that question is a bit too complex for you at the moment. Let’s move onto the next step. I have some pictures for you here and I want you to rate these people on their appearance, okay?’

‘Okay.’ Nicole said.

‘Now in order for you to flip through the photo’s I’m going to untie your hands, but you will not open any of the other straps, understood?’

‘Yes Sir.’

He approached her and the closer he came the more her tummy started to flutter, her more her mind went blank, completely enthralled by his presence. His fingers fidgeting with her strap was already enough to put her over the edge, and the moment his finger grazed her skin, she completely lost it. There was so much euphoria and arousal building up in her body, that her thoughts became a mindless puddle of obedience. It was like fainting and waking up at the same time. She was growling and screaming and going completely crazy, while at the same time her mind was slipping away in this drugged haze.

‘It’s okay. Calm down.’ He said.

He must have used his divine powers to get her to calm down, because there was no way she could have controlled herself, yet she noticed her body was obeying him, the wild convulsions and the screaming stopped and she just laid there as he untied her arms, then he handed her the pictures.

She didn’t even want to look at the faces on the pictures, she just wanted to look at him, at her God. ‘One, one, one.’ She said as she hurried to flick herself to the pile of photo’s, the men no matter how ugly or beautiful they were just weren’t interesting to her. ‘One. One.’ She said.

Then she stumbled upon his picture. Her heart beating fast, her fingers trembling. It was hard to believe she was holding an actual picture of him, it was as if his divinity spread through her hand touching that picture. ‘Ten.’ She said in awe. ‘No, ten thousand. Ten million. Ten billion thousand million infinities.’ She yelled out. She pressed the photo to her face and kissed it time and time again, she rubbed it all over her cheeks and then intuitively she brought the picture to her boobs. She tried to rub the picture over the nipple but her bra was in the way.

‘I don’t want to wear my bra anymore.’ She said.

‘I know.’ He said. ‘I told you it was better to wear the robe without underwear, but you wouldn’t listen. You were too much of a prude, I guess.’

Tears propped up in her eyes. God was disappointed in her, she’d disobeyed God himself. She wanted to take of her bra and panties anyway. But the straps were holding her in place and made it impossible to remove her panties an bra. She couldn’t control her emotions anymore and sobbed. ‘I’m sorry.’ She said. ‘I’m so so sorry. I want to take it off. I want to take everything off, please. Can I undo those straps so I can pull of my bra.’

‘That’s not possible right now, you’re not ready to be untied’ He said. ‘Let’s focus on the picture again.’

‘Yeah.’ She said, suddenly remembering his picture. She rubbed it over her boobs and in between her legs, she rubbed the picture up and down her pussy, and wave after wave of the most intense horniness spread through her body.

‘Okay. So tell me Nicole. ‘Have you ever done anal?’

‘Not yet.’ She said.

‘Not yet.’ He repeated, ‘What do you mean by that? Are you planning on doing anal sometime soon?’

‘I wouldn’t normally, no. But with you, for you I would... I would do anything.’

‘That is good to hear.’ He said. ‘And how about BDSM.’

‘Yes!’ She said.

‘Yes you have done that?’ He said with a surprised look on his face.

‘No.’ Nicole said. ‘But with you I would. I would do everything you wanted. I would do anything to please you.’

‘Well you’re quite pleasing to me like this.’ He said.

‘I’m serious.’ Nicole said. ‘I would literally do anything to be able to touch you, to be able to please you, just I would kill for the tip of your finger to graze my skin again, I would die for anything more, a kiss. You could fuck me if you liked, you could fuck me in anyway possible. You can just own me. I’m yours. I’m a slave for you and your my God.’

‘Interesting.’ He said.

‘I mean it though. I’m serious.’

‘I know. Stop talking now and listen Nicole. It wouldn’t be ethical to sleep with you right now, since you’re under the influence of drugs and I’m your doctor.’

‘You’re my God!’ Nicole said. ‘You can do anything you want. Besides isn’t it not more unethical to get me all horny and riled up and then not fuck me, that would be torture, and torture is even more unethical than sex, isn’t it?’

‘Good point.’ He said. ‘I think you wouldn’t be able to handle it though, when I just touched your wrist you already behaved like some kind of wild animal.’

‘I’m sorry. I’ll behave myself. I’ll do anything, just tell me what I need to do so you can fuck me.’ Nicole was begging now. Sensing she was getting closer and closer, his resistance was waning. ‘Tell me and I’ll do it.’ She said.

‘We could try to desensitize you.’ He said.

‘Yes.’ Nicole screamed. ‘Yes! We desensitize me.’

He sat down on a swivel chair and took of his shoe. ‘Kissing my mouth or my cock would be way too intense for you right now, but maybe you’ll manage to kiss my feet.’

‘Yes.’ Nicole said eager. ‘Yes I’ll manage just fine.’

He rolled his sock of his foot and she was mesmerized by his foot, his toes, all the tendons across his instep, she was getting dizzy from all the happiness. He held his sock between thumb and index finger and then he looked back at Nicole.

‘You know, seeing that glassy look on your face I don’t think you’re ready for my foot yet. Skin on skin might be just a step too far, why don’t you try kissing my sock first.’ He threw her the dirty sock. I smelled delightful. It smelled like him, like God. This slightly sour musky scent filled up her nostrils and befuddled her mind. She ravaged the sock, she kissed it and licked it, she rubbed it all over her body, her chest, her panties. She was pulling on her bra and she managed to get a bit of her boob out. She rubbed the sock against her nipple and wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her body. She was moaning and panting. She pulled on her panties so she could press the sock against her pussy too.

She was completely engulfed by the moment, masturbating hysterically.

‘Nicole.’ He said. In his hand dangled another piece of fabric. ‘These are my boxer shorts, this fabric touched my cock so expect a heavier response, you think you’re ready for that?’

‘Yes sir. Definitely sir. Yes, please, please, please, please, please.’

‘Here you go.’ He threw her his worn boxers and in a haze Nicole grabbed them and pressed them into her face. His cock, his cock, his cock. She was completely occupied with the mental image of his cock. Her pussy was twitching as she sniffed his underpants, licked them, tried to stuff everything into her mouth as deep as possible.

‘Now what do you say to that Nicole?’ He asked.

‘Thank you, Sir.’ She said with a filled mouth. She removed the boxers and said it again. ‘Thank you, thank you so much. I’m forever grateful.’

‘Tell me. Why are you so thankful for my dirty laundry?’

‘Because it’s yours Sir. Because it touched your skin, it touched you. It smells so good and if feels so good and I feel so honored to be allowed to touch them too. It’s such a great, great honor sir. Thank you.’

‘Tell me Nicole, have you ever worshiped someones dirty laundry before?’

‘No.’ She said. ‘No I don’t think so.’

‘Don’t you think it’s humiliating to behave like this?’

‘I...’ Nicole was confused, for a moment she looked at the boxers, but then she snuggled them up against her cheek again. ‘Maybe,’ she said. ‘If it were someone else dirty laundry, but with yours it’s just... it’s an honor sir.’

‘Do you feel you’re worthy enough to play with my dirty laundry like that?’

‘I don’t know.’ Nicole said. ‘I hope so.’

‘I think you’re ready.’ He said. ‘You have my permission to unbuckle the rest of the straps.’

Nicole fidgeted with the straps that were holding her in place. She undid the ones around her chest and for a moment she became dizzy, suddenly there was so much more room to breath and all the oxygen was hurting her lungs. She freed herself from her restraints and then she took her bra and panties off. Rubbing the sock and the boxer short against her bare skin now.

‘Come over here and kneel.’ He said.

Nicole didn’t even think twice. She knelt down on the floor in front of him her head touching the ground, his bare foot only inches away from her.

‘In a moment I’m going to give you permission to kiss my foot.’ He said. ‘Just try and control yourself, okay? There you go.’

Nicole inched closer and closer to his foot, looking for the perfect spot to press her lips against his skin, there wasn’t a perfect spot, or better yet, there wasn’t an imperfect spot. She pouted her lips and pressed them against his skin. Her whole mouth was tingling. Her brain was tingling. Her pussy was tingling and twitching. She was about to faint, or go totally crazy again. She took a deep breath and focused on her lips touching his skin, the warm glow of divinity that was radiating into her from being so close. She was approaching orgasm, she was about to loose control, yet she fought her hardest to keep a hold of herself.

‘Lick now.’ He said.

The moment she stuck out her tongue, she went over the edge, her pussy was exploding, her mind was exploding and the pleasures just bounced through her body, she was trembling all over, squirting even, she didn’t notice anything anymore. She was floating through space.

When she opened her eyes she was laying on her back, convulsing wildly and his foot was leaning on top of her chest, pressing her into the floor, the toes resting on her chin.

‘It’s okay. Just suckle. You’re okay.’ he said and willingly she wrapped her mouth around his toes and started suckling.

‘How do you feel, Nicole?’ He asked.

‘Like this is were I belong,’ she said with a satisfied smile. ‘Like I belong at your feet, like I want to be the ground you step on.’

‘So you don’t want my cock in your mouth.’

‘Yeah.’ Nicole shot up. ‘Yeah I do. I do. I do. Please sir, please.’ She folded her hands together as if she was praying, as if she was begging. ‘Please sir, can I please take your cock, please.’

‘Hands behind your back.’ He said. ‘Kneel pretty. I’m going to show you my cock now, and you are going to show me you’re worthy of pleasuring my cock, by kneeling there and being totally obedient, understood?’

Nicole was nodding so hard, that the world seemed to be shaking. He unzipped his pants and dropped it to his knees, there his cock sprouted forward. A beautiful obelisk of sexuality that seemed to emit a wondrous glow, the shaft silky smooth with marbled veins, the tip majestically purple shining on top.

Her hands, her mouth, her whole body was being pulled towards the cock. It had a magnetism that was incredibly difficult to resist, but she’d promised to obey, she had to show she was worthy. So she kept on kneeling in front of him, staring at the penis in awe. Her hands itching to touch it, her mouth salivating.

He folded his hand around the shaft and moved his hand up and down. ‘Look at it.’ He said. ‘Tell me what you see. Tell me what you want to do.’

‘O my god.’ Nicole said. ‘O my god. It’s so gorgeous. It’s so perfect. I see a celestial cock that just radiates pleasure, the shape is perfect, the colors, the marbling of the veins. I just I want to hold it and treasure it. I want to please it. I want to please it so badly that I don’t feel any wants of my own anymore. Whatever your cock wants, I want. I just want to serve it and honor it. The girth is like the perfect girth and it’s so long and magnificent. It’s like... it’s too perfect to comprehend.’

‘Good girl.’ He said. ‘Now keep your hands behind your back and take it in your mouth, careful, mind your teeth, don’t loose control and hurt it, understood?’

‘Yes sir.’ Nicole said, jousting forward and closing her lips around the tip. She marveled in the warmth and the pleasures that spread through her body, softly she moved her lips back and forth. Nothing could disrupt her, nothing could distract her, she was completely focused on sliding her lips over his shaft and registering every little wrinkle in his skin, ever bump, every stubble. She was completely entranced, it was just her and the cock and nothing else mattered, nothing else even existed in that moment.

He let out a moan, his hips twitching, he was breathing heavier and heavier. A low grumble came from his lips. ‘Good girl.’ He mumbled.

She tried to look up at his face without letting the cock escape form her mouth. He looked down on her and gave her an encouraging nod. ‘Good girl.’ He said again. ‘Go on then.’

He laid a hand on top of her head and tangled his finger into her hair. He trusted himself deep inside her, for a moment she couldn’t breath. Tears in her eyes, she was gagging. He kept on fucking her in the mouth and she tried her best to follow his rhythm. It wasn’t that hard though, his hand was guiding her, directing her. It wasn’t just a spiritual experience anymore, Nicole was grimly aware of the physical skills she lacked. Her knees were hurting, she should’ve probably practiced kneeling more often, her jaw was hurting, her throat kept on gagging and rejecting his cock. To show him she didn’t agree with her own throat she forced herself to take the cock even deeper. It was hard to breath, even harder to swallow her own saliva, but that was nothing but a human inconvenience. This God, this divine creature shouldn’t have to suffer because she was only a pesky human. She tried her hardest, to pleasure the cock as it deserved to be pleasured.

Gasping for air whenever she had the opportunity to breath, moaning and gagging. Tears streaming out of her face, drool dripping from his cock onto her knees. She had to prove she was worthy. She had to prove herself.

The fingers in her hair getting tense. He was pulling on her hair. It hurt. He was loudly moaning now. Bending forward. Using her head as a crutch to lean on. His cock twitching and then shooting out his divine cum into the back of her throat. She closed her mouth even tighter around the penis so no drop of sperm would be spoiled. She swallowed everything and marveled how her stomach was now glowing with his godly cum. It was radiating throughout her entire body. She had pleased him, she’d pleased him enough to make him cum. Her body started shocking and convulsing, her pussy was spasming. His cum was inside her. His pleasure was insider her now. An overwhelming wave of satisfaction and euphoria took over her mind. It wasn’t an orgasm. At least it wasn’t like any traditional orgasm, it was heavenly. Her mind seemed to slip away and put itself at his feet, surrendering to him, and her body could only follow.

‘I’m yours. I’m yours. I’m yours.’ Her mouth kept on mumbling while her body was writhing around on the floor trying to find a way to deal with whatever feelings were engulfing her now.

‘Calm down now.’ He said. Suddenly all the feelings faded and she just stared up at his body looming over her.

‘Thank you.’ She mumbled. ‘Thank you. Thank you so much Sir. Thank you.’

‘You can thank the floor on which I stood.’ He said. He took a step backwards and Nicole jumped forward. She put her lips on the tiling where his foot just touched the ground. ‘Thank you floor.’ She mumbled. ‘Thank you.’

He kept on moving backwards and she kept on kissing the floor beneath his feet until they’d moved all across the hallway into another room. When he opened the door and stepped inside Nicole was confused. She had no idea were she was and what she was doing here.

‘What’s happening?’ She asked.

‘You’re part of an experimental study.’ He said. ‘I’ve gathered all the data I need, this is the recovery room where you can relax for a bit until the effects of the drugs wear off and you get cleared and discharged.’

‘But...’ Nicole said. ‘But I don’t want it to be over yet.’

‘You don’t?’ He said kindly but in a slightly patronizing voice. ‘What do you want to do then?’

‘I want to please you some more.’ Nicole said. ‘In anyway possible. I want to please you in every way, Sir’

‘How for example?’

‘I could... you could... we could use my pussy. We could use my pussy to pleasure your cock Sir. Please, let’s do that.’

‘I don’t think you’re ready to handle that.’ He said with his head slightly tilted. ‘I think you might loose all control if I were to penetrate your pussy.’

‘Yeah,’ Nicole said. ‘Maybe you’re right, Sir. I mean off course your right Sir, you’re always right. You’re so smart and so perfect.’

‘So no sex for you.’ He said, although it sounded more like a question.

‘Maybe we can tie me down again.’ Nicole suggested. ‘Like before, then it doesn’t matter if I lose control, right.’

‘You want to be tied down?’ He asked.

Nicole nodded. ‘Yes please. Please sir. I think that’s the only way, sir.’

He gestured with his head that she had to climb onto the bed and then he locked her hands in metal cuffs that were apparently already lying there. Or maybe he had just conjured them up. A god could probably do some magic, right? He pulled on her legs and locked them in some restraints too and then he moved his finger towards her pussy.

‘So lets see how crazy my finger can make you already. That’ll be a good indication of how well you could handle my cock.’ His fingers soft and warm. Caressing her ever so soothingly, yet teasingly at the same time. A solid stream of trance like arousal shot up and down between her pussy and her mind, until she wasn’t really sure where the pleasures instigated, whether it was her mind cheering on her pussy or her pussy cheering on her mind.

He slipped a finger inside of her. ‘Go ahead.’ He said. ‘Show me. Fuck my finger like you would fuck my cock.’

Nicole tilted her hips, she moved up and down, she slammed her heels in the mattress to trust her pelvis forward, to gobble up his finger to get it deeper inside of her, as deep as possible. He inched his finger back and then it was out of reach. She pulled on her bounds and trusted her hips forward higher and higher. Slamming her heels, her back, her head everything into the mattress trying to reach his finger.

‘Please.’ She mumbled. ‘Please Sir, please. I’ll do anything for you.’

He just chuckled. ‘Look at you begging. Look at you humiliating yourself.’

‘Please. Please. Please.’ She said.

‘Here you go.’ He said. He folded his hand around her vulva and for a while she was grinding up against the palm of his hand, that trance-like euphoria increasing, building up, higher and higher, an orgasm building up. He slid a finger inside of her once more and she started to fuck his finger for as hard as she could, as sexy as she could.

‘Please sir. I need your cock.’ She said. ‘I need your cock so badly, will you please please fuck me, sir, please.’

Suddenly his hand was gone again and she let out a frustrated cry.

‘Calm down.’ He said. ‘You don’t decide what happens, do you?’

‘No sir. I’m sorry sir.’

‘Is it okay if I tape you begging Nicole?’ He asked. ‘I would love to document this for future reference, if that’s okay with you.’

‘Whatever you want.’ Nicole said. ‘Whatever you want, sir. I’m yours. You can do with me whatever you want. I’ll do whatever you want.’

‘Well I want to make a video.’ He said. He got out a tiny handicam and pointed it at her. ‘I want you to look into the camera, tell the camera your name a say that you consent to being on camera, understood?’

‘Yes sir. I’m Nicole and...’

‘Not yet.’ He fidgeted with the little button and a red light turned on next to the lens. ‘Go ahead.’ He said.

‘I’m Nicole and I consent to being on camera.’ She said.

‘Now tell me Nicole, why are you tied down?’

‘Because you’re such a sexy sexy sex God. O my god. I just can’t control myself and so it’s saver to be tied down. I need to be tied down. Otherwise I’ll go completely crazy when you would fuck me.’

‘Why do you want to be fucked by me?’

‘Because you’re so perfect, you’re cock is heavenly and gorgeous and I just can’t even imagine how good it would feel. You’ve got the perfect cock and I’m so small and insignificant in comparison to you. I just want to please you. I want to please you so badly and I want to please you with my pussy. I need you, Sir. I need your cock. I need your cock so badly. Please sir, please, please, please.’

He kept on filming her begging for quite some time. She kept on saying the same things over and over again, trying to think about new ways to describe how perfect he was, how perfect his cock was. How else could she describe it than by the word perfect?

Finally he put the camera down and climbed on top of her. His cock pressing against her clit, softly moving up and down. It was almost enough to push her off the edge right then and there. She couldn’t talk anymore, she couldn’t think, she could just trust her hips forward hoping he’d get the message, hoping he’d understood she needed his cock inside. Finally he wriggled his hand in between their bodies and he guided his own cock into her pussy. Millimeter by millimeter she felt it slide inside of her and she was cumming on his cock hard. Her pussy squeezing and twitching, her body shaking involuntarily and then this tidal wave of pleasure exploded in her pussy and spread out through her body, her mind, everything was orgasming now, the whole world was orgasming.

Her mind so numb and dazed by all those pleasures, her orgasm never really had a change to subside, because he was fucking her, he was fucking her hard and rough. His cock trusting deep inside of her. Her pussy feeling stretched out, welcoming him inside.

He had his eyes closed, and he let out a moan every time he trusted himself inside of her. Fucking her, fucking her, fucking her. This is how it felt to be fucked by a God. It was mind blowing and entrancing. It was magical and also quite banal. She saw a drop of sweat dripping from his temple. She saw a little bump on his cheek from an ingrown hair. Never knew Gods would get ingrown hairs too.

She closed her eyes and sank into a pool of pleasures. Pleasure all around her, pleasure everywhere. His cock inside of her. He on top of her. He orgasmed and it was as if she could feel his cock twitching, she could feel him blowing his load inside of her, his godly cum.

‘This is too much for you.’ He whispered into her ear. ‘This is too much cum, you can’t handle this, you’ve swallowed my cum already and now you have a pussy dripping with my divine sperm. You’ll loose it, you’ll orgasm so hard you’ll loose it. Cum. You have my permission to cum and loose yourself. Go ahead.’

There was a shot of arousal to her pussy that she’d never felt before. Like she was struck with lightning, and that lighting was nothing but pure horniness. It was charging, it was charging her and then there was more charge than her body could hold. Her body overflowing with pleasure. Her mind overflowing. She was orgasming so hard she though it would never ever stop. It was so intense all other orgasms felt like popping a pimple in comparison to this euphoria. It kept on coming and coming and coming.

Those pleasures kept on waltzing over any and all thoughts until her mind was completely numb. She was screaming, she was pulling on her bounds, she was biting, growling, howling like an animal. She was kicking her legs, and her whole body was shaking as if she got some kind of seizure. Her eyes kept rolling away. There was a darkness engulfing a mind, she would faint or fall unconscious maybe. It was so dark, so dark and so strong and so overwhelmingly pleasurable. She tried to open her eyes, but couldn’t focus, she just went cross eyed before her eyes rolled up into her skull. She fell unconscious from the overstimulation, unconscious because her brain simply couldn’t cope with all the pleasures, her head slumped to the side and her body finally relaxed.

When she woke up it took her a while to realize where she was. She stared at the ceiling and blinked her eyes a few times to realize what had happened. After a while a guy came standing next to her bed and immediately she felt better, she felt safe and secure. Her chest filled up with love and trust for this person, and there was a soft tingle in her tummy, maybe she was even in love with him, or did it just mean she lusted after him.

‘Ah Nicole.’ He said. ‘Finally awake?’ He examined his watch and then wrote down the time on the clipboard. ‘How are you feeling?’

‘Confused.’ She said.

‘That’s to be expected,’ he said. ‘When the drug has completely flushed through your system you’ll feel better, trust me.’

‘Where am I?’ Nicole asked.

‘You’re in the recovery room. You were part of an experimental study on locating the parts in your brain responsible for religious experiences, remember? I’m doctor Threadway.’

Nicole squinted her eyes at him and shook her head.

‘You don’t remember?’ He asked. He sat down on the bed and put a hand on her tummy. She felt a warm soothing calm flowing into her body, almost as if he had a magic touch. ‘Maybe there’s still too much medicine lingering in your brain.’ He said, softly tickling her forehead and temple ‘Just relax a bit and you’ll feel better soon. Do you want to eat something maybe? Sometimes eating will speed up your metabolism.’

‘I don’t know.’ Nicole said.

‘I’ll get you a pudding.’ He said. He got up from the edge of the bed and for a moment Nicole felt sad to see him go, she wanted to roll over and only now noticed she was tied down on the bed, although part of her already knew and this wasn’t a new realization. He came back with a little tub of chocolate pudding.

‘Why am I tied down?’ She said.

‘Just a little precaution.’ The doctor said. ‘But you seem to be doing well, aren’t you? I think we can unlock you now.’ He freed her arms from the cuffs first and softly massaged her wrist. It was a tender gesture, an intimate moment, she looked into his eyes and felt the urge to kiss him. She pressed her lips together and looked away. He also uncuffed her ankles and then he handed her the cup of pudding and a spoon.

‘Need anything else?’ He said. ‘Anymore questions.’

Nicole shrugged.

‘I’ll be next door going over the results.’ He said. ‘Call me if you need anything.’

Quite relaxed she spooned the pudding into her mouth, she felt at peace with herself and with the world around her. This is what she imagined people felt when they meditated, although she’d never had the patience to meditate. Maybe she should start. When she finished her pudding she put the plastic tub aside and just leaned back in her pillows staring around the room.

After a while she got bored, she called for the doctor and within moments he was standing next to her bed. ‘How are you doing?’ He said.

‘Great.’ She said. ‘I feel normal.’

‘How’s your confusion?’

Nicole shrugged. ‘What was I confused about?’

The doctor just smiled. He removed the IV from her arm and threw it in the thrash. ‘Here are your clothes.’ He said. ‘Get dressed and then we’ll talk in my office.’

A few minutes later she was sitting across from him. His fingers drumming on his desk.

‘I want to thank you very much for volunteering for this experiment. The data I’ve collected from you was very useful, very valuable.’

‘Any time.’ Nicole said. Mandy was right, this was indeed easy money. She felt great, she felt like she’d slept incredibly well and incredibly deep and now she’d just woken up fresh, and rejuvenated, filled with energy.

‘Now if you notice or feel anything out of the ordinary these upcoming days don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll see you in a few weeks for your check up. You’re free to go for now. Thanks again Nicole.’ He stood up and shook her hand and walked her to the front door. She didn’t want to leave, something was holding her back.

‘One more question.’ Nicole said. ‘Did you get everything you need? Or would it be helpful if I did the experiment again? Like maybe during the check-up, or maybe before that?’

The doctor smiled. ‘Do you want to go again?’ He asked.

Nicole shrugged. ‘Yeah.’ She said. ‘I don’t mind, yes please.’

‘You’re welcome, anytime.’ He said.

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