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Miranda Cosgrove aka Carly wants to change her image in this sexy thriller but I don't think she's right for the part. I'll give her a shot though....
Casting Cosgrove - Miranda Cosgrove

"Sir, Miranda Cosgrove is here for her audition." "Right.... send her in." I said. "Hello!" she chirped. There was the lovely and talented Miranda Cosgrove, the girl next door. Miranda Cosgrove.... so cute and funny... I know it's crazy but I LOVED iCARLY! "Hi Miranda" I said and gave her a little hug. "I'm a big fan..... since School of Rock". "Thanks" she said.... "But that was 15 years ago." "WOW.... that long...... crazy." I replied.

"So you want to read for the part of Bethany...... Why do you think you'd be right for this character?" Miranda set down her bag and began to explain her reasons behind wanting to play this "adult" character. "Can I be honest with you?" I asked..... and I could see the look on her face change. "I just don't think you're right for this role. It's a dark, sexy thriller.... and I can't see you in this role." "I want to CHANGE that impression people have of me." she countered. "Yeah but that's very difficult to do when they've only seen you as Carly." I replied. "I'm positive that I can be Bethany, if you just let me read for this part, I'll show you." she continued. "Okay but what about the nudity?..... There's nudity in this film." I said matter of factly. "We can use a body double." she countered. "Yeah, see Miranda.... no offense but the person we want for this role wouldn't WANT to use a body double. The person we want for this role USES her body to get what she wants.... She uses her SEXUALITY to manipulate people and ultimately to seduce and murder her victims. How are YOU going to pull that off when you're not using your sexuality in the audition process?" Miranda stood there for a moment not knowing what to say to that. "I doubt you'd even be willing to take off your clothes right now..... which all the other actresses have done." Defeated but undaunted she started to say, "If you just let me read for the part.... maybe we can work something out." I got up from my chair and I went over to her. "Miranda..... I'm SUCH a huge fan. I think you're GORGEOUS and talented and funny (she smirked at that) but I don't think you're right for this. We have a bunch more people to see today but I wanted to tell you in person.... also so I could meet you. Here's my card.... this is my cell number. If you want to try and convince me..... call me later tonight and we can talk more. I totally get what you're trying to do..... Maybe you can convince me." Somewhat dejected that she didn't even get to read but also not super pissed that her time was wasted Miranda took my card.... gave me a hug and thanked me. "Promise you'll call me at 5:30 and I will give you all the time you want to talk." "I promise." she said. Then I gave her a kiss on the cheek and sent her on her way. I turned around and faced the rest of the casting group "MAN that was hard.... I like her so much." "Richard.... she's all wrong for this part. She's a goody goody and she's NOT going to get naked." "I know..... but I hated to disappoint her." I replied.

The auditions went as we expected. There were some good candidates and we thought a couple of the women might be able to pull off the role but I couldn't stop thinking about Miranda. (Man if she was really PLAYING this role, I bet she'd kill it and the movie would be a smash hit.... but she'll never get naked.) 5:30 rolled around and I hoped she'd call..... nothing.... I kept looking at my phone hoping it would ring like some teenage girl waiting for her boyfriend to call. I got home and started to make dinner when the phone rang. "Hello?" "Richard, it's Miranda." she said. "HI Miranda.... I'd about given up on you." I replied. "I'm sorry... I was in my car and I didn't want to talk while driving. I've read the whole *********** and I WANT THIS PART.... I KNOW I can do it." "Are you hungry?" I asked. "What?" she replied. "Food..... have you eaten?" I said. "Um no...." she said. "You like chicken.... maybe chicken parm?" I offered. "Are you asking me out?" she questioned. "No..... Not out. I'm making dinner. I was thinking that you deserve the chance to convince me in person..... and if you haven't eaten I have enough for two. Nothing weird just eating food and talking about the part. It's not a date. It's a meeting. More personal than that cattle call today...... if you're interested." I said fully explaining myself. "Um.... yeah.... I could eat. I like chicken.... That's sounds fine." she replied. "Okay fine..... I'll text you my address and just get her when you can.....

Miranda knocked on my door about 35 minutes later. "Hey!" I said and offered her to obligatory half hug and peck on the cheek. "You look mahvelous dahling." I said she smiled at that but she wanted to talk business. I said, "I hope you're hungry." "Yes.... wow..... that really smells good." she replied. "What you think I can't cook?" I said in my best New York accent. Now I got a laugh out of her. THAT was cool. "So.... I don't drink anymore but I have some wine if you'd like a glass..... or water or something else." I offered. "A small glass of wine would be okay." she replied. I pour a half glass of this nice Pinot Grigio that was perfect for the food. Then I plated up the food. Miranda LOVED my cooking..... which always makes me smile. She ended up drinking more wine but she did not get drunk or even really tipsy. We spent time talking about her and what she's been up to since iCarly, her singing career, my drums and my singing..... AND we even talked about Dan Schneider and his creepy foot thing. She had a few stories but luckily she got away from him undamaged. Finally she asked where the bathroom was and excused herself. I took the opportunity to clean off the table and move the conversation into the living room. I put her glass of wine on the table and waited for her to come back all washed up.

"OKAY Miranda.... I'm ready to listen to your pitch. Tell me why I should cast you for this role." Miranda then repeated some of the things she said earlier and re-emphasized her desire to LOSE her girlish image. "Miranda.... You know I think you're beautiful but I don't see you as a sexual predator. This character USES her body to get what she wants. I'm not saying that you're not sexy.... I'm just saying that I don't think your willing to do what it would take to play this character. I mean, come on.... a body double? All the other actresses brought in a nude photo AND those who we liked we offered to have them strip down and read the scene that you memorized. It's the most pivotal scene in the film, just before she kills the detective.... she distracts him by stripping down. How are you going to pull off that scene?" Miranda paced around for a moment and said, "Okay.... well what if I did the nude scenes? How naked are we talking about?" "Have you seen Basic Instinct?" I asked.... She shook her head.

I pulled the film out and we flipped through a few of the scenes. Miranda was completely absorbed in Sharon Stone's performance. We watched the bush flashing scene and I paused the movie. "YOU SEE.... You see how she uses her pussy to distract and confuse the detectives. She doesn't CARE that they can see her pussy..... She LIKES that they can see her pussy.... because they can see it but they can't have it. Miranda nodded. After that we watched the fucking scene. "Did you know that according to Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone they actually HAD SEX during the filming? I'm not saying that I want you to do that.... but THAT is why this film was SO SUCCESSFUL. Everything was REAL.... No body doubles..... No faking.... just real interactions and acting. "I get it." she said and turned off the movie.

Miranda stood up, drank up her wine and defiantly stated, "Okay.... Let me read for the part.... I'll show you what I can do." "Okay.... take off your clothes." I said flatly. She looked at me and hesitated. "You SEE!... How are you going to shoot this scene....even with a skeleton crew if you can't even get naked for ME?" I replied. "Well.... Okay..... I guess I can do it" she conceded. "Alright.... well if you're going to do this then let's do it right. Wait here." I offered. I went back to my office and grabbed the camera and tripod and returned with it. "You're going to film this?" she asked. "Well yeah.... If you're seriously considering doing the nude scenes and you want to REALLY read for the part naked..... then the other casting people will need to see this." I stated. "Now the way the scene works is Bethany is off screen being questioned by the detective and right when he asks the "gotcha" question she walks out naked and changes the subject to get him to fuck her..... and then she kills him. You can start right over there and then walk out to here..... okay?" I offered. Miranda nodded. "Do you want to get naked over there where I can't see you?" I said with a smirk. She tilted her head.... "Nooo" she replied with a sneer. And then she began to remove her clothes. She untied her shoes and pulled off her socks. Under her blouse she had a simple bra..... she slipped off her jeans and then she looked at me and unhooked her bra. It was surreal as if this moment was in slow motion. (CARLY) showed me her tits. They were small but perky and she blushed as she did it...... Then came the big reveal. Off came her panties. Miranda had a neatly trimmed patch of dark hair. I think she was trembling a bit.... this whole situation was making her very nervous. "Would you like another drink?" I offered. "YES" she quickly replied moving her hands to cover herself.

I walked over and got more wine. I filled up the glass and returned to her, still covering her bush and most of her breasts..... I handed her the glass and looked her in the eye. "Bethany wouldn't be covering herself..... she is proud of how bad ass her body looks. When men stare at her tits or her pussy..... she USES that to distract them.... When those men are going down on her..... SHE is in control. She controls them with what they so desperately want.... HER PUSSY. When she fucks them...... it's HER fucking them... not the other way around. Even if they're on top, SHE is in control. When Sharon Stone murdered those men she rode them until they came and THEN she stabbed them with an ice pick. Hellava way to go right?" Miranda drank the whole glass and then stopped covering herself. She looked at her pages one last time and moved out of the frame.

I started the camera.... I moved in front of it. "MIRANDA COSGROVE AUDITION - PLAYING BETHANY LARSON AND..... ACTION!" Miranda began reciting the dialogue and I read the detective's part..... even slightly intoxicated she was dead on. Every word perfect and exactly the right tone for the character. Finally came the moment when she revealed herself. DAMN she has a nice body I thought, genuinely distracted by her nudity. She confidently continued the scene until we got to the part where she is supposed to unzip the detective's pants and grab his cock...... She stopped. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Oh well I'm supposed to unzip the detectives pants and you know..... " she replied. "Yes I know.... It's okay. You don't have to actually grab my junk but some of the actresses did. You DO have to unzip my fly and ACT like you're grabbing my junk though." I advised. "OH.... um okay." she replied sheepishly. "Sorry.... I just thought you'd go for it.... my bad...... back to 1. Let's go again..... I'll re slate..... oh and Miranda.... (she turned to look at me.) DAMN GIRL!!! Your body is BANGIN!" I complimented. She blushed HARD and smiled.... It was very cool.

I re-slated and we ran the scene again. She was even better the second time, more in control. When she revealed herself I was practically drooling..... when she unzipped my pants my cock was raging...... then she really grabbed it. I guess she wanted to go for it and it worked...... then we kissed long and deep. She was actually squeezing my cock while we were kissing. After that the scene goes to the bedroom where she tears open his shirt, pulls down his pants and sucks his cock a little before pushing him onto the bed and riding him, so our pages end at the kiss. "FUCK ME MIRANDA! THAT WAS HOT!" I said. "REALLY?!" She said excitedly. "ABSOLUTELY..... You wanna watch it back?" I asked..... "YES.... absolutely." she quickly replied.

Interestingly enough she wasn't as concerned about being naked with me now. I plugged the camera directly into the TV and we watched the scene play back. "That was really great" I said.... and I put my arm around her and hugged her a little with another peck on the cheek. "You totally grabbed my cock" I said. "Yeah.... I just decided what the fuck.... I'm naked.... might as well go for it." she replied. "Great kiss too! You're a really good kisser..... You don't kiss like 'mlwah, mlwah, mlwah' mimicking a scene from iCarly and she laughed hysterically. Then we looked at each other and kissed again. I don't know why.... I just wanted to kiss her and I guess she wanted to kiss me too..... it was a long kiss but then we stopped and I got worried. "I'm sorry.... I shouldn't have done that." I said. "No.... it's okay. it's fine.... I'm not mad.... I kissed you back..... you're a good kisser too." she replied.

I got up to turn off the TV. "The audition looks great but I wish my boobs were bigger", she stated. (Oooh dangerous subject with ANY woman I thought to myself.) "No comment" I replied. "Really.... no comment..... you don't have an opinion on my boobs?" she pressed. "As a matter of fact I prefer that my genitals remain intact. I don't want them to be ripped off, stomped on or injured in any way, shape or form." I retorted. She smiled at me.... "Yes.... they 'It's" very nice.... and hard." she replied suggestively. "I swear that no harm will come to your genitals and that they will be treated with the utmost care..... so long as you're honest about my boobs." she assured me.

"Wow..... Well Miranda.... You're a beautiful woman... very sexy. I guess I understand what you're saying. Hollywood has expectations." I offered. "Sharon Stone has big boobs. Scarlett Johannson, Jennifer Lawrence.... and they're huge movie stars." she replied. "Kaley Cuoco is a big TV star.... A million dollars per episode..... she got her boobs done" I offered tentatively. "She said it was the best decision she ever made." I continued. "So you think I need to get my boobs done." she replied. "Miranda, this is a VERY touchy subject.... You know that. Some people will say you did it out of desperation or some bullshit like that. Others will realize that you wanted to shake that little girl image and go with it. I can tell you this.... Your acting is OUTSTANDING.... You're GORGEOUS, HOT and SEXY and You're a NAME! If you upgraded the girls (looking at her tits) I think you'd be at the top of our list for this part. I mean.... I would definitely want you to have it over EVERYONE else we've seen or even talked to. The publicity we would get from your "upgrade" plus the sexiness of the role and you getting NAKED!!! This movie would be an instant blockbuster. PLUS I would give you points on the back end to up your take home on the film and make it worth your while..... AND NOBODY would ever think of you as little Carly Shea again."

I moved back to the couch and sat next to her. "I would NEVER tell a woman to get surgery or that she has to change her body or face to get a part in a movie or show... I would never do that. It's totally up to you. Personally.... I think your tits are very nice.... (I took a big chance and gently touched them both. I caressed them while staring into her eyes) then I kissed her again.... this time definitely NOT an accident. I continued to stroke her breasts while we kissed and I teased her nipples making her sigh in my mouth and then we kissed deeper and I pulled her to me. Since she was kissing me back I didn't stop.... I kissed down her neck and slipped her nipple into my mouth and she moaned. Then we kissed more..... We were facing each other so I lifted her until she was on my lap.... twisting so she was sitting sideways and now I could caress her entire body and lean her back onto the arm of the couch. I couldn't believe what was happening.... this gorgeous young starlet was letting me kiss and stroke her body. I ran my hands over her breasts again tugging at her hard nipples..... I licked down her chest again and I could feel her heart pounding beneath my lips. I sucked on her nipples again stroking her thighs and inched closer to her pussy. I knew I was good because she was stroking my head and then I felt her legs open to give me access. God I wanted her pussy so bad. I was very gentle as I began to tease it. I brushed it.... ran my fingers though her muff, caressed it and finally dipped a finger inside her. Miranda moaned and squirmed as I played with her sexy body. I alternated kissing her lips and sucking on her very hard nipples, which made her more and more wet. Soon I could slide a finger inside her and I rubbed her slick juices all over her pussy lips and clit. She was totally panting now..... I slid two fingers inside her tight pussy..... She opened her legs wider and tilted her pussy up to give me better access. I pressed my fingers inside her deeply..... "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she moaned. I kissed her again and began to rub her clit.... gently at first but more vigorously as her hips started to thrust.... "MMMMMM MMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMM HHHHHHHMMMM and she came. I eased her body off my lap and onto the couch moving from kissing her lips to licking and sucking her nipples to down her flat tummy and to my prize..... that pretty pink pussy. Miranda watched as I neared it and I opened her legs. I lifted her left leg over my shoulder and prepared. Oh God this was going to be epic. She was very wet and excited. I gave her a long lick right inside the folds and tasted her sweet nectar. UUUUUGGGGHHHh..... she moaned. I moved her other leg onto my back and she squirmed and tilted her hips up for access.... I licked the length of her juicy slit again.... OOHHHH..... Yesss... I stroked the edges of her thighs with my thumbs while I dipped my tongue inside and slurped up her juices. "MMMMM..... MMMM...HHHHMMMM she purred. Now I slid my fingers back inside her and licked her clit. She ran her fingers through my hair and I curled my fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her G spot. "OOOooh.... Richard...... GOD..... Yes...... Oh.... yeah...... MMMM.... AHHH....." I licked her clit harder now and sucked it into my mouth...... flicking it with my tongue.... now forcefully rubbing her G spot. "AAAHHH.... UGHHHHH..... OOOHHHHHH YEESSS she hissed. Miranda gripped my head and bucked wildly now, "OH RICHARD..... GOD ... FUCK...... OH GOD..... DON'T STOP..... UHHHH..... HUUUHHH...... OOOOHHH.... UGH.... HHHHHHHUUUUUUUHHHHHHGGGHHHH!

She came HARD..... bucking and shaking and her juices oozing out of her tight pussy. She was ON FIRE!

I gave her tummy and tits little kisses until I reached her lips and then I kissed her long and deep. "Baby you taste so good...." and I kissed her more. Then I scooped her slender body up in my arms and carried her off to the bedroom. I set her down on the edge of the bed. "You remember how the rest of the scene goes?" I said with raised eyebrows. She got the hint and stood up and kissed me hard..... then she tore my shirt off and unbuckled my pants and pulled them all the way down. There was no hesitation as she slid my cock into her mouth. I heard her moan as she started to suck on it. (Oh my God, Miranda Cosgrove is sucking my cock I thought.) Her little head bobbed up and down and her hands held my ass..... I felt her try to take it all.... she gagged a bit but tried again.... she was GOOD! GREAT! I groaned as she sucked hard on me..... caressing my balls and swirling her tongue around it. She pulled out and teased the tip..... looking up at me..... she licked it like a lollypop..... I was in Heaven. More sucking continued until she was ready and then she pushed me onto the bed.

Now Miranda started to show off. She was REALLY into being a predator. She crawled up over my legs slowly until she got to my cock. She gave it some long licks and then sucked the tip into her mouth..... then she pulled it up with her lips and stared at me as she slowly slid it deep in her mouth. Then she raked her teeth along the shaft making it throb just to let me know SHE was in charge. This wasn't Miranda..... this was Bethany Larson - Black Widow. She coated the shaft up one side and down the other with her mouth and tongue...... dripping her drool onto me like she was pre-digesting..... Then with a devilish look she crawled closer and prepared herself. I was MESMERIZED by her eyes and lips...... she positioned my cock at her juicy cunt and pressed her tight, pink pussy right down on it. It felt WONDERFUL for both of us, but she never stopped looking at me. She drove herself down until she was fully impaled and then began to fuck me. I was helpless..... All I could do was lay there and watch her fuck me. She played with her nipples and moaned as she road me hard. She drove her twitching cunt down on me again and again "MMMMM..... MMMMM.... SO HARD..... HHHHMMMM..... GOD..... YES.... YES YEEEEEESSSSSS! and she came. Miranda started to bounce faster now that she was truly in control..... "Who's cock is this?" she asked. "It's your cock Bethany." I replied..... She ground her slit up and back faster, grinding her clit against my pubic bone and asking me over and over, "Who's cock is this?" until she was going to explode .......... then she bounced and drove it into herself "I WANT YOUR COCK..... UGH... YEAH.... BABY COME ON.... FUCK YES..... HARDER HARDER..... HAR DER..... FU....UUUUCK..... YEEEESSSSSS and she came...... She was so hot and tight.... I couldn't believe I lasted so long but I couldn't hold out much longer. She began to ride bounce making my cock slide almost out and then all the way in..... It was driving me crazy.... I was going to blow. "I'm gonna cum!" I cried. Wanting to stay in control Miranda pulled off and began furiously sucking.... "AHHH AHHHH...... UGHHH.... GOD..... MIRANDA..... DON'T STOP...... DON'T UGH...... CUMMMMING!" I moaned and spasmed as my balls erupted all the pent up juice from the entire day of naked women. Miranda swallowed my whole load. It was incredible sex.... some of the wildest sex I've ever had.

Miranda got up and went to the bathroom..... and I couldn't help it. I ran to the living room and grabbed my camera. I ran back to the bedroom and found a place to hide it and pressed record.... I had hours of room and I wanted to fuck Miranda again. When she came out of the bathroom I was sitting up..... "WOW.... You were like a completely different person..... So devious and bad ass...... and you make me want you even MORE! I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. I started kissing her and we kissed deeply.... she was still very turned on.... so I went right down on her again. I was my turn to be in charge.... and Miranda was willing to let me be the man now.

I went right for her juicy pussy and licked her. I opened her legs WIDE so the camera could see and I stroked her inner thighs as I tongued her box..... and then her clit. Then I fingered her and rubbed her G spot again. "OH YES I LOVE THAT..." she cried. I made sure the the camera could see my fingers in her pussy, plus when Miranda would tilt her head up and look down at me.... OMG. She was lusting after my mouth. "MMMM.... GOD RICHARD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD BABY..... MAKE ME CUM..... MAKE ME CUM...... MMMMMM..... MMMMMM...... AAAAAHHHHHH...... OOOOOOHHHH.... GOD YES.... UH HUH... UH HUH..... OH OH OH OHHHH..... YEEEEESSSSS FUUUUUCK..... HHHUUUHHHHHH.

I wasted no time and crawled right up to my princess and turned her cheek to my semi hard cock. She enthusiastically sucked it into her mouth. I had her right in the middle of the bed so the camera saw everything. Miranda took my cock in her mouth and I let her suck on it for a while. Not for too long but I wanted to enjoy watching her bob her head on my rod..... I wanted the camera to see that too. But now it was time to fuck her..... Time for me to be on top and own her. I opened up her legs nice and wide again to make sure the camera could see. I was so hard and she was so wet..... I wanted to be back inside her.... I rubbed the tip of my spear against her pussy..... I put her juices on me. Then I held her legs and let the camera watch me push it in her pussy. "Ooooooooh.... " she purred. I crawled forward to get a better angle and I pressed it deep into her tight cunt. UGHHHHH..... YEESSSS.... she sighed as I bottomed out. I kissed her deeply and wiggled my cock deep inside her and she squeezed me with her pussy.... "MMMM... baby you're sooo tight. I love your pussy." I said. "Your cock is so hard.... mmmmmm" she replied.

Then I moved just a bit and held her legs so the camera could watch and I fucked her very nice. The I put one leg on my should and I banged away at her.... HMPH..... HMPH...... HMPH..... HMOHH.... UGH..... GOD.... YES.... RICHARD..... HARDER..... HARDER.... I'M GONNA.... I'M GONNA... GOOOODDDD..... I slowed down for a moment and moved her to doggie style... "OH YEESSS..... Your cock feels so good." she cooed. Now I fucked her hard from behind. At first I went slow but then picked up the pace and held her firm and banged her out. UH,UH,UH,UH,UH, UH.. AHH.HAAH.UHH....GOD.... UHHUH..... HUH.. UGH..... HHHUUUGHHH.... and she hung her head all whipped..... but I was not done owning the pussy yet. Now I really sold the show. I pulled her on top of me facing the camera where she couldn't see it. I had her arched back with her tits high in the air and I'm thrusting up into her with her pussy all spread WIDE OPEN. She loved that too.

And finally I laid her on her back again and put her heels on my shoulders. Miranda had been fucked before..... she was certainly no virgin.... and she knew when I put her heels up that I was going to fuck her deep and hard..... She wanted it so bad. "Come on baby..... fuck me hard!" she said. I grabbed those little tits and drove my cock into her. "UGGHHHH...." she moaned. I wasted no time in finding a rhythm. She yelped and squealed heavy as I pounded her into a sloppy creamy mess. I felt her pussy squeezing a fluttering in orgasm three times before I was going to burst. When I pulled out Miranda was gasping, so I put it right in her face and jerked it. "I'm gonna cum all over your sexy face!" I announced and then I blasted her mouth and nose with a spurt and then another coated her check, eyes and forehead. The third shot landed in her mouth and she purred and the rest spunked on her lips, tongue and chin.

This was the beginning of an AMAZING relationship.....
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