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Mom Sandy surprises daughter Kari on the deck and they enjoy each other's body
Kari stared at her mother's hand vigorously fingering her dripping snatch. Her eyes started to rise up her mother's nude body, past her gorgeous tits and up to her eyes. They stared into each others eyes, neither saying a word. Sandy made the first move. She climbed on the chair, spread her legs and thrust her hairy snatch upon her daughter's face. Kari, stunned but eager, began to lick her mother's pussy. Kari placed her hands around her mother's hips and pulled her in closer, while her tongue twirled around Sandy's exposed clit. Sandy grabbed Kari's hair and her head fell back as her moans of pleasure began.

"Oh honey, lick me. Lick mommy's clit baby. Make mama cum, oh ah yes there baby dont fucking stop!!!"

Kari slipped a finger into her mother. There was no resistance as her fingers joined her tongue's assault on her mom's love hole. As her finger came out, Kari would lick her finger and taste her mother's juice before sliding it back it. Sandy was going crazy. She loved getting her pussy licked and the finger wiggling inside her was just adding to her excitement. Sandy removed one hand from Kari's head and began to play with her nipple. She rolled her hard nipples in between her fingers while looking down into her daughters eyes. Sandy was close. She started grinding harder and harder on Kari's face as the orgasm began.

"Fuck baby that's it! You made momma cum! I'm fucKING CUMMING ON YOUR TONGUE BABY!!!"

Sandy stepped down off the chair and removed her pussy from Kari's tongue. She smiled at seeing her youthful face drenched in her cum. Sandy leaned down and kissed her daughter deeply, sexily, and tasted herself while moving to her cheeks and lapping up her cum. She stood up, licked her lips and reached for Kari's hand. She led her to Chris' bedroom where the horny cougar was surprised to see Kari's clothes on the ground. She was a bit shocked, but decided to leave it be for now. She lay Kari down on the bed, spread her legs, and started kissing her. First each thigh then above and below her wet slice of heaven. Kari had an electric shock run throughout her eager body as Sandy's fingers ran across her areolas and nipples, light as a feather. The feeling was amazing.

Kari was trembling at the thought of her mother eating her snatch. The quiver in her legs did not go unnoticed. Before she kissed her lower lips, Sandy worked her way up her new lovers body. Her navel, her breasts, her cleavage, her areolas and her nipples. The sensual touch of her mother's lips was sending every nerve in Kari's body into over drive. Her body was sweating, the goosebumps were forming as her pussy began to leak it's natural lubricant. Sandy was now kissing and licking her neck and Kari began to weave her fingers into her mother's soft hair. Their lips met again and twirled about each other lick a dancing fire.

Heavy anticipation was in the air as they broke the kiss and Sandy made her way south of Kari's boarder. A sharp gap of air and the arching of Kari's back let Sandy know her tongue found its spot. She alternated short and quick with long and slow licks. Kari was not going to last long and mom knew it. Sandy slipped a hand to her breast and gave it a few playful slaps before rolling and twisting her nipple in her fingers.

"Ma, ugh ah fuck mom! Yes fuck I AM CUMMING!!!! FuuuUUUUCKKKKK!!!!!!"

Her legs were shaking uncontrollably, her toes curled and her hips began bucking wildly off the bed and hard into her mom's face. Sandy pinned her daughter down and and kept licking and the added a finger to keep Kari going. She gently bit Kari's clit, and she lost it again. She sat up in bed, and slammed herself back down as her pleasure zone erupted into her mother's mouth. Sandy's finger was a blur and she was doing all she could do to drink the flow of cum exploding out of Kari's fuckhole. It was more than Sandy could handle and soon her face was covered. As Kari's orgasm climaxed, Sandy withdrew from between her legs and crawled up beside her daughter. They cuddled and Kari played with her mom's still hard nipples.

"Wow mom, that was unbelievable! I have never been with another woman before!" Kari said excitedly.

"Well baby, after dinner last night and your message this morning, I figured that's what you wanted. To be honest, I was a bit startled and confused as to you masturbating at the restaurant, and even more so this morning when you sent me naked pictures of yourself. But I must say that was incredibly hot!" Sandy said and then leaned over to kiss Kari.

"Wait, what? I didn't send you any pictures today. And definitely not of me nude."

Sandy got up and went to the kitchen to retrieve her phone. Kari was right behind her to get hers. When Sandy showed Kari, Kari turned all kinds of shades of red. She had accidentally texted her mom instead of Chris.

"That was ment for someone else mom, but I am glad for the mistake. That really was amazing! Maybe we can do it again."

"Okay" said Sandy "who was that ment for then. And yes I would like to do that again. But now I am wondering just what the hell is going on. And while on that subject, why are your clothes in your brothers bedroom?"

Kari played coy. She wasn't ready to tell mom that her and Chris were fucking, and was definitely not going to say it without at least talking to him first.

"Just a man I have known for a while. And my clothes are in there because he has been in the other bedroom. His bed was more comfortable than the ones in the guest rooms." Kari hoped that this would appease her for now.

"Well, okay honey. I dont know about you but I could use a little nap. Care to join me?"

"Yeah mom sounds good."

Sandy awoke sometime later to a familiar feeling, someone suckling her tit and rubbing her pussy. She moaned, opened her eyes, and ran her fingers through her daughters hair. Kari stopped sucking her tit and the women's mouths met for a sensual kiss. The scent of of their earlier rondeveou was still heavy in the air. Kari didnt let mom awake to much, and before she could even speak a word, Kari spun on one knee and planted her sex hole on her mother's face. As Sandy slowly began to kiss and lick her daughter's thighs, Kari face planted into her mother's waiting love.

"I wish Chris was here to see this!" she thought as the two women began to chow down on each other. The thought left as soon as it came as Sandy added her finger to her dripping pink, love hole. Not wanting her mother to be left out, Kari's finger reciprocated the move, and the two horny women were now locked into a erotic, finger-fucking, pussy eating, 69ing fuck fest.

Kari soon upped the ante and slid a second finger into her her mother's honeypot, eliciting a pig like squeal from Sandy. Kari lifted her hips slightly to allow the carnal noise to fill the room, but inadvertently caused herself to orgasm as the air from the scream on her exposed clit was more than she could handle. Mom, with her free hand, forcefully pulled her daughter's naked pussy back to her wagging tounge. Kari lost her mind. She began to grind on her mom's face in a circular motion as her eyes rolled back in her head.

She fought it. Fought it as hard as she could, but the battle could not be won. It start deep inside her, and in a moment Kari lost all control. Her body spasmed, her legs went weak and she collapsed onto Sandy. Sandy used her free hand to wipe up the nectar flowing from Kari and smeared it on her daughter's puckered little brown hole. Before Kari could protest, Sandy's leg flew up over her daughter's head and pinned it against her velvety fold. Kari had no choice but to continue to lick and finger her mother, deeper, harder faster. Sandy was quickly coming to orgasm herself, but decided it insert a finger into Kari's ass.

Both women's screams were muffled by the muffs they were eating. But the results were the same. Mother and daughter, entwined in each others legs, cumming a violent, hard cum satisfying eaches carnal needs. Sandy's leg released her daughter's head, and as fingers came out of the other's pussy, Kari rolled off her mom. As she turned to face her mother, the sight was amazing. Sandy's face glistened, her hair matted and soaked, but the loving tenderness beamed from her eyes. They embraced, and after a second passionately kissed. Kari returned her head to mother's heaving chest, gently flicking her tounge on the nipple that fed her a kid. Sandy stroked Kari's hair as the cool air began to blow across her molten hot pussy.

Kari was spent. She wanted to fall asleep and dream about this moment forever. About the last 2 days forever. Eric had torn her heart out, but her brother, and now her mother came to her rescue. She began to daydream about all three of them together, hell and dad too. Could they make it work? Could they keep it under wraps from friends and family? Could this last forev....

"Kari honey, did you hear me? Baby we should probably shower and wash the bedding. It is getting late and I need to get home sweetie."

"Yeah, sorry mom. I was thinking about how amazing that was, how amazing you are, and, well, thank you! Not just for that, but for everything mom. Thank you, I love you!!"

"Awwwe thank you baby! And you're welcome!!! I will always love you! Now let's get going."

They stirred from the sex cocoon and stripped the bed. Kari threw it in the wash as Sandy turned the shower on. The walk-in shower was more than big enough for the two of them, and Sandy stopped in first, feeling the hot water spray her sensitive body from multiple angles. Kari was soon to join, and Sandy felt her tits on her back, and Kari's arms wrap around her. Light sexy, playful kisses on her back soon followed, and Sandy was surprised that Kari had any energy for this. But the intimacy was appreciated. Not that she didnt have it at home, Brian was great. They had a more than active sex life and when home together we normally in each others arms. But this was different. Her baby girl was hurt by a stupid asshole, and the bond these women had was unbreakable.

Yet as the water fell on them, she couldn't help but think what Brian would do if he found out, or what her son would think about all this. It happened so fast. Not that she had regrets, not at all. But she was anxious. Catching her gorgeous daughter masturbating at the restaurant, the naked pics she received a few hours ago, to the explicit sexual fuck fest that just happened. Not even 24 hou....

"Shiiiiittttttt! Wha whaaaa what, what are you doing honey??" Kari had pinned Sandy against the shower wall and pulled her hips back. Her hand was guiding the top of a strap on into her mother. Sandy was shocked. She looked through the glass shower wall and into the mirror. Her tits pressed hard against the the steamed up glass and she couldn't help but notice how hot she looked and how erotic the whole scene looked. She used one of her hands to wipe the glass giving herself a full view of her naked body, as Kari continued to slowly thrust her hips forward, pushing the phallic shaped intruder inside.

Her pussy was on fire, and Sandy began pushing herself back on the cock. Her ass met Karis hips, and they both sat still for a moment, adjusting and savoring the new level of twistedness that was added to their new relationship. Kari pulled back, and then slammed back into her mother. It was awkward at first, but they soon found their rhythm and it felt oh so good. Sandy continued to watch herself in the mirror. Her tits slamming now against the glass and she grew a little bolder. She threw her leg up on the bench allowing her daughter deeper access to very full love canal.

The feeling was incredible. She had never been fucked from behind by a woman, and the walking shower just added to the wickedness of the whole day. As she looked in the mirror, she noticed Kari making eye contact with her. It was mesmorising. The rhythmic smacking of skin, her tits smacking the window, and although Sandy could not see, Kari was enjoying the water flying when their skin connected.

Sandy pushed back from the glass, propped herself with one hand, and with the free one grabbed a breast and licked her nipple. A wicked smile broke out on Kari's face. She licked her lips and thrusted hard into the velvet opening of her mother. Sandy dropped her milker, and her arm that was propping her her went weak, causing her to slam breast first into the glass again. Her fingers followed the stream of water down her front, past her bosom, her navel, and found it's way to the edge of her pubic forest. Her experienced fingers pulled back the hood, exposing her clit to the her new found, incestuous loving fuck life. Lightly at first, she started rubbing, mixing it up as she went. Side to side, up and down, circling and more and more pressure, faster, faster, faster.

Until the end. She exploded. Her vagina started convulsing, causing Kari to pull and push harder and hard. Sandy was breathless and completely lost in the moment, her knees locked up and screaming bloody murder. One final thrust was all it took, and Kari held her mother's hips tight and pushed hard to keep the dildo deep inside her mother's now gushing waterfall. Kari watched her mother contorting her face in ways that was humanly impossible.

As Sandy finally took a breath, Kari started swaying left to right to left. Sandy started panting, feeling the dildo moving inside her, and slowly began to move forward, feeling the fake cock moving inside her. Sandy moved too far ahead and the dildo slipped out of her lubricated pussy. She turned to face Kari and they kissed deeply. Finally spent, they finished showering while Sandy promised to fuck Kari like that next time.

They dried off, and dressed and Kari switched the laundry over. It was early afternoon and neither woman could believe the last few hours. They kissed, and said said goodbye. As soon as Sandy was out of site, Kari ran to her phone to text Chris. She sent a message asking when he would be home, and thought of sending out the racy ones she had accidentally sent her mother, but decided to wait for him to reply first. When he again didn't reply right way, she decided to do some house work. With all the fucking and sucking going on lately, the house was a mess, although Kari did love the fact that someone wanted her that much and that badly.

She felt a tingle in her well used, and very sore pussy. She thought of rubbing one out, but decided to wait for her man. She stripped out of her clothes and went about cleaning, vacuuming, dishes, the shower, and making the bed. She was trying to keep busy so she could resist the urge deep inside to finger fuck herself. It was mid afternoon when her phone went off, and like a giddy little schoolgirl, she ran to phone. It wasn't Chris. She was a bit frustrated at this, and then pissed when she saw it was Eric. She was going to just delete the message and block him. She still loved him, maybe, but what he did was unforgivable.

She opened the message. The same dribbling bullshit that he has been saying from the start. Nothing was registering in her brain. She closed the text without responding and made herself a drink. She decided to return to sunbathing. Before she could make it there, her phone chirped again, and again. Eric wouldn't stop. She suddenly felt very alone and a bit frightened.

Getting dressed, she checked all the doors and windows and texted her dad to come over. "On our way!" was the response she got back. Eric had been there and now the texting was worrying her. She had not been alone at the house and unable to get ahold of Chris, company would set her at easy. She peered out into the yard cautiously and her mind was eased a bit when she didnt see anything. She pulled her long blonde hair into a ponytail and was relieved to see dad's truck pull into the driveway. She bolted down the stairs and out the door, straight into dad's arms. Sandy wasn't far behind, and they went in the house to look at the messages Eric sent. They were all over the board, from regret, to downright derogatory, and few that seemed a bit threatening.

"Well," dad said before a deep exhale, "I think maybe we should call the police and let them see it. And tomorrow we will go get a restraining order. How much stuff do you have over there pumpkin?"

His words were soothing to her. "Just normal stuff dad, clothes mostly, I don't want it. I just want him out of my life."

"Ok sweetie. Let's wait for the police."

Chris was exhausted. His phone dead and the machine he had to fix had whooped him. He sank into the seat of his truck, plugged his phone in, and left work. He passed the hardware store, and decided to pull in. He didn't feel comfortable leaving Kari home alone and figured he should get some cameras to install. His next stop was the floral shop. He bought Kari some roses, and took off for home. As he got near, his cock began to get hard. He adjusted himself, giving the monster room to grow. He pulled up to the house, and was shocked to see his dad's truck, and a squad car. He raced to the door and went inside hoping all was well.

Chris was relieved to see everyone was ok. The officer finished his report, and left. Kari gave Chris a hug, and both resisted the urge to kiss and grope each other. After getting the explanation of why the cops were there, and reading the messages, he informed everyone that he had just bought cameras and he would put them up in the morning. He thanked his parents, asked Kari to order pizza for dinner, and excused himself to go shower.

The water felt amazing. He sat there and just allowed the hot water to run down his body, soothing his aching muscles and whisking away the dirt and grime from the day. His mind started to wander to visions of Kari, naked, and soaking wet under the shower head. He was on knees, tongue buried in her sweet little snatch. He instantly went hard, but as soon as those thoughts started, he also started thinking that she mostly didn't need that at this moment. After the day she went through, the text messages, the home alone all day, that she needed to be comforted, just close reassuring contact.

But the erotic dirty thoughts remained. His cock, standing at full mast, begging to be stroked and caressed. He fought the urge, desperate to save it for Kari, desperate to not waste himself without her. His imagination had other thoughts. In his mind, he was drinking her cum, readying his shaft to enter her forbidden zone. In reality, his hand gently started stroking as a soft moan escaped his lips. His head rolled back and the strokes increased. The only thing that stopped him was when he heard the door close.

In an instant, his head snapped around, the stroking stopped and there in front of him stood Kari, naked and rubbing her pussy. He slowly looked up her sexy body, starting at her feet, to her sexy thighs, gorgeous pussy, tits, and finally her face and eyes. They made eye contact, he turned to face her, and she said....

More to cum?? Thank you for reading


2020-02-09 22:16:54
A truly great story. I love it.

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2020-02-09 15:30:35
Great story. Please don't leave me hanging. I need part 6. You left part 5 with a cliffhanger.


2020-02-08 22:52:55
I think these are amazing, I can't wait for the next one.

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