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Mildred, the mind-controlling futa, gets a shock when the man of the house comes home to his dominated wife and daughters reveling in naughty passion!
The Futa's Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Three: Caught by the Hot Wife's Husband

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Mildred Dean

I lay sprawled on the floor, knocked over by the man of the house coming home. My cock had popped out of Bryana's cunt. The twenty-year-old girl lay beside me, panting from her orgasm and from being knocked on her ass.

“What the fuck?” the man said as his two daughters just calmly greeted him. The other daughter, Chloe, was getting her ass licked out by her Aunt Nadine and she had her pussy getting eaten out by her sister, the two girls' mother. “Jesus, what the fuck is this.”

“Welcome home, honey,” Mrs. Quick said to her husband, hardly lifting her mouth from her sister's pussy. “Mmm, just eating Nadine's cunt out.”

“And Aunt Nadine's eating my asshole out, Daddy!” Chloe said with such brightness.

The women were all under the mind-controlling powers of my sodden panties. To them, this was normal. They believed they should be engaged in lesbian incest and loving me. Mr. Quick had just come home from work, a white-collar shirt tucked into gray slacks giving proof of his office job, tie already loosened.

“What are you doing to my little girl!” he roared and grabbed the naked Chloe by the arm. He hauled her to her feet.

“Daddy, ow!” the girl gasped as he thrust her behind him. “What are you doing?”

“Jesus, Dianne,” the man said. “What are you and... Holy fuck, who are you, freak?”

Fury crossed his face as he stared at me and my futa-dick. He lunged at me. I squeaked and rolled to the side, just avoiding his hands grabbing for me. My new cock and swollen girl-balls smacked into the carpet before I rolled over onto my back. My heart hammered as he lunged at me, throwing a kick.

“You fucking tranny freak!” he roared. “What did you do to my family!”

“Fred!” Mrs. Quick gasped, jumping to her feet. “Stop this right now! What are you doing?”

“Me?” he demanded.

Dianne rushed between me and her husband. I crawled back, my heart racing. Where had had my panties end up? I'd lost track of them. I didn't even know if they would work or not on a man. The note hadn't mentioned them at all.

I hadn't even thought of Mr. Quick. I was just having too much fun fucking his wife, sister-in-law, and daughters.

“Calm down, honey,” Dianne said.

“Honey?” he roared. “You're having an orgy, and you want me to calm down? What the fuck is wrong with you, Dianne?”

“We're just having sex,” she said, sounding utterly perplexed by why he would be shouting.

“Daddy,” Chloe sobbed, tears spilling down the eighteen-year-old girl's cheek.

This was all going wrong.

Now Nadine was standing by her sister, glaring at her brother-in-law. Both women were shouting with him while my head darted around the room. Where were my panties? I had to find them before he came after me again.

“Tranny freak!” kept exploding from the angry father and husband. Along with, “Going to kick his ass!” and “He's got a cock, that makes him man enough for me!”

A scrap of purple caught my attention. My panties had gotten wedged into the couch cushions, one part thrusting out. I gasped and lunged across the living room. The two women were struggling to hold him back. I grabbed the panties.

“Out of the way, Dianne!” he growled. His eyes found me. “Touch my wife and daughters, asshole!”

I snagged my panties, still wet from my pussy juices. They always would be drenched. That was how the magic worked. I turned to face him just in time to see Dianne stumbling back and Nadine futile dragging at his right arm. He hauled her toward me.

He grabbed my arm while I shoved the panties into his face. The tangy scent of my cunt cream filled the air. I smeared them across his face. He shuddered. He breathed in deeply. He let out a groan. He shook his head.


“You just got confused,” I panted, my heart racing so fast. I shook. “That's all. You misunderstood. I'm allowed to fuck your wife and daughters, aren't I?”

“I... well... I guess you are.”

“So you have nothing to be angry about at all, do you?” I asked.

He shook his head. I pulled the panties from him, some of my cream coating his lips. He licked out at them. Then he stared up and down at me. He looked really confused. Then he glanced at Nadine clutching to his arm.

“Dianne, you okay?” he asked his wife.

“Yeah,” she said, rising from the couch. “What's wrong with you?”

“It's okay,” I said. “Chloe, honey, you don't have to cry. It's fine. Everything's okay. Your father understands now. Just like you do.”

“He does?” Chloe lifted her face from her hands. She sniffled a few times, her sandy-blonde hair spilling about her face. “You're not mad, Daddy?”

“Of course not,” he said. “But, uh, I mean, you're naked. Maybe you should get some clothes on.”

“Your women can be naked around me all they want,” I said. “In fact, don't look at Chloe. If you want to ogle one, stare at Bryana. She's a slut.”

“I am a slut,” Bryana said.

She rose from the floor with that grace she'd shown doing her strip show Her belly charm swayed while her round breasts jiggled. She had this wild look in her eyes as she stood naked and proud before her father.

“Now, Mr. Quick, I think you owe me an apology for what you said. I'm not a 'tranny freak.” I'm a futanari. I am a chick who grew a dick.”

He turned around to face me and flushed. “Sorry. I just... I really got angry. I didn't realize it was you, uh...”

“Mildred. Mildred Dean. I moved in next door.”

“Fred Quick,” he said. “I am sorry. I just saw what was happening, and, I don't know, I saw red. I feel really embarrassed now.”

“That's okay,” I said. “I understand completely. I'm special.”

He nodded.

“Now, I think what you have to do is kneel on the ground and beg your wife to suck my cock and finger my pussy. In fact, you've so offended me, you should just give me your wife.”

“Yes,” he said as he knelt down. He stared up at me. “Honey, you're Mildred's now. I guess. I guess you're not my wife any longer.”

“Oh, no, she's still your wife,” I said. “But she's all mine. No more getting to touch her or kiss her until I get bored with her. I probably will. I mean, there are so many women in the world, but until, she's all mine to play with.”

“Right,” the husband said. “All yours. I won't object. I mean, I'm the one in the wrong.”

“That's right,” I said. “And if you keep being a good boy, well, I might let you have Bryana. I mean, she's not my type. All those piercings and that haircut.” I blanched.

“You don't like my hair,” Bryana gasped, touching it.

“No, but that's okay. You can have your punk look.”

“Honey, you have to come suck her cock and show Mildred you're all hers.”

“Okay,” Mrs. Quick said. She smiled at her husband. “I'm so glad you're able to be a big enough man and admit you're wrong. I'm sure I'll be back to you in a few months.”

“Maybe pregnant,” I added. “You'll be a good father to her child, right?”

“Right,” he said.

My dick throbbed in delight. This was even better than I could imagine, and the idea of him fucking that punkish daughter of his had my dick throbbing. But not Chloe. Oh, no, she was way too precocious for me to ever let a man touch her.

Even her father.

Mrs. Quick fell to her knees before me. She grabbed my girl-dick and opened her mouth wide. She swallowed my cock with hunger, sucking hard on it. My pussy clenched. I groaned in aching bliss, savoring this wonderful delight.

“That's it, honey,” her husband said. “She's like your wife now. You got to please her.”

That was the hottest thing in the world. This man begging his wife to please and love my girl-dick. I had to give him Bryana just for that, but then to feel Mrs. Quick's mouth sliding over my cock. That wonderful, hot, wet delight engulfing my spongy crown still wet with her oldest daughter's pussy juices was delicious.

“Can I... Can I lick Mildred out of you, Bryana?” Chloe asked.

“Sure, twerp,” Bryana said, using the insult but with none of the bite. It sounded affectionate now, not like the first time she'd said it before falling under my mind-control.

I shuddered, running my fingers through Mrs. Quick's blonde hair as Chloe fell to her knees before her big sister. The cutie leaned forward to eat out Bryana. The kitten face pressed in between Bryana's lithe thighs. The older sister shuddered.

Her round tits jiggled. She groaned, her tongue flicking over her ruby lips. Chloe's hands gripped her sister's legs, clutching to her with obvious hunger. The girl was feasting, licking my cum out of that delicious pussy.

“Ooh, it's different without any hair,” Chloe moaned.

“Yeah, I prefer eating out a bald twat, too,” Bryana said and winked down at her sister. “Bet you didn't know your big sis was a switch hitter.”

“No,” she groaned. “Who?”

“Oh, Sasha Ford just down the street,” she said. “Ate her snatch. And I've been meaning to give Mrs. Solomon a try. I got a feeling she's down to clown.”

Chloe giggled. “That's funny. Mom says she's a big slut.”

“She is,” Mr. Quick said. “Tried to hit on me a few times.”

An angry growl came from Mrs. Quick, and she sucked even harder. I think I knew who they were talking about. The busty lady who lived across the street. The one who looked like a trophy wife. I shuddered, ideas bursting in my head. And Sasha Ford already liked eating pussy? I had to meet her.

Mrs. Quick bobbed her head with hunger on my cock, her husband kneeling right beside her, watching his wife be my slut. This was another fantasy come to life. I groaned, my pussy clenching, the delight rippling through me, my pussy juices soaking my bush. My swaying lady-balls brimmed with a new load of cum.

“Oh, yes,” I groaned. “That's so good, Dianne.”

“Yes, honey, you're giving her an amazing blowjob,” her husband said. “Just love her cock.”

“She is,” I panted. “You're wife's my whore, Mr. Quick.”

“Every wife should be a whore in the bedroom,” he said and almost looked at Nadine.

His sister-in-law crossed her arms. “Well, for a dickgirl, I'd be a whore. And my sister certainly is being one for Mildred.”

“Yes, she is,” said Mr. Quick, joy in his voice. Nadine's attack missed.

I didn't care. I was just enjoying the blowjob and watching cute Chloe devour my spunk out of her sister's twat. Bryana's head threw back, her short, dyed-red hair swaying about her cute face twisting with delight. She shuddered and moaned. She grabbed her sister's tresses, clutching tight as she rotated her hips from side to side.

“That's it, twerp, get that tongue in me! I'm going to cream your mouth!”

“Yay!” the cutie cheered.

God, that kitty-cat was just adorable. I wanted to pet her and fuck her and love her. I was going to do such wicked things to her. My heart sped up while Mrs. Quick sucked with relish on my cock, taking more and more of me into her mouth.

Her husband groaned as his wife slid her mouth down my cock and swallowed the tip. He realized she was deep-throating me. With a gurgling groan, Mrs. Quick pressed her mouth further down my shaft, my futa-dick sliding down her gullet.

“Damn!” I gasped, feeling so bold as she swallowed inch after inch of my cock, reaching parts still soaked in her oldest daughter's juices. “Your wife ever deep-throat your cock.”

“Once. She hated it. But she must love you. Look at her go!”

“Yes, she'll do anything for me,” I moaned.

He nodded in complete agreement.

His wife's lips slid down and down my cock. She gurgled and moaned, her passion humming around my dick. Then her lips were nuzzling into my bush. Her chin pressed into my balls. This was incredible.

I could fuck her mouth.

The idea electrified my mind. I gripped her blonde locks and drew back my hips. She sucked and swallowed, massaging my cock and giving me as much pleasure as she could. It was wild. I loved every moment of it.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped as the tip of my cock popped out of her mouth.

She sucked with hunger, drool running down her chin. Her blue eyes stared up at me with such hunger. I grinned at her and then I rammed forward. I buried to the hilt down her throat. My girl-balls smacked into her chin.

“Go, Mom, take that cock!” whooped Bryana.

“Yes!” I groaned as I drew back my hips, my pussy clenching. My juices soaked my bush, the tangy scent rising in the air.

“Yes, yes, fuck my wife's mouth,” groaned Mr. Quick. “She's yours. Use her!”

“Mine!” I groaned and rammed down his wife's throat again. My balls cracked into her chin.

The friction around my dick's tip was exquisite. My breasts bounced as I fucked my hips forward. The crown drank in the buzzing moans rising from her vocal cords, the tight confines of her gullet, and the dancing delight of her tongue when I drew back before I made that delicious plunge.

I fucked her with passion. She gurgled and moaned, her blue eyes staring up at me with such love and worship. Her fingers grabbed my ass. They kneaded me, pulling at me when I rammed forward. She wanted me to cum down her throat.

“Oh, god, that's so hot,” moaned Bryana, grinding her shaved cunt on her little sister's face. “Twerp, I'm going to cum watching Mildred mouth-fuck Mom!”

“It's so hot,” Nadine agreed, masturbating on the couch. “Fuck my sister hard. Give her the pleasure her husband never did! Use her like your slut! Yes!”

Annoyance flashed through me. I shook my head and then slammed deep into Mrs. Quick's tight throat. I buried hard into her, my tits heaving. My breasts smacked together. I was so close to my orgasm.

Just a few more hot plunges. A few more pumps down that gullet. My nuts brimmed with my cum. My dick throbbed in her mouth. I groaned, my head swaying from the joy that I would soon unleash. That wonderful pleasure that would gush out of me.

An intense and rapturous delight.

“Oh, fuck, yes, twerp!” gasped Bryana, her hazel eyes locked on me. “Drink my juices.”

“So good!” Chloe moaned, lapping up her big sister's cream.

Watching Bryana tremble as I rammed my cock down her mother's gullet sent me over the edge. As my girl-balls smacked into her chin, my orgasm exploded through me. Hot futa-cum pumped down the married woman's throat. Rapture slammed into my mind.

I trembled, clutching her hair. My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed out as my cum spurted over and over into her stomach. My breasts bounced as I thrashed. My moans echoed through the living room, merging with Bryana's.

“Yes, yes, flood my sister's belly with all that jizz!” Nadine moaned. “You're so much better for her than her husband.”

“Just make my wife happy!” groaned Mr. Quick, watching as I flooded his wife's belly with all my cum.

I swayed there and then groaned, “Nadine, put that mouth to good use and give your brother-in-law the best blowjob ever while I enjoy the hell out of your sister's asshole!”

“Yes, Mildred,” said Nadine who hastened to obey, much to Mr. Quick's surprise. The recent divorcee probably had a low-opinion of men at the moment, and I was certain he'd overheard things Nadine had said to her sister.

Mr. Quick moved to the couch, eager to experience his sister-in-law's mouth. She knelt before him and unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled them down. Boxers next, then a cock that was much smaller than mine popped out.

Just the way it should be.

I pulled my cock out or Mrs. Quick's mouth. “Mmm, bet you'd never expected to see your sister sucking your husband's cock.”

She glanced over her shoulder. “No. That is quite the shock, but Nadine needs to put her mouth to proper use.”

“Oh, yes, yes, yes she does!” gasped Bryana, cumming hard on the cute kitten's mouth. “Oh, twerp, let's sixty-nine! I want to lick your tasty cunt!”

“Yum!” Chloe moaned.

“And I want you to work that tight asshole up and down my dick,” I said, moving to the chair to watch Mr. Quick enjoy his blowjob. And so he could also watch his wife's asshole engulf my cock. “You ever slipped it up her ass.”

“Never even asked,” he said. “Well, she's yours right now. Enjoy her. Maybe if she ever comes back to me.”

“Well, I know Nadine will be more than happy to let you fuck her ass. She's going to be your little fuck-slave at least until I return your wife.”

Mr. Quick nodded, his hand sliding through his sister-in-law's hair. He stared down at her. “And you're going to be a good fuck-slave, aren't you?”

Nadine moaned.

“She will be, honey,” said Mrs. Quick. “I'm so glad you're seeing my husband is being taken care of, Mildred. He's a good man.”

“Mmm, but you love me more, don't you,” I cooed as she moved to straddle me.

“Of course,” Mrs. Quick gushed. “You're just amazing, Mildred. I love you so much.”

She cupped my face and kissed me with hunger. Her large breasts rubbed into my clavicle, the bottom swell of her boobs caressing the tops of my round tits. Our tongues dueled while I savored every bit of kissing her while feeling Mr. Quick's eyes on me.

“Ooh, let's devour each other, Twerp,” Bryana moaned.

“Here I go!” Chloe cheered.

The two sisters made such naughty sounds as they devoured the other's cunt. It mixed with the sucking and slurping Nadine did on her brother-in-law's cock. He groaned, savoring the woman's passionate blowjob.

And I savored kissing his wife. My hands slid down her naked back to her plump butt-cheeks. I boldly thrust my fingers into her crack. I didn't have to shy ever again. Not with my amazing panties. I loved the confidence swelling through me to do this.

I found Mrs. Quick's puckered asshole and stroked my finger up and down it. I broke the kiss and cooed, “I want this sliding down my futa-dick right now.”

“Yes, Mildred,” purred the MILF, her blue eyes shining with lust for me. “Mmm, let me think about how to do this. I guess if I lean back.”

She reached between us to grab my girl-cock. She held it tight and then leaned her body back. Her breasts swayed before my face. The tip of my dick slid through her silky bush, sending a shiver racing down to my cunt. A moment later, she pressed my cock's tip into her taint and slid it back. The puckered hole I just stroked now caressed the crown of my aching shaft.

She pressed down her weight on my crown. Her anal ring spread and spread. Her married asshole swallowed my cock while her docile husband watched. Mrs. Quick moaned, her breasts heaving as she bucked. She quivered, taking more and more of my dick as she sank her weight down my shaft.

“That's it, honey,” he said, just so supportive of her. “You're doing great. Swallow her cock.”

“Yes,” I moaned, the pleasure rippling down my shaft. I just might keep her like I would Chloe. The MILF was so exciting. I'd leave Mr. Quick his sister-in-law and eldest daughter to enjoy. It was a fair trade. I didn't need every woman.

Just the best.

“She's so big and thick!” gasped Mrs. Quick. “Oh, honey, it's a shame we never did this. Ooh, this is amazing. I'm going to cum so hard on her cock in my asshole!”

“It's so hot!” Chloe moaned. “I loved when Mildred slid into my butt.”

“Such a tasty butt,” cooed Bryana.

I bet it was.

Mrs. Quick bottomed out on me. Her plump ass rested on my thighs, her pussy rubbing into my stomach. She wiggled her hips, stirring my cock around inside of her bowels. I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching in her.

Then she slid up me. Her bowels clenched about my dick. I groaned at the delicious feel of her slipping up and up my cock, her pussy smearing against my stomach as she did so. That ticklish bush feeling incredible.

“Yes!” I moaned, stroking her back.

“Mildred!” she cooed, staring at me with such delight burning in her eyes. She slammed her asshole down my cock. Her butt-cheeks smacked into my thighs. “Oh, this is amazing! I'm yours!”

“Yes, you are!” I panted.

She worked her bowels up and down my dick. Her asshole gripped me. Held me tight. This incredible bliss melted to my cunt. My futa-balls tightened, building and building with a load of cum to fire into her depths.

I would pump so much jizz into her bowels. I groaned as she rode me, working her anal sheath up and down my cock. Her tits heaved before me, bouncing and jiggling. They were hypnotic to watch. Her pussy ground on my stomach, her wet bush tickling me, adding a naughty sensation.

“Damn,” Mr. Quick groaned. “Nadine, your sister is working her ass up and down that cock. You're going to do the same for me, aren't you?”

Nadine moaned her agreement.

The cute kitten and her big sis moaned and gasped, enjoying their sisterly affection. The incestuous sounds they made rippled through the air. Such a joy to hear. My futa-dick throbbed and ached in Mrs. Quick's bowels.

The pressure grew and grew at the tip of my dick every time she slid up my cock. I groaned, savoring that hot delight. Her bowels sucked at me. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut and savoring this heaven for a moment.

Then I opened them to Mrs. Quick's smiling face.

“I'm going to cum so hard on your futa-dick, Mildred!” the MILF moaned, sliding her bowels down my cock, teasing me. That anal friction had my cunt melting.

“Good,” I groaned. “Don't hold back. Never hold back with me.”

“Never!” she moaned, her hips dancing from side to side. She stirred her asshole around my cock. She massaged me with that wonderful heaven.

It was incredible to enjoy. I groaned, my dick twitching. Throbbing. I couldn't take much more of this. She squeezed her bowels tighter around me as she rose up my cock, almost sucking at me. My cunt clenched. My heart pounded with rapture. I groaned as she reached the pinnacle and then slammed back down me.

She gasped. Her pussy gushed juices that splashed my stomach. Her bowels went wild around my dick. She bucked, her convulsing asshole rising an inch up my shaft before she sank back down. Her tits heaved.

“Mildred!” she cried out as she came on my cock.

That wonderful, massaging delight rippled around my dick. I groaned, savoring the wicked sensation of her married bowels sucking at my cock. The pressure rose and rose in my balls. I shuddered and groaned.

Erupted into her pussy.

I fired spurt after spurt of cum into her bowels. I flooded her with my spunk. I groaned, my round breasts bouncing, nudging into the bottom swells of Mrs. Quick's lush tits. My cock spurted again and again, each one delivering ecstasy to me. That wonderful pleasure rushed out of me. It burst into my mind. I groaned, my cunt clenching and squeezing shut.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Oh, yes, that's incredible!”

“Mildred!” she whimpered. “Oh, honey, she's cumming into my bowels and I love it. I'm going to love her so much! Oh, thank you for being such an understanding husband and letting Mildred have me.”

“You're welcome, honey!” he grunted. “Fuck!”

Mr. Quick found his own orgasmic release. He dumped his cum into Nadine's mouth. The divorcee swallowed her brother-in-law's spunk, her cheeks bulging. She wiggled her hips from side to side, her ass jiggling.

The girls then joined us. They were squealing and moaning, the sisters licking up each other's pussy juices while I pumped spurt after spurt of my jizz into their mother's hot, velvety bowels. That delicious anal sheath rippled around me.

I shuddered, hitting that wonderful peak of pleasure. It was so exciting. I quivered there, my pussy going wild, gushing juices that soaked the couch cushion and drenched my thighs. The pleasure was so exquisite.

I panted, slumping back into the couch as Mrs. Quick milked out the last of my cum. My balls quivered. “Mmm, that was what I needed.”

“I could tell,” the blonde beauty impaled on my cock said. She had such a wicked gleam in her eyes. “I mean, you fired sooooo much cum into my asshole.”

“Can I lick it clean?” the cute kitten exclaimed. “I want to lick all that cum out of your ass. Ooh, I just know it will be yummy.”


Sasha Ford

“There is no fucking way this is happening,” I whispered as I stared at my phone, seeing the feed from inside the Quicks'.

I certainly didn't expect to find this strange orgy in progress. A family orgy.

I had been fucking around with my new drone. I just loved the thing, flying it all over the neighborhood. It had these quiet rotors, stealthy the ads said, and you could barely hear it. It had an auto-hover mode and all sorts of nifty stabilization. I controlled it from my phone. My eyes were so wide as the sound, coming through the window with startling clarity thanks to the excellent onboard mic, made my pussy clench.

“Chloe is not about to lick her mother's asshole,” I muttered. And what would she be licking up? Did the dildo Mrs. Quick had been riding, strapped to the brunette woman who'd just moved in on our street, ejaculate. I'd seen some of those online.

They fired this creamy substance. Mmm, I wanted one so bad. I'd fuck the hell out of girls with that. Like Bryana Quick. I'd fucked her hard with my strap-on while her boyfriend lay passed out at a party. He had no idea she licked me out either.

Chloe rolled off her sister and stood up. The cute, eighteen-year-old blonde had a petite body. I shuddered, my fingers unsnapping the waistband of my jeans to slip my hand inside. At the same moment, her mother slid off the brunette's dildo. Mrs. Quick fell to her knees and there was something white bubbling out of her asshole.

A dildo that ejaculated. So fucking hot.

I found my clit and rubbed my fingers against it. My bud throbbed, drinking in the pressure of my fingers. Mildred stood up and I could see her dildo thrusting out from her crotch, complete with a set of balls. I didn't see the straps, though. Where they clear? Kinky.

“Bryana, go ride your dad's cock and suck my dick clean while you do,” ordered Mildred.

“Oh, that sounds hot,” Bryana said. The punkish girl, her hair dyed cherry-red this month, darted for her dad while her Aunt Nadine slid her mouth off his cock. He'd just cum down her throat—his involvement wasn't the best part of the orgy, but I couldn't look away from the chance of father/daughter incest—and was still hard.

I groaned as Bryana sank down on her father's lap, impaling her shaved pussy on his dick. The incestuous moment of a father sliding into his daughter's young cunt sent a hot thrill shooting through my pussy.

“The drone better be saving all of this in the cloud,” I moaned. I should have a few hours of free storage. This was so hot.

Bryana's round tits bounced as she worked her cunt up and down his dick, her back facing him. She leaned over, almost doing a lap dance for him. I groaned, the heat sweeping through my twenty-year-old body, my orgasm building fast.

Mildred thrust her dildo, fresh from Mrs. Quick's asshole, at Bryana's mouth. The girl didn't hesitate to suck on it. The brunette lesbian shuddered like that was the best thing in the world. It could be hot when a girl sucked on your strap-on like it were a real dick, but it didn't feel incredible.

After all, a dildo wasn't a cock. You didn't feel anything.

God, I'd love to have a dick. To be a girl with a huge schlong would be so hot. All the girls on my softball team would be lining up to let me eat their pussies out then, and not just my coach. Ooh, that would be so fantastic.

Mildred gripped Bryana's head and fucked her hips forward, using her mouth as a pussy while her father used her cunt. He gripped her hips, working her up and down his cock. The taboo incest had my blood boiling.

Nadine sank down beside her brother-in-law. “Ooh, yes, yes, Bryana, pleasure your father. He's the man of the house. Work that cunt up and down him while cleaning Mildred's futa-dick.”

“Futa-dick?” Was that the brand of dildo that spurted cum. I'd have to look that up.

“Oh, honey, lick all of Mildred's girl-cum out of my asshole,” Mrs. Quick moaned.

Just in frame, Chloe was feasting on her mother's asshole. The cute girl, whom I'd been thinking about seeing if she wanted to learn about some lezzie love, wiggled her hips. Her blonde hair draped over her mother's rump, hiding the fun of her rimming.

“It's so good,” she moaned. “I love your cum, Mildred.”

“Mmm, I bet you do,” groaned the brunette lesbian.

I shuddered, frigging my clit harder. My orgasm built and built. I held my phone in such tight hands as I watched Mildred thrust her realistic dildo into Bryana's mouth. The slut sucked her mother's ass off of it, loving it.

Such a dirty slut.

Pussy clenched. I slid my fingers down from my clit to thrust into my pussy. I groaned, my body shaking. I ground the heel of my hand into my clit. My bud burst with sparks. The pleasure showered through my cunt, building me towards my orgasm.

“Oh, honey, work that cunt!” groaned Mr. Quick. “I'm going to cum in your pussy.”

“Yes, yes,” I hissed. “Flood the slut. Maybe you'll knock her up!”

My pussy clenched around my fingers. My legs twitched and thrashed. I loved this drone. Best $300 I'd ever spent. Way better than any dildo. I groaned, my fingers plundering hard and fast into my cunt, churning me towards that orgasm.

All the Quicks were panting, too. Mrs. Quick enjoyed getting her asshole rimmed by her youngest. Mr. Quick was savoring his eldest working her pussy up and down his cock. Mildred was getting off having her futa-dick polished clean by Bryana while Nadine masturbated herself, rubbing her hot cunt.

Just like me.

“Cum in your daughter!” I hissed, surging towards that magical orgasm that would consume me. This was so much hotter than anything I'd thought I'd see, which was a topless Mrs. Solomon. “Shit, yes!”

Bryana moaned around the brunette's dildo. She slammed her cunt down her father's cock and squirmed there. I gasped, my left hand gripping my phone. Her pussy was going wild around her father's cock, milking it.

I frigged my cunt so hard now. I thrust my fingers in and out of my juicy depths faster while I watched Mr. Quick's face twist with rapture. He felt his daughter's cunt going wild around his cock. That forbidden incest they were reveling in bringing him to the brink.

“You can do it,” I hissed.

“Fuck, yes!” I growled.

Never had a guy cumming in porn gotten me off, but it did now. Knowing that his spunk fired into Bryana's pussy sent a wild rush through me. I bucked on my bed. My pussy convulsed and writhed around my fingers.

Waves of ecstasy washed through me. I whimpered, stars dancing across the screen as the intensity of my orgasm rushed through me. My clit throbbed beneath the heel of my hand, adding sparks of delight that mixed with my bliss.

“Oh, this is so hot!” I groaned.

“Milk my pussy dry, honey!” panted Mr. Quick.

“Oh, honey, I'm so glad you'll be taking care of your father while I'm at Mildred's!” Mrs. Quick moaned.

“Oh, god, what does that mean?” I groaned as my orgasm hit the peak. What had I stumbled on?

“Yes, yes, you're going to be mine, Dianne!” Mildred moaned. Then she ripped her dildo out of Bryana's mouth.


The fake cum erupted from the dildo. It splattered Bryana's face. She opened her mouth as the pearly liquid coated her features. I shuddered at how life-like it looked. So much like real cum. I groaned while Mildred simulated her orgasm well.

So well, I could see pussy juices spilling down her thighs.

And there was so much. How could all that jizz fit in the dildo? In the balls? And how did she fire it out of the toy? She wasn't squeezing the balls to squirt the contents. I stared in such fascination at the pearly strands that dripped down Bryana's face.

“Oh, Mildred, I love the taste of your cum,” she moaned. “Mmm, it's just yummy.”

“I bet it is,” I groaned. “You can make it taste like anything other than real spunk. I need to get one of these.”

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and absently sucked on them. I worked them in and out of my mouth. They were soaked in my sweet juices. I loved the flavor of my pussy. I swirled my tongue around my fingers as I watched Nadine began licking the futa-cum off her niece's face. I smiled, loving just how naughty this was. It was such a wild sight to see.

“Okay, okay, kitty-cat and Dianne, get dressed. I'm taking you home with me. Mr. Quick—”

“Call me Fred, Mildred,” he said in a friendly manner.

“Fred, enjoy your fuck-slut and daughter. I'll let you keep them even after, or if, I return your wife to you.”

“Sure, sure,” he said. “Just take care of Dianne and my Chloe.”

Mildred hesitated while my jaw dropped. This was some crazy shit. Was this a BDSM thing. Was Mildred like topping the entire family. She really didn't act like a domme. She wasn't giving orders, just saying things and they were all scrambling to obey her.

“I will, Fred,” Mildred said with absolute sincerity. “I'll treat them well. You don't need to worry about them.”

“Here are your panties,” Chloe said, her petite body scampering up to Mildred. She thrust a pair of purple panties at the woman. She still wore her dildo and her cock...

Deflated? It was growing soft? Because it had emptied all the cum in it? That was a neat feature.

I activated the controls and raised the drone up to a few hundred feet. I would track them and then spy on them wherever they went. I hoped it was just next door to the house Mildred had bought. This was so hot. I didn't want the fun to stop. I wanted to learn more.


Chloe Quick

Dressed, I darted over to Dad and, even though he was naked and had Bryana and Aunt Nadine licking his cock, I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. “Bye, Daddy. Love you.”

“Love you, too,” he said and kissing me back on the cheek. “You mind Mildred and your mother.”

“I will, Daddy,” I said, so happy. I didn't even care that I had missed out on Pretty Pretty Kay's gossip live-stream on YouTube. It was such a shame my friend Stacey had bolted and didn't get to join the fun.

She was shy.

I had my skinny jeans—which absolutely was not me copying how my older sister dressed—and blouse. Mom wore her sundress and Mildred had on a one-piece dress that looked like something a reverend's wife would wear to Sunday evening service. Not fancy, but very conservative. It was so different from the fun and sexy futa who'd so changed our lives.

“Now, I have a big surprise for you, kitty-cat,” Mildred said, extending her hand to me.

I darted over and took it. “Oh?”

“Yes, what?” Mom asked. She took Mildred's arm the way a wife would with her husband's. Or her futa-wife.

Did that make Mildred my futa-step-mom now? I mean, my parents were divorced. Mom was just Mildred's now. Maybe I shouldn't overthink it, but what was this present. I was getting all excited to receive it. Should I text Stacey and tell her about this?

“You'll see,” Mildred said, squeezing my hand. “Mmm, now, let's get over to my place. I have a big bed. We'll all fit.”

“Oh, yay,” I said.

Mom and I waved goodbye to Dad, Aunt Nadine, and Bryana, and then we were out the door. I smiled, the late afternoon sun warm. My stomach was starting to rumble. It was clear Mom wasn't going to make any food tonight.

“Can we order pizza?” I asked.

“Sure,” Mildred said. “And if you show them my panties, why, I bet we won't have to pay. And if it's a cute girl, mmm, we can have two different meals.”

“That's naughty,” I giggled, my pussy feeling all wet against my jeans.

I'd left my panties at home.

It was such a fun walk, but so short. I mean, she lived next door to us. We passed Mrs. Solomon sunbathing on her front lawn. She sat up and took notice of us, peering over the top of her sunglasses. She had big, fake boobies held in her skimpy bathing suit.

“She wants every man in the neighborhood to stare at her tits and ass,” Mom muttered, her voice full of disapproval. “One or two's fallen between her thighs. Her poor husband has no idea.”

“And the wives of those men.”

“No one's told them.” Mom shifted. “I'm not really sure which husbands they are. It's just rumored.”

“Not Dad,” I said firmly.

“Of course,” Mom said.

“I like the sight of her,” Mildred said, a husky purr to her voice. “Don't you two?”

“So do I,” I gasped.

“Yes,” Mom said, looking over at her. “Maybe you could fall between her thighs.”

“That would be hot,” Mildred moaned. “I'm getting stiff all over again.”

I grinned as we walked up her driveway now. She released my hand to punch in a code on a panel on the side of the house. It opened the garage door, and we headed inside. She closed it and then we entered her house through an unlocked kitchen door. It was cool inside and had a fresh scent. There were boxes everywhere, her kitchen only half unpacked.

“Now, my gift for you is upstairs, kitty-cat,” she cooed, taking my hand again. “Dianne, did you bring your phone.”

“Of course,” Mom said.

“Then you should film this. It's an important part of her life. It should be documented. Like a birthday.”

Mom pulled out her phone and aimed it at me. I rolled my eyes. She held it upright.

“Turn it sideways. You don't want to take a video that way. Everyone will think it's lame.”

“Oh, right.” Mom gave me a smile and turned her phone. “Today, my daughter is getting a gift from Mildred. I'm so excited.”

“Mom,” I groaned, a wave of embarrassment washing over me.

“Let's go up to my bedroom,” said Mildred. “That's where it is.”

“And where your bed is?” I asked, flicking her an arched eyebrow.

“Oh, you know it,” she said. “I can see the naughty ideas scrambling through your mind. Head up the stairs, go left, and it's at the end of the hallway.”

I darted for the stairs, Mom filming me. My blonde hair streamed down my back. I felt so much like a kitty-cat that when I hit the stairs, I found myself scrambling up them on all fours, my jean-clad rump wiggling behind me. I giggled as I went, hearing them behind me.

They were staring at my cute butt.

I reached the top of the stairs, almost breathless with exhilaration, and darted left. I almost hit a full sprint as I burst into Mildred's bedroom. I shivered as I looked around. There was a bed with a purple comforter, a pair of nightstands with lamps on them. An alarm clock on the right, a charging station for her iPhone on the other. The windows were open, sunlight streaming in. A bird darted by, drawing my attention.

“Oh, don't you look cute,” said Mom.

I looked away to smile at her then looked back out the window to spot the bird. I could have sworn it was hovering in place. But I didn't see anything. Then my excitement broiled over me. I jumped in place.

“What's the surprise?” I whimpered.

“Get naked,” Mildred said as she opened the closet door.

I grinned in delight and ripped off my shirt, my little breasts coming into view. Mom had a big smile on her face as she filmed that. I grinned and did a quick pose. I blew her a kiss. Then my hands darted down to my jeans. I unsnapped them. I wiggled them off my hips, exposing my blonde bush. Mom now let out a hungry, purring sound.

“There's my little kitty-cat's pussy,” she cooed. “She's got a real yummy one.”

“I do! Bryana just loved eating it.”

I worked off the skinny jeans. They got all bunched and tangled around my ankles, but I kicked my pants off my feet. I stood there naked now, hands on my hips, grinning as the sunlight fell on my rump and back.

“Here we are,” said Mildred. She pulled out a white clothing box wrapped in a purple ribbon. “This is for you. Open it.”

I squealed in delight and took the box from her. My hand trembled as I ripped at the end of the ribbon. The satin whisked together. The bow came undone. I ripped off the box and found tissue paper. I tore through it to reveal a pair of panties.

I picked them up, tossing the box onto the bed, and held them stretched. They were white with ruffled bands of lace that ran down the backside. They were girlish and cute. I grinned, just the sort of panties I would wear.

“Thank you, Mildred, they're perfect!” I gushed.

The brunette futa smiled and stroked her girl-dick as she watched me don them. I wiggled my hips from side to side, this burst of excitement shooting through me. Something moved in the corner of my eye out the window, but I was too busy drawing up my panties to care. I worked them up over my hips and butt. I adjusted them, seating the fabric tight against my pussy and—


My orgasm hit me so hard, I fell on the bed and spasmed. Waves of rapture washed through me. I gasped and moaned, my pussy gushing juices. More than I had ever squirted in my life. My panties drank them in. They grew utterly soaked by them.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled in rapture, stars bursting across my vision. “Oh, yes, thank you!”

“Mmm, it's just getting started,” purred Mildred.

I quivered and groaned as the pleasure rushed through me. More and more of my juices soaked my panties. They were impregnated in my sweet musk. I gasped, my cunny spasming with my orgasmic delight. My mind drowned.

The panties grew tight because...

“No!” I glance down to see the growing bulge. My jaw dropped. A cock formed inside my panties. A big, throbbing dick.

I shoved them down and gasped at the sight of the big girl-dick swelling to a size as big as Mildred's. A pair of hairless futa-balls were beneath, resting over my pussy still quivering in delight. I gasped and grabbed it.

“Mom, I'm a futa!”


Sasha Ford

“Holy fucking shit!” I gasped as I watched Chloe shove down her panties.

She had a cock. She was growing a dick. I could see it swelling. What the fuck was going on over at this Mildred's place and...

She had a real cock, too. Not a toy. I quivered, staring at the drone footage. I had to know more. I shoved my hands back down into my panties, staring at the screen hoping, begging, for them to talk about this miracle.

I needed one of those dicks.

To be continued...
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