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Risk and dirty panty smelling, leading to more.
Dear Readers,

      A couple days had passed and it was time for work at my mother in laws place again. I was anxious and excited in hopes of what I would find this time in Becky's dirty laundry. Wondering if she had seen the mess I had made in her panties from the other day. 

As we arrived, I noticed Becky was still home. I got kind of nervous at first, but when we walked into the house, he came up and gave me a big hug, asked how I was and chatted some more about some random things. All I could honestly think about was how sexy she looked, curious, what panties she had on, were they wet, how would they look all wet shaped around her perfect bald pussy. 

Then suddenly, I had to snap back into reality. Becky giggled and asked if I was okay, lost in a daydream she said. Walking away, looking so fucking good. It took all I had not too just grab her and give her the good hard fucking she had been needing and wanting. My cock throbbed for her. She knew it too, because as she walked away, she looked back at me and smiled as I looked at her sweet ass. 

Becky was at the house most of the morning that work day, then commented that she was done working out and was off to take a shower. I took this as a dare, could I possibly get the panties she had just taken off after her work out. Still warm and wet, fresh, fuck, my cock went to full on hard. I had too, just had no other choice, the forces of her wet panties were pulling me in. 

Becky was in the shower for about five minutes, and my wife got distracted with her mom, so I seized the opportunity and headed to her room. I wasted no time, I went straight in and I was treated to such a yummy surprise. Becky had placed right on top of the laundry pile, her fresh Pink brand panties, black and white in color, with little xoxo's on them. They were placed just like I had left her last pair that I had cum in. So wet and such messy panties with the crotch facing up. 

I couldn't help but wonder if she had left them for me. I brought them to my nose, taking in her intensely wonderful smell. They were soaking wet and so messy. It looked as if she had been having orgasms in them, they were drenched through the material, coated in a white thick cream, again, outlining her pussy and clit on the material. 

My cock throbbed, I had too stroke it some while smelling her juices, fresh from her work out just minutes before. My mind again wandering to the thoughts of how she would look, taking them off, her pussy so wet and creamy, needing a good hard fucking. 

I stroked my cock, my nose again filled with her delicious pussy scent ,then placing the wet material on the head of my cock. Fuck it, I stroked it hard and fast. It was even more exciting because she was just in the other room taking her shower. 

I imagined opening her shower door, panties and cock in hand and standing in front of her, showing her what I was doing and letting her see me smell her pussy on her panties. I wondered if she would be pissed off at me, or would welcome the naughtiness of it all, maybe even getting in on it and playing with her pussy in the shower while I watch. Just the thought of seeing her naked, in the shower all wet, watching me stroke my cock for her,  as she played with her pretty pussy until orgasm was an overwhelming thought. Electric almost in the way it played out in my head. 

Suddenly it hit me when I heard the shower turn off, I was about to be busted. My time was up for this pair of panties, but I snapped some pics. Close ups of the creamy mess she had made and a couple of her panties wrapped around my cock. Fuck Becky was so sexy, I loved it that she made her panties such a mess. Just a serious turn on. 

I placed her panties back on the pile, but I folded them. Then walked out of her room. Good thing, because as I walked from her room and down the hallway, she walked from the bathroom to her room moments later. 

I went back out to work after that, again, peaking at the pics I had just taken and again, putting them in my B's panties file on PH. The pics now getting over a thousand views. Dirty fuckers everywhere loving sexy dirty panties as much as I. So awesome.

That day was fairly dismal after that, just work. However, when Becky left to work, she came up and gave me a hug, telling me don't work too hard, but glad that I got too enjoy my morning. With the grin she had, I knew she had seen her panties folded on the pile of laundry. She had too know that I was smelling them and stroking my cock.

 Now I wondered, was it turning her on as well?

I got my answer to the next day at the house doing some work. Becky had just left to work when we got there. I briefly got too see her, but she gave me a hug and told me to enjoy my morning. With a grin of naughtiness, I wondered what she had left for me. 

A little bit after we started working, my mother in law and my wife headed over for supplies. This left me there alone. Now, I needed too get work done, but, I now had the chance too look through her panties, her drawers, etc. Maybe find a toy, or pictures, anything. So as soon as I was alone at the house, I headed into Becky's room. 

The naughty girl had left a pair of Pink brand panties again, but this time with green and white stripes, right on top of the pile of laundry and this time, folded up. I loved it, she knew and was now playing back with me. I picked up the panties and I could feel how heavy they felt. I couldn't believe how soaking wet the crotch was. She had to of cum in these. I mean, if I could explain it, it looked like someone had smeared cream in them. 

I pulled my cock out and stroked it hard and fast. I placed the panties around the head, seeing her white cream on the head of my cock was so hot. my cock instantly started dripping pre cum as I stroked it. I needed her pussy on my mouth so bad, her smell in my nose, just amazing and driving me wild as I worked my long thick cock. It didn't take me long, I unloaded so much cum into her panties, leaving them so so messy. 

As my orgasm subsided, I wiped all my cum up with her panties, then laid re folded them, but this time, I put them on her pillow on her bed. I figured, fuck it, lets step this up some.

Now it was time too sneak into her drawers, see what I could find. First could drawers, just clothes, then jackpot, she had a toy box. Upon opening it, I could see a small vibrator, still coated in creamy pussy juice. Holy shit, I couldn't believe what I had just found. As I peaked through, I found a big dildo, about the size of my cock, a few small vibrators and a butt plug. 

The thought of Becky fucking her holes, her pretty pussy and asshole with her toys, imaging me stroking my cock for her while I smell her panties, fucking wicked hot. I put her toys back as I had found them. I peaked through a couple more drawers, but found nothing else. But now I had the image in my mind of what toys she has, and with the imagination hard at work, yummy. 

I continued snooping through her things, not finding much else, but I did find two more pairs of dirty panties in her hamper. One pair was dry in the crotch, with the material stuck together. So much of it that it was on both sides of the material. These were red, same Pink brand, but not a pair I had seen yet. The mess in them though, wow, just fucking hot.

I took pics and posted them to my PH account, again, keeping the naughty fuckers pleased. 

Now, as the week came to an end, I was there at my mother in laws for a last day of work for the time being. We arrived a little late due to my mother in law and Becky both being hung over from drinking the night before. So when we got there, Becky was on the couch in a blanket and my mother in law looked like hell while attempting too make coffee. I joked about them having a good time and Becky said, it was fun, but she had a lot on her mind while out, leaning forward and gesturing me for a hug.

I wondered, what was she thinking about, school, work, home, my cock cumming in her dirty panties. Fuck I wanted too pull my cock out right there and just feed it to her pretty mouth. She looked so good sitting on the couch in her blanket. I wanted to see what she was wearing so bad. But instead, she asked if I could take a look at the smoke alarm in her room, she said it's acting up and needs help.

My wife was over talking to my mother in law and I headed to Becky's room, but this time, by her request. I tried to behave, but when I got into Becky's room, her pants from the night before were on her bed and her panties folded on top of them. I didn't hesitate, I picked them up and holy hell, they were soaking wet. I was kind of in shock, wondering what the hell had she done in these. Did she pee in them, or maybe squirt having an orgasm? So many ifs and what the hells. 

I smelled them and oh my goodness, so strong, so delicious, so fucking incredible. I could feel the wetness on my nose, her smells were wonderful. Suddenly, I heard Becky clear her throat, asking me what the fuck I was doing. Her voice was stern, so I was uncertain at that time if I had been right about her leaving them for me, or just leaving them in her room and my mind was playing tricks on me. 

I stumbled on my words with no real excuse. I mean, how do you excuse yourself while telling a person why you're smelling their panties. So as I explained, she closed her door behind her, walking up to me with her hand out, wanting her panties back. I tried to say I was sorry, but that she just smelled so fucking good I couldn't help myself. 

Becky said, show me. Show me what you have been doing with my panties. I keep finding them soaked in your cum when I get home. So I responded, saying well I keep finding them folded up with your cum in them. Becky giggled, saying well yes, it is my room, my panties and my pussy that I make cum while thinking of what you're doing with them and your cock.

Becky said, my sister and mom are in the other room, so get to it. She reached down, feeling my cock in my pants and expressing her liking for what she had found. Then her soft hands, unzipped my pants, pulling my cock free. I was so fucking hard that I was throbbing, seeing my heart beat as my cock pulsed. Becky squeezed my shaft, barely able to wrap her hand around me. 

I told her that I put her panties to my nose, smelling her delicious pussy and then I stroke it hard and fast. Taking this as her que to begin, her hand started pumping my cock. Her comments of it's size and length, she loved it. Becky said she loved finding that I was snooping through her panties and toys. Fuck, I realized I had been busted. Becky then admitted, she had a small secret camera in her room, in case her ex snuck in and tried stealing things. But when she saw that I was sneaking into her room and smelling her panties, it seriously turned her on.

I asked when she found out. As she stroked my cock, she said the camera sends video of real time, so from moment one, she watched me, stroking, pumping my cock and cumming for her. She said that while she watched, she would play in the pairs of panties she would leave for me, so they were good and messy. Her hand now stroking my cock hard and fast, her grip so tight as she talked dirty.

I told her I was about to cum. Now, figuring she would just jerk me off and let me cum on her hand, but nope, to my surprise, she went to her knees and took my cock deep in her mouth and throat. sucking me so deep, so slow and so sensual. 

I couldn't believe Becky was sucking my cock. Her beautiful brown eyes looking up at me as she tried sucking all of my cock into her mouth and throat. Her gagging was sexy as her eyes teared up. Such a dirty girl I told her, playing with your pussy while watching me. Fuck, I couldn't hold back, Becky moaned on my cock as she devoured me, taking my loads of cum down her throat. Her wet slurping sounds were loud, but no one heard us, it was incredible. 

Becky stood and kissed me, then turned, pulling up her long shirt, showing me her perfect ass. No panties on. I was stunned and wasted no fucking time. I pushed her forward on the bed, ass up. I knelt behind her and dove right in, eating her pussy and asshole so fucking good. I slipped my thumb right up her asshole and a finger in her pussy as I licked that clit. 

Becky shook, moaning loud into her pillow as she had an orgasm on my mouth and fingers. She tasted so good, like a sweet flowery candy. Flowing her creamy juices all over me. I just wanted more and more. At one point, Becky reached back, pulling my mouth into her as she had her orgasm. Finally stopping at orgasm four, due to my mother in law asking where we were from the kitchen.

We regained ourselves quickly, me hiding my cock in my pants and moving over by the smoke alarm and Becky standing up at her dresser, pulling her long shirt down. No one knew anything different. I worked on the non broken smoke alarm and went back to working on some things for my mother in law. 

Funny thing is, later that day, I kissed my wife and she looked at me funny. She said I smelled like pussy. I joked and said that maybe her pussy juice was still in my beard from the night before. She kissed me again and told me that I was a dirty fucker and she loved it when I ate her pussy, then walked away. 

That day was slow after that, just working on the house and then headed home. I later that day went into my tool bag and found a small plastic bag wrapped up. Something soft and hard inside, so I opened it. It was a pair of Becky's panties and a copy of the videos she had been taking, of me, her and her and I. 

To be continued.

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