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Ring form a gypsy leads to fun
The Ring

Chapter 2

Keith awoke not knowing where he was and hot as all hell. His head spun as he opened his eyes to daylight and looking at a ceiling where fan blades spun slowly. Not enough to even feel a breeze. As his mind began waking, he became aware that someone lay in the bed with him.

He turned slightly and saw black hair. Leti still slept, her slow breathing making that observation fact. Details began fading back to him from yesterday.

He remembered going home with her after their backseat copulation. The entire time they talked and he recalled her telling him many things, but only her name stayed with him.

Leti had been hands on the entire ride. It was only late into the night that Keith remembered the ring had been turned on. She blew him in the driveway, which started their continual tryst as he moved the television inside.

At some point his boss had called to ask what he was up too. He got the impression she hadn’t even realized he had left work early. Somewhere into the night, they began drinking, which explained his headache. And his cotton mouth.

Keith got up and looked at his hand. The ring was still turned to be active. He left it on for now, in case she woke. Last thing Keith wanted was to awake Leti and she not recall him at all. They did drink a lot and he had no idea if the ring did anything to memory.

Moving to the bathroom, he relived himself and looked himself over in the mirror. He looked worse for wear. Eyes sunken and looking exhausted, he needed something for his sore body. Keith, not wanting to waste anytime, quickly found his things and left Leti’s home.

The daylight burned his eyes and he swore in pain. Never one to give up, he began walking though, but not before he turned the ring off. Worse thing would be running into someone on the street and falling to its influence. Noting to himself to be more careful, he wandered clumsily until his phone went off in his hand.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Where you at man?”

It was Garfield, one of his buds he regularly hung with after work at the bar.

“I actually don’t know,” he replied. He stopped on a corner and read off the streets. “Can you pick me up?”


Keith looked around until he saw a street sign.

“Corner of Gamby and Roth.”

“That’s on the other side of town,” Garfield protested.

“Come on man, I’m stuck.”


Garfield hung up the phone, never even telling Keith what he had called for. Feeling woozy, Keith sat down in a yard on the corner waiting. No traffic came for what felt like an eternity. A small truck drove by, not even slowing down to take a look at him. The next vehicle came fifteen minutes later and it happened to be Garfield.

“Dude, what happened to you?” Garfield asked as Keith settled into the seat of the small Chevy Aveo.

“Long night,” he replied with a groan. His arms hurt and so did his hips. If he did remember correctly, the Latina had been insatiable in bed. A symptom

“Fuck’s sake man, I can tell,” he said before the car accelerated. “What did you get into?”

“Latina girl,” he said smirking while saying it. Keith felt free, even though his body ached and he felt dehydrated. “I need something to drink.”

“Not now, we got issues,” Garfield said.

“Oh yeah you called me. What’s up?”

“Something happened to Frankie.”

“That sleeze-ball?”

The look Garfield gave Keith let him know that the situation was more serious than he thought.

“Look Keith, you knew Frankie was a creep, but he’s one of us.”

Frankie happened to be someone Keith honestly had major issues dealing with being friends with. The guy made inappropriate jokes, hit on women uncomfortably and was generally too obnoxious to be around for long.

“Okay, so what happened?”

“He was found dead this morning in his apartment.”


“Yeah, torn to shreds.”

They rode in silence for what seemed to Keith an eternity.

“They know why?” Keith asked after they stopped at a light.

“No, but they said it was extremely grisly.”

“So what are we doing?”

“Well, most of the group is at the bar already. No one can get ahold of Dave, but the rest of us are gathering to discuss what we can do.”

“He lived with his sister right?”

“Yeah and I have no idea to handle what she is going through?”

Keith knew that Frankie had provided much of the fund that he and his sister lived off of. It was then though, that his eyes spied over the clock in the car.

“It’s really past three?”

Keith hadn’t missed work as he was off today, but he couldn’t believe that he awoke so late in the day. He mentally shrugged to himself surmising that the night before he had lost track of time. The two of them rode in silence for the rest of the trip.

During the ride, Keith wondered what could have really happened to Frankie. Something didn’t sit right with him about the situation, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

Molly’s Bar a prominent spot for the group, was pretty empty. Samuel and David were there, waiting at a table and already sipping on some beers.

“What’s up fellas?” Keith asked sitting down in one of the empty chairs.

Samuel looked terrible. Barely holding his head up. David still had on his necklace, leaning back in his chair.

“Frankie ain’t here no more,” Samuel said.

“I heard, has anyone talked to his sister?”

“I did earlier, she was worked up pretty bad,” Garfield said with a sigh sitting down.

“Someone needs to go check on her, Frankie was everything to her,” David replied.

“Any volunteers for that?”

“I’ll do it,” Samuel volunteered.

“Fuck no, let Keith do it,” David said.

“Why not me?”

“Keith is better at this stuff.”

Keith had no idea why they would volunteer him or even think he would be good at this stuff. With a sigh he agreed to it. Not that he wouldn’t mind the effort. Macy was a nice girl, but her brother was a perv and an often unwanted group member.

“Then its decided,” David said, holding up at hand. “Keith will check on Macy.”

“Yeah, but what happened to Frankie?” Keith asked. “Gar over there told me earlier he had been torn to shreds.”

“From what I gathered, they said it was some sort of animal attack.”

They talked more about it. Trying to reason about things. The conversation flowed easily as well as the drinks. A few hours later, they tapered off. Everything looked to be going well.

“How’s the necklace doing for ya David?”

Garfield belched the question out loudly. Drunk as they were, the question was answered by David, who drew the necklace out of his shirt. He held the chain up.

“It works like a charm, watch this.”

Keith, who’s attention swam with the alcohol, perked up seeing the chain. David walked over to the bar, where a hot blonde wearing a cocktail dress was. Within moments, he was walking out the door with her, smiling and waving at them.

“Well, that’s it for me.”

That declaration was made by Samuel, who pushed away from the table and wobbled away. Garfield looked at Keith, who then comically stood up and sauntered away towards the bathroom. Keith, feeling too drunk, did the only thing he had left on his agenda for the day.

Standing up himself, he wandered out of Molly’s and into the day. Even at five, he had to squint under the sun. Taking his phone out, he called an Uber to get to Frankie and Macy’s home.

The two of them lived together in an apartment in an upper-scale area. It always amazed Keith that the place sang of more money than the group of friends had. The Uber pulled up and drove him to the place where the siblings lived.

Now, Keith didn’t know what to expect when the car pulled up. When it did, stepping out into silence would not be it. The only sound a car door closing a tires going as the Uber left. Walking slowly, he made his way to the apartment.

No one was around. Even in the complex. Keith moved slowly through the gated community. And it was a complex. Multiple buildings centering around a pond, with all the amenities one could want in a complex. There was the main office, two story gym, pool, game hall and of course the main offices. The lots where empty, which struck Keith as weird walking through.

The only times Keith had been here before at Frankie’s was at night. So he had little reference to know what the place’s traffic looked like.

Now Frankie and Macy lived in an apartment at the very back of the complex. On the third floor in a corner. The apartment had what had to be the worse view of the place, but Keith didn’t dwell on it. By the time he got to the third floor and to the apartment, 16c, he was winded.

He could see the tape on the door even as he walked up. Not knowing what else to do, he knocked on it a few times. Eventually he called out her name a few times.


Macy stood in the walkway, a few doors down.

“I live in this one,” she said turning and walking away. It wasn’t a good walk either. The railing provided a stable hold as she walked. He followed, making sure not to over take her and went into the apartment.

“I thought you lived in the apartment down there,” he said as he closed the door behind himself. Macy had walked in and went into the living room to sit on the couch.

“Well, it depends on the day of the week,” she said. “Frankie was over there.”

“You guys have separate apartments?” Keith asked astonished by the revelation.

“No, we own the whole complex, just don’t rent to anyone but ourselves.”

“Are you okay?”

Keith walked into the living room. Now Frankie and his sister were often confused for being a bit trashy in their appearance. Macy dressed better more often, but a rare occasion still.

Now Macy was a petite and small woman. She had orangish hair and kept herself a nice tan. Many would think she was exotic, but if it wasn’t for her often frizzy and braided hair. Homely described her and she lived the homeopathic lifestyle.

As he walked up to the living room, the distinct smell of burnt weed hung in the air. As he approached, he saw that on the coffee table, many different substances were strewn about.

“Should you be doing this?”

He sat down looking at Macy. Her gaze was dead ahead and looking out of the patio doors. The view was bad, mostly obscured by tall trees. The complex was almost completely surrounded by undeveloped lands and protected woods.

“Fuck it,” she said before actually doing a line of a powdery substance. “I just want to kill the pain.”

Then the tears began and she buried her face into her knees. Drawn into herself, Keith sat there frozen on what to do. While she cried he looked around the apartment.

The apartment was furnished heavily. He could see there was at least two bedrooms. One, the door was closed, the other open. In the open one, he could see an easel and multicolored walls.

“He meant everything to me, and now he is gone,” she sobbed looking up at him. Tears of course, rolled down her face. Her make-up ran and she looked even more haggard in mere moments.

Keith knew that as creepy as Frankie was, his sister loved him. No one in the group doubted her devotion to her big brother. There was probably many stories about why that was, but as he looked around the apartment, he didn’t see family photos.

She went back to sobbing. Keith got up and sat next to her, to which, she immediately leaned on him. Putting an arm around her, he almost gagged at the smell of her. While he sat and listened, he wondered what he could do for her. Then, as wrong as it was, Keith realized he could help by giving her some sex.

Now, for Keith, his mind went to the ring. What better way to help than to get her mind off of the sorrow. Sex always made things better and the ring he wore had helped him out. With a turn of the ring, he thought about fucking her.

Keith waited. That is all he had to do. With the ring, women made the moves on him. His cock already hard in anticipation, he listened to the sobs still. A hand moved across his thigh and he knew that once again, the ring worked its unknown magic.

She began rubbing his thigh slowly, his jeans providing a nice feeling as they rubbed. Her hand froze when it felt the bulge of his cock. Everything went quiet as he waited for her next move.

Soon his jeans were opened and her head was bobbing up and down his cock. He sighed in contentment, and wouldn’t do anything to ruin her distraction.

Sucking sounds filled the room and he soon found himself grunting out an orgasm. She sucked it down greedily before sitting back up with a gasp.

“Jesus Keith, you cum enough?”

“I have big balls,” he said with a laugh.

“I’m sorry for doing that, I don’t know what came over me.”

“No complaints from me,” he said with a stretch. With a turn of his ring, his cock sprang back up and his balls felt heavy again. “Though if you need some, its all yours for as long as you like.”

“You just came,” she said. Her hand moved on its own to his cock. A gasp was let out.

“Yeah, and it’s a lot of fun if you want it.”

“Of course I want it, just didn’t think it would be right this moment. I look terrible.”

Keith couldn’t respond. He agreed with her self-diagnosis. Looking for a response, he drew a blank on speaking. Actions did better any ways and he slumped a bit on the couch and pushed his hips up a bit.

“Well, not gonna turn that down,” she said with a laugh. Keith smiled at her. This felt right to do.

Macy stood up from the couch and leaned over facing away from him. Her dress rode up and he saw that she was wearing a red pair of panties. The word Butt Slut was splayed across her clothed ass. With thumbs hooked into the band of her panties, she pulled them down.

Pale ass greeted him as the clothes moved down. Something came over Keith. As he looked at her cheeks, a feeling of wanting his face between them overwhelmed him. No longer in control of himself, he reached out and pulled her towards him.

The warmth and pungent aroma immediately stung his brain like a junkie finding a fix. With little restraint, his tongue lashed out into the heat and slathered the soft skin. Muscles tensed around his face, but then relaxed when his probing tongue brushed against her hidden milk dud.

“Don’t tease my,” she sighed out. Cheeks pulled apart and his tongue pushed out. She pushed eagerly back and his tongue pushed into her ass.

Thankfully, Macy pushed back as he licked away. Nothing tasted sweeter to him in that moment and it no longer bothered him.

She was breathing heavily. Heavier still when his tongue probed deeper in.

“How are you doing this?” she said through those heavy breaths.

He didn’t know. Nor did he care to answer with words. Instead he pushed further on until she let out a yelp before clenching. When she relaxed, she pulled away and sat on top of him.

“Give me a sec,” she said huffing. “Ive never had something happen like this before.”

Keith barely heard the words. In fact, his attention centered not on the petite woman, but instead on the feeling of awe washing over him. His tongue hung out, resting across his chin and the tip feeling the cloth of the shirt he wore.

Like a wolf from an old cartoon, his tongue lulled out. Freaky or not, Macy began to move and so he pulled on the prehensile muscle until returned back into his mouth.

“That took it right out of me,” she said before rolling off of him and onto the couch. Within seconds, she seemed to be asleep. With an angry and erection, Keith got up and left her on the couch.

He looked at the ring and turned it so the power would be off. A quick vow of using it on the first woman he saw that he liked and he would be off to using the power again. Though, he did stop by the bathroom before leaving to look at his tongue.

Leaving Macy’s and the woman passed out on the couch wasn’t a bad thing. At least he hoped. The sexual encounter would get him in trouble if the right people found out. That made him feel bad a bit because he knew exactly what they would say. They would say that he took advantage of a girl when in all actuality, he tried to help her.

As he walked the path to leave, he passed by the yellow police tape for the apartment that no doubt Frankie had met his end in. Feeling emboldened, he tore the tape away and went inside.

Nothing seemed wrong with the apartment upon the immediate walk in. There on the walls, was filled with every picture imaginable in devotion to various games. The only thing that gave a hint of things hidden inside lingered in the air with a queer scent. Keith moved and made it to the living room.

Disarray greeted him as he walked up. Furniture lay tossed about. Glass covered everything. Clothes hung off the ceiling fan. A chair stuck out from the wall, all four legs piercing the wall. It was in the main bedroom that Keith really got to see the carnage first hand.

The body of course, had been removed. Blood, caked in an almost browning color now, painted everything. He gagged at the sight. Frankie didn’t deserve whatever took him apart. As he looked over the room, something shined and caught his eye.

Walking over to some clothes strewn on the floor, he moved the pile over to see a small golden coin. On one side only, there was an etched symbol of four flower petals. A bare symbol, but as he held it, a sense of power flowed into him. Feeling alright, he put it into his pocket and left the place.

Stepping outside, into the sun, Keith realized he had no ride home. Walking slowly through the complex, he decided to call a taxi once more when his phone rang in his hand.

“Hey sis,” he answered as joyfully as he could.

“What are you doing right now?”

He looked at the time. It was still early.

“Walking home.”

“Where are you, I’m gonna pick you up.”

“I can make it back,” he said to her, his stomach sinking.

“That’s not what I asked. Where are you?”


He knew why. Janice couldn’t have been more of a Karen if she tried. His sister had the cropped hair cut and the attitude of always asking for a manager.Never used to not getting her way, he realized quickly that picking him up, meant that she planned on him doing something.

“Cause I am picking you up.”

He told her, knowing that she would show up to his apartment and berate him for it. Walking through the rest of the complex was easy enough. Sporting wood though while waiting for your sister to pick you up, that should have struck him as odd. Instead, he felt confident enough to ignore any reaction she would have.

About fifteen minutes later, a blue sedan pulled up. His sister said nothing to him and even didn’t wait for him to buckle before speeding down the street.

“So what’s up?” he asked looking over to his sister.

When he thought of any stereotypical Karen, she dressed the part. With cropped hair, sunglasses and a bad attitude, it was no wonder she even talked to him. Only time she did is when she needed something at her behest and never small talk. He knew immediately speaking before she did annoyed.


She sighed.

“I need your help with moving some stuff around the house.”


“And what?”

“It would be nice to be asked,” he said with a shrug.

“Are you serious right now?” she asked with an indignant tone.

Now, Keith he knew he shouldn’t respond at all. Janice was never one to be questioned. As the older ‘sibling,’ she demanded al respect to her demands. He moved violently against the window as tires squealed.

They pulled up into an empty lot with a ton of trees surrounding it. She stopped in the middle of the lot, not even bothering to park in an actual spot.

“Look here,” she started, but Keith cut her off.

“No, you look here, I just had a friend die and I was consoling his sister. The fuck you have that’s so goddamn important you can’t say please?”

The look of astonishment on her face was pure gold to Keith. Her mouth hung agape. At that moment, with that look, all Keith could think about was the raging boner he had.

“Heck, I didn’t even get off with the girl, maybe I had plans to get laid tonight.”

“I don’t have to listen to this,” she said with a huff.

Keith didn’t know what she would plan to do, but he took a sudden proactive step.

“Fuck,” he said angrily at her, turning the ring on his finger.

“What did you say to me?”

“I said you’re gonna suck me off for the trouble you slut.”

Keith took his cock out of his pants, allowing the meaty thing to flop down against his thigh. Throbbing in all its glory, while it spurted out pre-cum.

“Keith,” Janice said pulling a hand up to her chest. “You’re my brother.”

“Stop pretending you slut and wrap your lips around my cock,” he hissed.

“Alright,” she said.

Janice’s hand lashed out and gripped his cock. He didn’t even hear her seat belt clip disengage. Head in his lap, the sound of slurping filled the car.

“Oh yeah slut,” he sighed raising his hips up.

There was an audible gag and as she raised her head up, he pushed down on the back of it. The action shoved his cock down her throat. There was more gagging, but then he heard the deep breath of a woman getting used to the size. To his delight, a hand reached into his pants and began massaging his balls. He relaxed just a bit and her head pulled back.

“Holy fuck,” she said looking at him. Her eyes locked with his. “what did we just do.”

“What you wanted and deserved slut,” he said astounded with himself. This situation had evolved way past what he would even find acceptable. Nothing would stop him now though. Committed and feeling powerful he narrowed his eyes at her. “And it ain’t gonna lick itself.”

Their eyes continued to lock as she leaned down. At the last second, she looked down and sucked his cock between her lips with a throaty moan. Vacuum applied, her head bobbed up and down.

“Ugh,” he grunted. “You suck cock to good to be my sister.”

She moaned. The perversity no doubt eating at her like it was himself. The way she gagged herself on the cock and pushed it down her own throat.

“Yeah, choke on it sis,” he growled out. A hand reached into his pants and began fondling his swollen balls. The dual attention was proving too much for him.

“Sis, its coming,” he cried out.

Each spurt was quickly followed by a hard vacuum of lips. His balls were continually massaged and he got the distinct feeling of being milked. His body responded though and it seemed to him, the throbs of orgasm continued longer than it should have. A sudden shudder went through him and there was a splitting pain above both of his brows. This pain stopped when his orgasm finally stopped.

Janice sat up with a loud slurp. A cough or two and she spoke.

“I have always wanted to do that,” she said with a content sigh, sitting back in her seat. “You came so much.”

The giggling started before turning into a full blown session of uncontrollable laughter. After listening to it for a few minutes, Keith got annoyed.

“What’s so funny?”

“That this just happened.”

Keith rubbed his temples, the pain fading with the massage.

“It’s so sick,” she said and her laughter continued.

He didn’t know how to take it. SO he asked the only question that he could.

“So what did you need my help for?”


“Do you still need my help?”

The laughter stopped. A calm washed over the car and the tension replaced it almost immediately.

“I may have blown you, but sex is off the table at this moment. I don’’t know if I can cross that line.”

Keith thought of a way to force it and for a moment, he considered it. Right now, he believed his sister was reeling with what she had done.

“Just let me know when you want to,” he said opening the door to the car. “Seems like this lot is good for that sort of thing.”

Keith got out of the car and closed the door. Soon after, he heard the sound of the window descend.

“I could have given you a ride,” she said.

“I thought we agreed that’s a line we couldn’t cross at the moment.”

He walked away and left her in the car laughing to himself. After he turned away, that is when he chose to make himself decent. Thankfully, a mess hadn’t been made on his pants so he walked away feeling smug about the whole interaction.

Janice had been a nightmare growing up to him. Always acting superior and treating him as if he was only there at her beck and call. Too bad that now there would always be tension of another kind between them. He wondered what made him brave enough to do such a things but shrugged it off as he walked.

While he did, he didn’t get passed by any vehicles. For awhile, he almost regretted not getting a ride home. He knew the walk alone would take over an hour to complete as he had walked to Frankie’s before. That noted to himself, the sun had begun to sink on the horizon.

As he walked through suburban streets, he was unworried about any danger. Street lights came on as he went. When a girl almost suddenly appeared next to him and kept pace, it didn’t bother him.

“Can I help you?” he asked, trying not to sound unfriendly with the question. He hadn’t even looked over at her, instead concentrating on the path.

“Yeah, I was hoping to get some of your time tonight.”

“Why and who?”

“You want to ask questions?”

Now Keith looked over. It was the blonde from earlier that had picked his friend up from the bar.

“Yeah, like you left with my friend earlier from the bar.” He stated with a hint of defense in his voice. “What was that about?”

They stopped at a crossing. Vehicles were driving though so he turned to look at her. The first thing he saw, displayed between the cleft of her cleavage was the pendant that David had been wearing. Keith made sure his attention wasn’t noticed for that. But seeing those chest tanks on her, he shifted his gaze between the two.

“My eyes are up here?”

“That may be true,” he said with a moment of thought. By his count, that would mean three pieces from the gypsy. One David had, which was in front of him. He had two, one formally being Frankie’s and his own. Though Frankie’s trinket still eluded in its power, he did get the feeling there was a power struggle going on here. Turning the ring on, he thought of fucking the woman before speaking once again. “But that view isn’t gonna change when you’re riding me.”

“Oh sir, you surprise me,” she said bringing a hand up to her mouth. A finger curled and she bit it. “Do you want to go to my place or yours”

“How about mine,” Keith replied. Normally bringing a woman home to his place, as rare as it was, didn’t happen to be high on the list of wants of his. His home was a sanctuary, small apartment as it was.

Walking there, the two didn’t exchange many more words. To him, it seemed the singe-minded spell had been cast on the woman and would hold onto that priority until fulfillment took place. At least, that is what Keith theorized. Any woman hit with the power of the ring thus far, had thrown themselves at him.

Moving to his place wasn’t so hard. The walk took only another forty-five minutes to complete. Though, by the time they walked up to the doorsteps to the outside of the actual complex, he had worked up a bit of sweat.

“I’m gonna need a shower,” he said while he punched the code into the key pad for entry. He smiled at her, which she returned.

“I can wait,” she said smiling back at him. There seemed to him, a fakery with the smile. Reserved or not, he missed the last number and the key pad beeped with the rejection code.

Even though Keith had already turned the ring, he clasped his hands, moving them together to turn the ring off and on again with a twist. Looking at her with anger in his eyes, feigned of course on his side, he swore.

“Fuck,” he said with a pause. “I hit the wrong number.”

With a sigh he apologized.

“Look,” she said with a seriousness different from the off putting persona she had a moment ago. There even seemed to be a flush evident now and he could see that her breathing had quickened a bit. “Just put the right code in quickly.”

He smiled at her.

“As you command.”

The code in correctly the second time, he led her into the apartment building.

Now the lobby of the building wasn’t much to notice. All that really was contained on the first floor was an elevator opposite from the entrance. While there was two doors on either side, one was for the first floor apartments and the other was the apartment for the old manager that ran the place.

“We have to go up,” he said and moved to the elevator. He pushed the call button and looked back.

The blonde woman’s breaths came laboriously. Her face was super flush too. That made him smile as the elevator dinged upon arrival. The doors slid open and he held a hand out.

“After you,” he said.

“I don’t expect to be a lady here in a moment, so you shouldn’t be a gentleman at the moment,” she said walking by. As soon as she walked by, he followed.

The numbered panel for the floors went from one to fifteen. A massive apartment building in the city and he lived on the fifth floor. The buttons were worn out and the brass long-faded from a lustrous sheen. button pressed, he watched as the door slid closed.

Keith half-expected to be in a sudden embrace of passion once the doors closed. That didn’t happen though. In fact, Keith found himself up in front of the door waiting while she stood against the wall.

“You okay back there?” he asked with a chuckle.

A moan or even groan answered him back, but he couldn’t tell which. Without much consideration for it, he waited while the elevator moved. Either for the journey to stop of for her to make a move. Marveling at the will power that it must take to deny oneself immediate satisfaction under the sway of the ring. Every woman thus far had, but her, there was something special about a woman who could shrug off a first activation and steady herself under a second. He worried a third activation may be needed.

The doors slid open and he left first, stopping to let her walk out.

“Please, lead the way,” she said looking like the back wall was holding her up.

Moving quickly, Keith made sure not to look back at her. His whole preference at this time was to make it to the apartment with little distraction. Thankfully, he lived close to the elevator, apartment 503.

The numbers were written on a brass plaque, which had faded and even sported black blemishes of dirt. A key slid into the deadbolt lock and with a click, the door opened. Before entering, Keith stepped aside once more as an invitation.

“I never caught your name,” he said as she passed by him.

Noticing that her body shook as she passed, he wondered what would be in store with the woman. With a smile, he went into the apartment. When he did, he was greeted by her talking.

“I am known by many names, but you can call me Naomi.”

“Alright Naomi,” he said closing the door. “I still need to get a shower.”

“If that’s an invitation, I think I’ll join you if you don’t mind.”

Feeling emboldened by the offer, he looked at her and studied.

Blonde hair, a flushed faced. These were just two of the things he noticed immediately. Petite was a good de***********ion of her, and with her jeans, he could tell immediately that they hid long legs. It did strike him as odd that she also sported some cleavage considering her frame. Graceful for sure, he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have those great legs wrapped around him.

“Take your pants off,” he commanded. Everything hinged on her reaction to it. Keith didn’t know, but the feeling of needing to know if the ring worked or not in the proper way ate at him. Much to his delight, her hands worked the jeans and they fell to the floor. Kicked away with a flick of a leg, his breath caught looking at their smoothness.

Pink panties greeted him. On their triangular face, puffed out and displayed, was the biggest wet spot Keith could see. To him, that meant no question of the ring working. Satisfied, he took his shirt off.

“Do we really need to shower?” he asked her taking his shoes and then socks off.

“No, let’s fuck,” she said.

Eyebrows raised in surprise, the blonde woman stripped completely.

“Like what you see?”

“I’ll say,” Keith said with a laugh.

And he did.

Naomi naked, to him, looked uncomfortable. But evidence suggested by the meaty plump lips in their fiery dripping redness, that the uncomfortableness would be short lived.

“Couldn’t wait till the bedroom huh?” he said with a laugh, taking the rest of his own clothes off. The small coin, left in his pants, he made sure to secure the ring to his finger.

“Do we need a bedroom?”

Keith smiled and she held her arms wide open in invitation.

“Cause with that tool there, looks like you could take me anywhere.”

Size. It was something he could adjust with the ring. Granted, something he had only used once and the night before only. Adding only to girth and a little to length, Keith felt happy with its size in general and so little adjustment had been needed due to him. Plus, no one had complained thus far about the size of his cock sense he possessed the ring.

“It’ll take you here or there,” he said with a smile before walking up to her. He had to look up and her down to him. Then the switch happened, and she wrapped herself around him as her pushed her up against the wall. With on leg wrapping around him and a tongue probing his mouth, he did manage to sink his cock up and between her legs.

Naomi’s lust quickly reared itself as she seemed to draw him into her. The kiss broke and she pulled his head into the nape of her neck. He tasted the chain, metal mixed with the soft skin of her.

“Oh,” she coed out as he thrust into her. A surprising feat for Keith, but he didn’t dwell on it. Too much enjoyment for himself as he slid in and out of her.

Now Keith could say that he had some great pussy over the years. But Naomi’s smooth clasping depths was something exquisite. Whoever Naomi was, she had to be a lady. Still having the necklace, he pulled hard and let the thing fall to the floor. His partner didn’t notice as she dug nails into his pack.

“Ow,” he grunted, shoving himself up deeper into her. He reveled in the feeling of her moaning and how much more wet she became with each deep thrust. Then she pulled across his back, nails digging in. He bite her collar bone in response.

A gasp and then they both were on the floor. Legs wrapped around his waist, he thrust into her with more desperate force. That didn’t make sense to him, as there wasn’t a need for it. He then noticed she was meeting his thrusts with her motion. Legs locked around him, she was using them to moved herself.

He stopped for a moment and confirmed that she was doing this motion. Laughing and moving to suck on a nipple, he latched. As soon as he had, there was a scream and then he fell to the floor. Naomi no longer was under him.

“What the fuck,” he said scrambling up to look at the spot.

Naomi, in fact, no longer existed where she did before. Sure, her clothes still lay discarded on the floor.

“What’s going on?”

Where Naomi had been there was nothing but dried up leaves. Keith felt extremely exposed and terrified of what happened. Quickly, he swept up the pile of leaves and threw them away. Thankfully the hardwood floor made it easy to sweep up. Finishing, he did shower quickly and then redressed.

“Now, I have three pieces,” he said looking at the ring on his hand. Noticing it was active, he turned the ring. “That leaves the coin, which I still don’t know what it does and the necklace which brings luck.”

Putting the coin in his pocket and the necklace on, he tried to decide if he felt any different. Nothing seemed different, but the fact that he possessed three instruments did bother him. Plus, something about Naomi didn’t seem right.

Then he looked for his phone. Pulling it out of his pants pocket, he saw that there were a few messages. Only one that caught his eye is one that pleaded for him to come to the bar. It was from Gar. Guy was freaking out.

With a sigh, he read the thread. Gar was going on about being followed after visiting the gypsy. Sighing, he decided the bar would be the best.

Leaving his apartment yielded no unexpected surprises. Not that it should have, but having a woman turn to leaves in the place you lived did start everything off on a wild note. As he walked to the bar, thankfully only a few blocks away from his apartment, he thought of the problems.

Easy as they were to dismiss, he faltered on thinking about himself. Everything so far, had benefited him. Thankfully, nothing adverse had happened to him yet. As he walked and passed an alley, the glittering of metal caught his eyes. It was the gypsy carriage.

“What’s that doing here?” he asked, out loud before turning down the alley.

Keith didn’t hesitate at all entering the carriage. Barging in, he half-expected the old gypsy to let out some sort of exclamation of anger. Instead, he found her sitting in a chair and looking different.

“Welcome back, Keith was it?”

“Yeah,” he said standing in the door way of the carriage. Surprisingly, even with the cool air held back only by a heavy curtain, the pace was warm. Warm and filled with warm scents. Some sort of mixture of spices hung in the room.

Now, the gypsy’s appearance had changed. While she still wore an ornate dress with layers of jewelry, she had a little less grey in her. Wrinkles weren’t as prevalent as they were at the first meeting. In fact, the gypsy looked as if she had lost at least ten years.

“How can I help you?” she said with a smile crossing her face. “Can’t imagine you want another go with me.”

The laughter that followed unnerved him a bit, but quickly it fell to the wayside.

“You gave others trinkets too.”

It wasn’t an accusation.

“So I did,” she stated. “I’m not sure how that’s any business of yours what transactions I conduct.”

“It is if it’s killing people.”

“Hefty accusation.”

“So is the lucky necklace,” Keith said pulling the chain out. He watched intently as her eyes got bigger.

“I am taken aback,” she said and he could kind of tell that by her body language. Wiggling in her chair, he assumed she was put on the spot.

“You had him killed?”

“Such bargains have risks,” she said. “That necklace is based off of luck. Good and bad. Your friend new the risks.”

“Still, how could you do that to people?” he said angrily stepping towards her. She seemed to wiggle even more, which he took as her being under the spotlight.

“I did nothing to them but provide an opportunity with warnings.”

“You didn’t give me a warning,” he said.

“Forgotten already,” she said with a moan.

He almost denied her, but then realized the warning spoken of centered on using the ring on groups. But that warning, he figure had been one of minor consequences. Already, he knew a group of women would be hard to handle. Each needing to satisfy their perversions before the ring’s power let him go.

Don’t let it get lost. A second warning, and probably the one she meant. That had to be it.

“So you sent Naomi to retrieve the trinkets?”

“Is that what she called herself?”

Now the gypsy’s face broke out into a smile.

“What happened to dear Naomi,” she asked. “Did you fall for her wild charms.”

“Yeah,” Keith replied. “All the way until she turned into a pile of leaves.”

Now if there could have been an eye-brow raising moment not witnessed yet, this moment took it. The gypsy’s mouth dropped open.

“She’s gone?” she asked.

“Yeah, how do you think I got the necklace and why I am accusing you of murder?”

She stood up.

“You are full of surprises,” she said. “Here I thought I was lucky enough to get some dick from such a young one as you. Now you have two of my trinkets.”

“So what, you give them out, let someone use them for a bit and then send an assassin out for them?”

She laughed and gave a long stretch.

“Let’s not waste any more time on this. You have it figured out for the most part.”

“This like a Needful Things situation?”

“I don’t collect souls and I ain’t the devil. A devil but not the devil,” she said giving emphasis on the word Devil at the end.

“Then why?”

“Honestly, for the fun of it. I have a good life.”

Her eyes had changed. They were a bright green now as she peered at him.

“Fun? My friends died for fun?”

He stepped towards her.

“And what do you plan to do about it?”

“I could call the police,” he said as a threat, raising a finger towards her.

“Or,” she said with a smile across her face. She leaned back and lifted her dress high up. “You can slay this old cunt again with your sword.”

Keith didn’t know why, but as he looked at her wrinkled pussy lips, her suggestion sounded like the perfect one. His cock already throbbing at the idea. He didn’t know why such a sight drove him to excitement.

“It was bad the first time,” he said unzipping his pants.

“Yea, but here you are, about to sample my wares again.”

And she was right. As disgusting as he felt, his dick flopped out of his pants ever eager to slid between the experienced woman’s pussy. In a trance, he moved forward, spell bound by the sight of her wrinkled thighs. It disgusted him even as her legs wrapped around him and pulled him forward.

“Old pussy like mine doesn’t need much in the way for preparation. Trust me, her petals are still as wet as last time.”

Keith still worried about being able to pass part the dry spells. She tensed and suddenly his cock was engulfed by something wet and slimy. Form the waist, he was pulled directly into her.

“You’ve gotten bigger since the last time,” she said with a sigh. “Don’t move yet.”

Keith really didn’t plan on moving. Whatever writhed around his cock had him feeling on edge. Good as it felt, his imagination painted a picture of something he didn’t want to see.

“What are you doing?”

“Impatient to bath my insides with your seed are you boy?”

“It’s weird,” he said, trying not to cringe.

“No need to insult me,” she said. “I promise what you are experiencing is beyond this world’s ability to offer in pleasure.”

I am Devil. The words echoed in his mind and as the dress dropped, he half expected to be greeted by what she called herself. Instead, just the piercing green eyes and wrinkled face.

“Expected worse huh,” she said with a laugh. “I need a few more moments to decipher something.”

“You telling my fortune by the curvature of my cock?”

“Something like that.”

He locked eyes with her, feeling his heart beat only in his chest. Keith gathered that something more than just adjusting to his size currently took place. Maybe the jest happened to more truth than a joke.

“Should I worry?”


“You and what’s going on.”

“I don’t think you should worry, but I have to concerning the rules.”

Suddenly he felt her relax. Cock sunk fully in, he waited a second before trying to see if he could move. She cackled when he began.

“What rules?” he asked

“Wouldn’t rather just enjoy shoving that cock in me instead of talking?”

“Or is it you would rather concentrate on having ur old cunt spread with some young cock.”

“Oh I like it when prey talks back.”

Jingling from the golden jewelry filled the carriage as he rammed home as hard as he could. The old gypsy began moaning loudly as he did. Much to his delight, it seemed like her pussy gushed once more like it did before. Keith tried to concentrate on the last words though. Another clue to her nature or goals perhaps?

“I will not be distracted,” he said. “What rules?”

“I have a few to follow,” she said with a higher inflection of her voice. “While I can give the trinkets away, I can’t use them.”

“And?” he said, shoving himself a tad harder into her. As much as he needed to know what she wanted, his mind struggled to stay on point being that his cock did much of the thinking.

“The second is that I must give the trinkets away and retrieve them. As such, a deal and bargain is struck with prices given. Once the trinket is returned, the price is paid by the customer for the use.”

The slicking sounds of their sexes meeting got more graphic with each stroke. It seemed to him, her pussy produced copious amounts of lubrication. Even more so while she was questioned.

“Any more?”

“I always must recruit dark souls and any who can beat me in the game own me.”

“Own you?”

“Part of the curse I am under. As a devil, its apart of it as a motivating factor.”

“For what?”

“To have some idea of freedom-fuck cum in me already you damn ass.”

Keith gave a final shove and emptied himself into what felt like a mind-shattering orgasm. Spurt after powerful spurt flooded out of him.

“Oh gosh, there’s too much,” the gypsy cried out, but Keith didn’t care. With the lack of a true finish all day with any of the women he had been with, his load probably hit thick. Would be a sight if he could see the cream pie.

“I think I like you,” she said after a minute. Neither had even moved within that time frame either. Since the orgasm, he figured neither wanted to break the bliss. “You gave me a great compliment with the load here. Not using the ring often?”

“No,” Keith replied. “I found it has rather interesting side effects.”


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he said. It was by now he realized that he still throbbed inside of her. She hadn’t made any effort to pull away.

“I would,” she said. “Most of these trinkets I don’t know what they really do. Not allowed to use them at all.”

“Why is that?”

Pulling back, she let out a squeak of surprise.

“Oh boy, you’re still hard,” she said with a huff.

“Yeah,” Keith replied feeling a wave of cool wash over.

“You gonna use it again?” she exclaimed as he slid fully back into her.

“Yeah,” he said. “Figured your old cunt could use another shot of young viral cock.”

“Seed you mean,” she said with a heavy sigh before it curled into a moan. “Though, I don’t think I will complain one bit about it.”

“Why is that? Don’t get enough cock to stretch it out?”

“Not long enough to cum,” she said with a throaty moan.

Keith took a bit of offense with the comment. Emboldened now, he did something while she leaned her head back. The ring had a feature he could use. With a turn to the right jewel, he began imagining the girth of his cock thicker.

“What the fuck,” she screamed out. “How dare you use that thing.”

Keith didn’t understand her exclamations about the thing. A bigger cock couldn’t be a bad thing. Plus, he could tell now that her body rocked opposite of him.

“Your mouth says one thing,” he said with a laugh.

No need to finish the saying. Her screams increased in intensity as he bored her pussy out. Eventually, he did end with his second finish. After it finished, he stumbled back form her exhausted.

A groan came from her. He looked up, trying to catch his breath as sweat stung his eyes. The old gypsy looked worn out. Slouched back and barely moving. Smiling to himself, he wondered how he should address her.

Studying her for a moment more, he saw that her legs weren’t wrinkly. He remembered at there first meeting how disgustingly gross they were. Now there were no wrinkles or even veins showing. Only a smoothness that reminded of nubile legs. With a shrug, he reached up to wipe the sweat off his brow only to discover two hard lumps above them. He cringed touching them. Feeling light-headed and exposed, he moved quietly while the old gypsy pay back. Getting out of the carriage, he scantly felt the cold air as he begun to run home.

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