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Decided to have someone fun with this one, let me know if you want more parts in the future
The sound of a fist banging against my bedroom door slowly began to draw me out of the deep sleep that I was in. It was Saturday, why on earth was someone knocking on my door to wake me up! This was the only morning that I could actually sleep in, weekdays I had to get up at 7am in order to be home schooled and then on Sunday’s I had to be up and ready to visit family and go to church.

A second round of aggressive knocking hit against my door once again. I tried to call out in response but all I could muster was a tired groan as I rolled over and looked at my clock. It was 7:45am, did I seriously have to get up right now?

“Cody…come on, wake up!” My sister Ava called through the door. Before lightly knocking once again. I reached over and turned on my lamp and let out a huge yawn before rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

It was in the middle of the summer so I had slept in nothing but my boxers to ensure that I didn’t sweat to death in my sleep. I looked down and much to my annoyance I saw that my penis had grown hard and was making a tent shape in my boxers. I had no idea why this happened to me every morning, it was so uncomfortable and took forever to get to normal. My parents had decided to home school Ava and I to protect us from the ‘secular perverted world’ and for some reason they decided that they were not going to give us the birds and the bees talk as that would lead to sexual temptations, even though we were at the age where most responsible parents would have given it. So from my point of view my penis getting hard was just something that happened every morning and would go away with a shower or time.

“Cody!!” Ava yelled “you better not be dead.” I saw the door knob start to turn and the door open. I suddenly realized that I was completely exposed with my hard penis pitching an obvious tent in my boxers, There was no way that I was letting Ava see me like this. All I knew was that girls were not supposed to see me without some of my clothes on so I quickly grabbed my blanket and put it on my lap to shield the annoyance in my boxers.

“Oh!” Ava said in surprise at seeing me shirtless with a wad of blankets on my lap. “Um, are you not coming with mom and dad to go into the city today?” I had completely forgot that we had planned to run into the nearby city for all sorts of shopping, to be honest that sounded like torture but my parents equated any family time as important family bonding time.

“Oh yeah, I completely forgot.” I said awkwardly staring at Ava. Even though our parents joked that we looked like twins there were definitely some differences in our appearance. My hair was a shaggy dirty blond that went down in front of my dark brown eyes. Whereas Ava’s hair barely had any hint of blond and was rather a light brown that she pulled back into a pony tail. Ava was wearing a pink top that honestly I was shocked mom and dad would let her wear. In my young sheltered mind the fact that I could see her collarbone was really shocking. As I looked at my twin I felt my penis get even harder causing me to awkwardly squirm in my bed. Usually my penis would have stopped being hard after a couple of minutes, but for some reason it was even harder than before as I looked at Ava.

“So…are you going to just stay in here?” I asked Ava as she stood in the doorway looking at my shirtless body.

Ava’s body seemed to jolt as if she was just broken out of a trance. I could barely see her face but it looked like it had turned bright red. “Oh yeah, sorry! Haha just come downstairs as fast as you can.” She quickly slammed the door behind herself and ran down the stairs.

“Huh, that was weird” I muttered to myself as I finally took the blanket off of my lap. I walked over to the lights and turned them on. I looked down at my still tented boxers and saw that a wet spot had formed where the head of my penis touched the fabric. “Oh come on! I am way too old to piss myself at night.” I ran to the door and peered into the hallway to make sure that the coast was clear. I took a deep breath and ran over to the bathroom and opened it before anyone could see me like this. I went over to the toilet and pulled my boxers down, as I did that the head of penis rubbed against the fabric sending a slight feeling of pleasure through my body. What on earth was that? I wondered to myself.

I looked down at my hard penis in annoyance and tried to pee but nothing was happening. I had no idea why it was like this and looked down at my penis with curiosity. I had never really inspected it before but I could have swore that it was getting bigger and thicker every day. There was even a couple of light blond hairs at the base that I was certain had not been there before. I looked to the top of my circumcised penis and saw that there was some weird liquid glistening off of the light pink head. I dipped my finger into it and to my surprise it was sticky rather than wet. If my parents had sat down with me like normal parents would have and explained to me about my body changing I would have been cool with it but right now I was kind of getting worried.

“Cody! Hurry up!!” My dad yelled from the downstairs area.

“I-I’m just going to the bathroom I’ll be there in a second.” I yelled out in a panicked voice. Normal boys would have asked their parents about this stuff that was happening to me. But my parents had made it infinitely clear that we were not allowed to talk about anything involving our private parts.

I tried once again to force some pee out to no avail. I flushed the toilet to show them that I had been in the bathroom and then bolted through the hallway once again. I quickly put on a pair of shorts and a red t-shirt before I bounded down the stairs.

“I’m sorry I totally forgot we were going to the city.” I said in between breaths.

“Cody, you look like a mess!” My mom said before walking up to me and trying to tidy my hair much to my annoyance and pain. “You can’t go out looking like this!” She said looking over my dirty face and casual clothes.

“Honey we are already running late.” My dad said checking his watch impatiently. Both of my parents were dressed as if they were going to a wedding, I had clearly missed the memo that shopping required formal clothing

“Cody has to clean up, look how messy he looks.” My mom said making me feel just great about myself.

“You guys could just go without me, I-I’m fine just to stay here.” You would think that I had just confessed to a murder with the way that my parents looked at me with a mixture of shock and disgust.

Thankfully before either of them could say anything Ava also spoke up. “Yeah! Both Cody and I could stay here and the both of you could just have fun in the city together.” She gave me a kind smile, I sure was glad that she had jumped to my side.

My parents looked at each other with uncertainty. Ava and I had never been home alone for more than an hour. “I don’t know.” My mom said hesitantly.

“Come on! It would be fun, we would do our chores and get our homework done.” Ava said practically begging for the opportunity to have our house to ourselves.

My dad took a deep breath and gave us a slight nod. “It would be good for the both of you to learn how to be responsible for yourselves without us here.”

“George…” My mother said looking at him concerned.

“It will be fine, we trust them and if anything goes wrong the Robertson’s next door are home just in case.” My father said to reassure her.

“We will be good, I promise.” I say trying to give my best puppy dog eyes.

“You know what, it has been a while since it’s just been you and I, George.” My mom said with a slight smile spreading across her face.

I couldn’t believe it. A day at home without my parents, this was incredible! I could barely contain my excitement thinking about all of the awesome things I’d be able to do today.

“Okay, you know what your mom and I do trust both of you an if today goes well maybe there could be more days like this.” I had to stifle my cheering as this whole thing became more real

“Don’t worry I will make sure Cody doesn’t burn down the house.” Ava said jokingly, yet at the same time I could tell she was half serious.

“Well we are already running late so, we are going to leave. Again if anything goes wrong go to the Robertson’s and use their phone, they have our number.” My dad instructed us

My mom leaned in and kissed my forehead as we all said goodbye, they were acting as if this was the last time they were ever going to see us! “Cody, you definitely needs to have a shower though, okay?” My mom said turning towards the door.

“Fine mom…” I said in annoyance.

My parents opened the door and left leaving both Ava and I standing in our home alone for the first time in our lives.

“This is so cool!! Thank goodness you didn’t get out of bed this morning.” Ava yells as soon as our parent are far from earshot.

I grin sheepishly. “Haha yeah, you’re welcome.”

“I am going to do some homework but you should shower stinky head.” Ava said mockingly.

“Yeah…yeah Ava.” I said annoyed. I did not want to trade out my parents just to be stuck with my sister parenting me.

Ava went over to the kitchen and opened up a science textbook and started taking notes as she read. I turned and walked up the stairs thinking of all the fun that Ava and I could have with the house to ourselves.

“She better not be lame and doing homework all day.” I muttered to myself as I entered the bathroom and turned on the fan.

Looking into the mirror I could see why my mom thought I was a little messy this morning. My hair was in clumps and was looking really shaggy, we had been doing chores late last night and my face and hair was obviously still covered in the dust from those chores.

I turned the shower on and ran it until it was just the right warmth. I took my shirt off and looked at myself in the mirror trying to flex and show off the muscle definition that I was beginning to develop. If I flexed and bent my body just right a six pack could be seen on my tanned torso and I was really proud of it.

I slid my shorts off and looked down to see that penis had went back to normal “Thank god.” I said seeing that it had finally went down after what seemed like years, why was this morning different from the other times?

I took my boxers off and looked once again at my soft penis. It was definitely getting larger even when it wasn’t hard. It was probably about 2 inches long right now and was pretty thick in my mind. My hand reached down and touched my smooth balls to confirm that they too had been getting bigger.

I looked with curiosity at my naked self in the mirror and for the first time admired what I looked like, I had a bit of a tan line from where my shorts would usually be but it wasn’t a ghostly pale as I was naturally pretty tanned. For the first time in my life my mind than went to what I thought a girl looked like when she was naked. I knew that they had different parts than a boy had but that was the extent of my knowledge.

I began to think about what Ava may have looked when she stood in this bathroom getting ready for a shower. Maybe her body was also doing weird things like mine had? I had noticed that her chest was getting a bit rounder in her nipple area. Thinking about Ava naked was beginning to send butterflies through my body. I thought about what she had worn this morning, maybe she would change into a shirt that would maybe show me a bit more of her body?

As I was thinking about Ava I felt my penis start to tighten and much to my horror it started to grow. “No, no stop it!” I said as if talking like it had a mind of its own. “Why is this happening!?” I said through gritted teeth trying not to yell. I quickly went into the shower and hoped that it would make the difference just as it did most mornings. Feeling the stream of water hit my hard penis sent shivers through my entire body, I had to reach out to the side of the shower to steady myself as my knees buckled from that feeling.

I probably set the record for the fastest shower ever as I did everything possible to shield my penis from the water to prevent whatever had happened earlier from happening again. I quickly washed my hair and my face until I was at least semi clean before I hurried out of the shower. My penis had started to soften and as I dried myself off I was careful to be gentle and avoid much contact with my penis.

I slid my clothes back on and used a comb to comb to tidy my hair back to a look that my parents would approve of. I exited the bathroom and took a deep breath, I could feel my penis softening in my boxers and stood idly in the hallway until it felt like it was back to normal. Had that happened because I was thinking about Ava being naked? I had never really thought about her in that way before, but I definitely was intrigued to see what she would like. I had to wonder if she had ever thought about me like that, she definitely seemed to like looking at my shirtless body this morning.

“Come on Cody! Hurry up I am bored.” Ava called from downstairs.

“I’m coming!” I yelled out to her and ran down the stairs. I looked to the table where she had been looking through her textbook only to see that she was gone and the textbook was closed.

“Over here dummy!” She called to me from the living room. Ava was laying down on the couch all sprawled out. Her shirt had slightly went up her body and I could see just under where her belly button was. My eyes widened seeing her like that she looked into my eyes with her soft hazel eyes. “Earth to Cody, are you there.”

“Oh-yeah haha.” I said being broken out of my trance. She had changed into a pair of jean shorts that hugged her thighs tightly and showcased her smooth tanned legs.

She sat up and looked at me with a smile. “We should play a game!” Her hair was still in a pony tail and as I looked at her youthful freckled face my heart started racing. She was beautiful, the more I thought about her and the body that she had the faster my heart would beat.

“Yeah, a, uh game would be awesome.” I said with a dry mouth

I could feel my penis growing inside my shorts, it was super uncomfortable and I had to awkwardly shift to try and adjust it into a better position. Ava seemed oblivious to my plight and looked at me intently. “Do you want to play hide and seek or something?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” I stammered while still staring at her face.

“Okay, I’ll hide! Count to fifty.” She said rising off of the couch and running out of the living room.

When I closed my eyes all I could see was Ava’s face, her body with her midriff exposed and her smooth legs. I had to reach into my shorts to adjust my penis, it had never felt like this. It felt almost painful, like it was filling up with pressure that desperately needed to be relieved somehow.

I realized that I hadn’t been counting at all and just guessed it had been long enough “Ready or not here I come!” I yelled out into the empty house. I had heard her clearly run up the stairs but I decided to take my time and hopefully take my mind off of Ava and make my penis calm down.

I walked over to the table where Ava had been looking through her textbook and grabbed the closed book. The top left corner had ‘Robertson’ written on it in black marker. She must have borrowed it from our neighbors or something I thought to myself. I opened up to where she had left her bookmark and let out an audible gasp when I saw what she had been looking at.

On the page was a diagram of a man and a woman showcasing what they looked like naked and the different reproductive parts that they had. I looked intently at the diagram of the naked woman. While it was clearly a educational drawing it still was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I looked over the woman’s body intently wondering if this is what Ava would look like if she had no clothes on.

I looked over to the man and saw that his penis was much larger than mine was now. It had a large amount of hair at its base. I scanned through the text on the page until I got to the paragraph about the penis in an attempt to try and figure out what was up with mine. The textbook said that when sexually aroused a male’s penis would become erect and allow him to insert it into a woman’s vagina, allowing them to create a baby when the male reaches a climax. This was all brand new information to me and to be honest most of it went over my head. This was a text book mom and dad never would have let us look at, Ava must have snuck it from the Robertson’s.

At the very least this let me know that what was happening to me was normal and that my penis was actually having an erection because I was thinking about girls. My mind was all foggy as I went up the stairs to search for Ava. What was she thinking after seeing that page? Maybe she was also curious about what I looked like naked?

I searched through my room and went across the hall to the bathroom when those came up empty I went through the closets in hall way but still nothing. “Where are you Ava?” I muttered to myself. The only room I hadn’t looked at was our parents room at the end of the hall, but that was an off limits room for us. I took a deep breath and slowly turned the door knob and peered in. “Ava…are you in here? We aren’t allowed.”

There was no response so I slowly crept into the bedroom as if I was trying not to wake anyone up. I looked to my left and saw that my parents closet was slightly open. I walked over to it and opened it to find Ava hunched up in the corner.

“You found me!” She announced loudly.

“What are you doing in here!? We aren’t allowed Ava.” I said in a hushed voice.

“Cody, it’s okay, we are home alone, they don’t have to know.” She said in an excited manner.

“Yeah, I know.” I said reaching down to help Ava up to her feet.

She took my hand to stand up and then walked into the middle of the room before sitting down on our parents bed. “What are you doing? We should get out of here.” I said in a worried tone.

“This is where Mom and Dad um, do it.” Ava said ignoring my request. She was intently looking into my eyes which caused shivers to pulse down my spine.

“What?” I said as my face drained of all color, surely she wouldn’t actually be talking about this kind of stuff with me?

“Like, have sex you know?” Ava said once again looking straight into my eyes.

I shifted uncomfortably and was unable to formulate any words.

“You do know what sex is, right?” I tried my best to avoid her intense eye contact as she sat in my parents bed in front of me.

“Yeah I, um saw it in the textbook downstairs.” I stammered

“Abby let me borrow it, told me to look at that chapter. I can’t believe Mom and Dad hadn’t told us about it!” Ava said buzzing with excitement.

All that I could see right now was that drawing of a naked woman, I wanted to see Ava like that so bad.

“When I was reading it…and looking at those pictures.” She paused and was definitely looking over my body and comparing it to the drawings as I had done to her. “I, felt different. Like a good different but it was weird.”

She leaned forwards and whispered. “I felt it in my vagina, it became wet, but like a sticky kinda wet.”

The world was spinning all around me as she said that, she was experiencing the same things that I had been experiencing as both of our bodies had begun maturing.

The room was filled with silence as I didn’t know how to respond to what Ava was saying. Both of us were overwhelmed with a curiosity to learn and discover the things that our parents had refused to talk to us about.

“Yeah, uh this morning my, um penis got really hard and it also got really sticky at the end.” I confessed to Ava.

“Does your penis get hard often?” Ava asked looking at me with interest.

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “It is kind of annoying but it happens most mornings, today though it happened so much more.”

“The textbook says that it happens when a boy is excited, like in a sexual way. Was that because of the book?” She paused and looked down at her feet. “Or me?”

“Ava, you’re my sister, that’s weird. I couldn’t think of you in that way.” I said blatantly lying through my teeth.

Ava’s face filled with disappointment “Oh….never mind.” She muttered in a sad tone.

She rose from the bed and solemnly walked towards the door to leave our parents room. “Wait, Ava. I, uh lied. It happened to me because I was thinking about what you looked like naked.” I confessed to her as she grabbed the door.

Ava paused and looked back at me with a blushing face. “Really?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry if that’s gross or weird but whenever I think of you I feel different, like having butterflies in my stomach.”

Ava took a deep breath. “Same.” We both stood across from each other uncertain of what to do. “When I saw you this morning in your bed it felt like I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move. All I could think about today is what a boy looked like naked, what you looked like naked.”

The tension had flooded the room. Both of us were overrun by hormones and curiosity. In protecting us from learning about sexual things our parents had caused our curiosity to be pent up, until today when it was ready to explode.

“Do you think, I could maybe see what you look like…without clothes you know?” Ava asked me softly.

This was entirely new for both of us, all that we knew was the boy and girls had different private parts and that when we thought about each other being naked our parts would feel really weird. All I could do was stare at Ava’s body her small developing breasts looked amazing in my young mind. I had to see what she looked like without clothes.

“Cody, you don’t have to if you don’t wa-”

“No! I want to Ava, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and I want to see what you look like naked as well okay?”

Ava looked at me with a sheepish smile and slowly nodded. “Really? Thanks Cody….do you want to go first?”

At this point my penis was rock hard at the thought of being able to actually see my first naked girl, my sister none the less!

“Yeah, I feel weird but it’s an excited weird.” I said to Ava.

“Me too, I am really excited to see a boy naked.”

I took a deep breath and slowly lifted my shirt off of my body. Even though I had been shirtless in front of Ava plenty of times this felt very different.

Ava’s eyes were glued to my body and scanned over it. “Do you um, have a six pack?”She asked giggling

“Kind of, I just have to do this.” I said leaning forwards and flexing my abdominal muscles allowing Ava to see my six pack that I took a great deal of pride in.

“Cool!” Ava said walking over to me. She gently touched my six pack and ran her hands down it. “Kinda like a washboard.” She laughed.

Feeling Ava’s cold hands against my abs felt incredible, no one had ever touched me like that before. Her hands worked there way up to my chest and gently touched my nipples making them hard as she touched them.

“Wow, your body is pretty cool Cody.” All I could think about at this point was returning the favor to Ava and getting to touch and explore her body. I backed up from her and looked expectantly for her to start taking her shirt off.

Ava seemed uncomfortable and bit her bottom lip. “What’s wrong?” I asked with concern.

“It’s just, my boobs aren’t that big and I don’t have a cool body like you do.”

“Ava, just seeing your collar bone made my penis so hard!” I laughed “You are beautiful, I mean it.”

Ava’s face went bright pink. “Do you mean it?”

“Yeah, I do.” I smiled at her.

Ava walked over to me and softly kissed me on my cheek. “Thanks.” Up until this point the only kisses I would ever get was from my mom on my forehead, but feeling a kiss actually motivated by love was unlike anything I could imagine.

Ava took a deep breath and started to slide her shirt off of her body. In my mind I couldn’t wait any longer, it felt like an eternity as I waited for her to take her shirt off. Ava was in a purple training bra under her shirt and looked at me with uncertainty. Her body was so much better that anything I could have ever imagined. Her skin was a fair color due to always being covered but it wasn’t pale by any means. She did not have any fat on her slim body and looked like a model in my mind. “Wow.” was all the words that I could muster.

Ava saw how I was looking at her and smiled as her self consciousness faded away. She lifted her hands over her head to take off her training bra. This caused her stomach to stretch a bit and the bottom of her ribcage could be seen just above her stomach area. Her training bra loosened much to my delight. My penis ached at the sight of my sister like this, I didn’t really know what the point of it doing this was yet but all I cared about was seeing that bra come off.

Ava’s bra unclasped and gently fell off her body leaving her budding breasts completely exposed for the first time in her life. They were about the size of a grapefruit and were rounded rather than pointed. “You can touch them if you want.” She said in a whispered voice. I walked over to her and both of my hands reached out and gently rested upon her breasts. Ava’s body jumped as my hands touched her and the hairs on her arm stood straight up. My hands gently massaged and touched her breasts being careful to be gentle and to ensure that Ava felt comfortable. My fingers softly went over her erect nipples causing Ava to let out a soft moan. “This feels amazing Cody.”

I nodded and continued to fondle and play with her breasts. Ava had closed her eyes and was swaying her body back and forth. “You’re incredible Ava, all of this stuff is making my penis really hard.”

Ava looked down to my shorts with curiosity. “Yeah I feel like my vagina is getting wet again as well.” We both paused and looked at each other. “I-I’ve never actually seen a penis before, just in that drawing but that’s probably nothing compared to real life.”

“Well? What are we waiting for?” I said to Ava, my mouth was dry and my penis ached for release. I let go of her breasts and reached down to my shorts and slowly unbuttoned the top. Any reluctance that we had was long gone. Ava copied me and unbuttoned the top of here jean shorts as well.

“Do it at the same time?” She asked.

“Yes please.” I said. I was filled with a mixture of nerves and excitement, I had no idea what would actually happen but all I knew was that I wanted to see what a girls vagina looked like. Both of us slowly slid our shorts off until we stood in front of each other just in our underwear.

“Oh my word!” Ava gasped as she looked over at the tent in my boxers. “Is-is that your penis?” She asked with surprise.

“Yeah it is.” I said looking at her grey panties. I couldn’t see much but they were definitely wet and she looked absolutely amazing in nothing but a pair of panties.

“I had no idea they got that big, when you said it was hard this was not what I thought you meant!” She said overwhelmed with surprise.

“Yeah, I think this is normal when a boy sees a beautiful girl like you.” I said with my gaze fixed at Ava’s panties. Ava walked over to me and gently poked it and giggled as it bobbled back and forth until it was back to sticking straight out from my body.

“Wow penis’ are so cool!” She said laughing.

“Thanks, what does your vagina look like?” I ask still staring at her panties. My mind was racing thinking about it and the excitement at seeing Ava naked had completely overtaken me.

“Like this!” Ava said as she pulled her panties down showing me my first ever vagina. She was completely hairless and the lips were only slightly pronounced, but to me it looked unlike anything I could ever imagine.

“Oh wow!” I said reaching my hands out to touch it and explore it.

Ava grabbed and stopped my hands. “Cody….” She looked down at my tented boxers expectantly.

“Sorry, I was a little excited.”

“It’s okay, I just can’t wait any longer to see it.” I reached to the side of my hips and slid my boxers off my body. My penis was only a little over four inches but to Ava and I that seemed huge for a penis. She looked over my young member with wonder and curiosity. “This is so much cooler in real life!” She exclaimed.

She walked over to our parents bed and sat down on the mattress and waved me over. I walked over to the bed and sat across from her. “Do this.” She said parting her legs causing her vagina to spread wide and give me and even better view of it. It took every ounce of restraint to not immediately reach over and touch it. I did what she said and spread my legs open wide. Ava slid closer to towards me and grabbed my smooth legs and lifted them over hers creating a square in between ourselves where we had easy access to the others private parts.

Ava reached over to my thighs and slowly slid her hands up them. I did not have the same restraint she had and went right towards her young vagina. As soon as my fingers touched her vagina he entire body shook. “Whoa.” She said all of the sudden out of breath. “Do that again, that was fantastic,” I nodded and reached again running my fingers over the lips of her vagina. Ava’s headed look up towards the ceiling and let out a deep groan. “Oh my goodness! Cody…”

I was amazed at what was happening to Ava, what was she feeling that made her react like that? Ava’s hands started to massage my ballsack sending a faint feeling of pleasure throughout my body. It reminded me of when I had showered and the water hit my erect penis. I wanted to experience that feeling again and feel as good as Ava did.

“You have to experience that, it is the most amazing thing I have felt in my life!” To be honest I thought she was overreacting, until her hand wrapped around my hard penis. A feeling that I could never even imagine coursed throughout my virgin body. “Oh wow.” Was all the words that I could muster.

“Isn’t that something?” She said with a wide smile.

“I wonder if it gets even better?” I asked, unaware of what we were both about to experience.

“Let’s see.” Ava slowly started to slide her hand up and down my penis. “Does that feel ok?” She asked.

I let out a small moan and nodded at her. My fingers went back to her vagina and began to gently rub it back and forth as I had done earlier, only this time I didn’t stop whenever she moaned. The only sound in the room was the sound of both of us moaning and groaning as we continued to bring each other a pleasure that we had never imagined was possible.

The head of my penis was leaking out the clear and sticky liquid that it had been earlier today. Only this time whenever Ava’s hand reached the head of my circumcised penis it spread the liquid down the shaft of my penis allowing Ava to pick up speed.

As my fingers explored Ava’s vagina one of them had accidentally slipped in between the lips and actually into Ava’s vagina. Ava let out a loud yell and look at me intensely “Please do that again!” I obeyed and this time slowly inserted my index finger into her wet vagina. Ava closed her eyes and let out a deep moan. I took that as a sign to continue and began to insert other fingers and rub the inside of her vagina.

The feelings that Ava was bringing to my body was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Our parents had never even mentioned the word masturbation or orgasm so we had no idea what these feelings were and why they were happening to us right now. All I knew was that every time I thought the pleasure would max out Ava’s hand reached the top of my penis again somehow increasing it exponentially.

We both looked into each others eyes as we fondled and stimulated the other. Ava had never looked as beautiful as she did now. Her freckled face and hazel eyes drove me crazy. Ava looked at me with the same desire that I was looking at her with. She leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips. My eyes shot wide opened as she broke the kiss she looked at me uncertainty. “I think I love you Ava.” I said as we both looked into each others eyes and brought each other to a new level of pleasure.

“I think I love you as well Cody.” Before we could say anything further Ava let out a loud yell. She looked at me breathing heavily “S-something is happening Cody.”

“Should I stop?”

No!” Ava yelled “please no, it feel unbelievable.”

As she was saying that I felt my balls tighten and a deep pulse of pleasure go through my body. “Something is happening to me as well.” Neither of us new what was about to happen to our young bodies.

“Go faster go faster!” Ava yelled as my fingers began to thrust shallowly into her vagina. Ava began to shake and spasm on our parents bed “Cody! Oh my goodness, don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She yelled as her body writhed from the touch of my fingers. Suddenly I felt my fingers get really wet and Ava let out a blood curdling cream before falling over backwards onto the bed from her first orgasm.

“C-Cody…wow.” She said softly as she desperately tried to catch her breath. I looked at her curiously, having no idea what had just happened. “That was the best thing I have ever felt. You have to experience that as well.”

“Can I?” I asked “I don’t have a vagina.”

Ava shrugged “Lets find out”

She sat back up and grabbed my penis with both hands and started to slide them up and down my penis at a fast pace. I felt like something inside me was burning and wanting to escape through my penis.

“Ava, it feels like I, um need to pee.”

Ava nodded. “Good, that’s supposed to happen I think, just relax and let it happen.” She began to jack me off even faster than before. I leaned back and put my hands behind me to stabilize myself. “Ah…ah, oh somethings happening.”

My hips started to buck and I thrust into Ava’s hands “A-Ava” I loudly called out until I experienced the greatest feeling that I had ever experienced in my life. I closed my eyes and let out a deep groan as I experienced my first ever orgasm. My entire body was shaking and I struggled to catch my breath. I opened my eyes and I was shocked to see that Ava was covered with a white gooey substance all over her face and breasts. I had no idea what had just happened, all that I knew was that I never wanted that feeling to ever stop.

“Oh, um sorry” I said sheepishly.

Ava just giggled and licked a bit of it off of her lips. “It tastes good. This must be what makes babies.” She said dipping her finger into my cum that covered her chest.

Both of us looked at each other as we recovered from the first orgasms of our young lives. Ava laid down next to me on our parents bed and reached over and gently grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. No words were needed to communicate what we were feeling towards the

Our entire lives had been changed over this last hour, something new was happening as a love and desire awakened between the two of us. We were free of shame but only had a love and excitement for everything that we were still to discover with each other.


2022-07-20 22:29:21
Very sweet


2021-07-23 21:01:39
Good story, pt 2 please

Trib FanReport 

2021-02-06 12:39:08
Whew...First time sexual exploration stories are my favorites!
You wrote this very well, indeed....
It's so nice to share giving orgasms to a willing partner like that.


2020-09-20 03:53:56
good story!

Dudley DowrongReport 

2020-09-02 04:16:20
Pt 2 slow to write? Looking for more of this series

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