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2012-09-23 12:25:36 Virgins are losers †h¡§ ¡§ r3†@®d3d! h0w ¡§ @ k¡d g0nn@ §u©k h¡§ 8u§ d®¡v3®§ ©0©k f0® @ fu©k¡ng p@©k 0f p0k3m0m ©@®d§? †h3 k¡d ¡§ 0n£¥ l¡k3 f¡v3 ¥3@®§ 0ld! ¥0u @®3 ®3†@®d3d! fu©k ¥0u!
2012-10-08 21:28:31 Ten Husbands, Still a Virgin this was actually pretty funny. way funnier than most stuff on this site. Benson, if ANYBODY tells you to stop writing or that you suck, just ignore the mother-fucking cunt, okay? Because everyone has the right of speech and yada yada, random encouraging words. No but seriously, you are a good writer. Do not stop no matter what ANY mother-fucker says, I dont even care if its Obama (thats not to say he doesnt like your jokes). That just means the asshole-ness of our president is bigger than his momma. and thats saying something.
2013-10-03 21:49:35 MOM WANTS TO BE MY CUM BUCKET! - CHAPTER 9 Great story! I would really enjoy seeing Roxy becoming another one of Rick's Sluts.

Keep up the gud werk!